How Mantra Works Scientifically

Mantra and Power of a Mantra

Mantra has a tremendous power it can give a life and it can kill a life. To understand the power of it is essential to know the universe and a . The whole universe is a flux of . Similarly, a human is also a flux of energy. All the planets and their corresponding deities are also energy reside in the universe as well as in the human body. All the planets have an important role to keep the things in a balanced form whether the universe or a human body.

The Science of Mantra is very deep as well as subtle based on truth, faith, respect, and reverence. A big chain is there behind the diseases and their cure via mantra recitation. Keep in mind the following before understanding this mystery:

  • The whole cosmos is an omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent known via different names throughout the world such as Shiva, Durga, Nanak, Allah, Jesus, Sai Baba etc, (To read more click the link – One God then why so many religions.)
  • Human is a composition of temporary energy sheaths gross and subtle. (To read more click the link – A human is a combination of 5 temporary sheaths)
  • Diseases are the impact of negative energy radiated from energy centers due to wrongdoings in some past lives. In fact, wrong karmas unfold in the present and future lives in the form of various diseases and accidents.
  • Due to the past karmas, you born under a particular combination of planets called horoscope.
  • The planet and their corresponding deities are energies.
  • The whole cosmos and all its activities are under the influence of nine planets
  • Thoughts, words, recitation, sound all radiates energy and influence each and everything present in the body and universe.

Cause of diseases and sufferings

Everything is tied to a law of cause and effect. If someone is suffering due to poverty it means something is there behind the poverty associated with the past lives. God distributed money in the world to enjoy as well as let others enjoy. It is essential to do a donation to the needy one from your earnings in order to take back the same in the future life. If you consume all your earnings yourself in the present life, you will suffer poverty in the future life.  As much as you donate the money or anything else the same you will get back in the future, says the law of nature (What you give the same you will get). When you donate, the corresponding energy is stored in your energy body and results in you the same in bigger quantity (e.g. wealth), in the coming lifetime and the cycle remain to continue infinitely. The same theory reflected in the astrological chart also.

The same concept applies to the diseases you suffer in the life. For example, if a person is suffering from joints pain which is due to the energy radiated from the Combustion of planets Moon and Rahu. Continuous radiation of the energy causes the pain in the joints. This problem would be more intense during the Mahadasha of the Rahu due to the increased radiation of the energy.  One thing more that planets are placed on the particular astrological pattern due to the past deposited karma. During the wrong actions done in the past, corresponding energy is radiated from the actions and store in the energy body and unfolds the same energy in some future life in the form of diseases. (The law of karma)

Now the point is how to transform the negative energy into a positive energy in order to get the relief from the disease. Remedies include Medicine and recitation of mantra Jaap of the corresponding planet responsible for the disease.

How and why these remedies works

  • Medicine works because you invest yours hard cored earned money while purchasing the medicine. The medicine will not work if you get the medicine without paying the cost.
  • Avoid repeating the sin you already did in some past lives in order to get complete relief from the problem.
  • The role of Mantra Jaap is very important in this entire scenario. Recitation of mantra Jaap whether you do yourself or someone else does, radiates the energy which reduces the impact of the negative energy and also transforms the negative energy in a positive energy.

Donations (Hindi:“Dan”)

In some diseases, donations are also very effective. The reason is that you are donating hard cored earned money to a needy one. As money is charged as a fine or punishment due to your wrong action in this world, the same rule applies here in the case of diseases due to past actions.

All these remedies must be parallel in order to get a complete and speedy cure.

Faith, respect, and reverence have a great impact on the energy radiated from the recitation of the Mantra. This is the reason why a person who is reciting the Mantra Jaap is very important. If you don’t have faith in the God and in the power of mantra the impact of the recitation will be less as well as very slow or no impact. On the contrary, if a person has a firm faith in the God and in the power of mantra the impact of the mantra Jaap will be more than the impact of a painkiller. Faith, respect, and reverence for the mantra are very important and it plays a big role in receiving the power from mantra to heal the disease.

If in case you don’t have a faith in the power of mantra, but another person or Siddhs who has firm faith in the power of mantra, performs a mantra Jaap for you, would also be beneficial and cure you.  In this case also you will receive a complete relief from such mantra Jaap but the condition is that you will pay a full fee or Dakshina for such mantra Jaap to the Siddhas. The law is same that you are receiving healing because you are giving your hard cored earned money as a fee or Dakshina to the Siddha.

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So, be divine and be enlightened

With love, light, and peace

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