Quotes about life and death

Life is a tug of war

Why do we try preventing when it is a part of life?

Life is defined in many ways as many facets of the . One of the definition of the life is; Life is a struggle with ourselves a tug of war between moving forward and slipping backward & between pain and pleasure.

“Life is a fight to come out of struggles.

As much force you think to die

the same force you put to live.”

quotes about life and death

Many times people say; it’s better to die, but no one wishes to die instinctively.  All the people fear from death and wish to live forever, except a little one those who are facing terrible pains in life due to some chronic diseases, incapability of old age and some emotional causes like loss of a loved one etc.

“If in case you are brave enough to say goodbye to your present life, the life will greet you with a new hello in the next life.”

quotes about life and death

There are mainly two reasons behind the fear of death:

  1. Law of pleasure
  2. Jugglery of illusion (“Maya Jaal”)

Law of pleasure (Pleasure Principle)

Every living being seeks pleasure and avoids pain to reduce and . All we wish only pleasures in life. This body is the temporary house given to the soul by the almighty God to discharge energies deposited in the energy chakras whether positive or negative due to past good and bad . Due to this all we find pleasure in the temporary object and never wish to leave this temporary pleasure and always strives to prevent death however, death is a part of the life.

Jugglery of illusion

Jugglery of illusion or “Mayajaal” is another very important reason which drives us to live and seek only pleasures in the world whether the pleasure come from right source or wrong source. This is why many times people indulge in the activities defined as sin in our society, culture and Vedas against their will too. In fact, this is the beauty of the life or play of God why this life cycle is going on without any obstacle.

Some tips to live a happy life:

Positive life tips

Stay blessed

With love, light and peace