Quotes about life and death

Life and Death

What is a human body?

Human Body is a combination of five elements, which are sun, air, water, earth and sky. The human being is composed of , , and soul or spark of God. When a person dies only physical body is destroyed and subtle body tied with soul (God particle) depart from the physical body and tries to get a new physical body in order to receive the fruits of balance , tied and stored in the subtle body. Physical body dissolves in the universal five elements. What we can touch and perceive like heart, bones, flesh, blood and body parts etc. are the components of the physical body. What we don’t know, don’t perceive like fruits of all the past and present actions makes our subtle body.

Subtle body

The subtle body is the result of all the actions we did till date and wish to do in future. All our actions are the fruits of our past actions and future  wishes. What we act, whether good or bad is stored and deposited in the action house (Hindi: “karmashya”). When a person does any sin against anyone, the corresponding results are stored in the action house of both the persons, until the results are dissolved. For instance, if a person x steals the money of person y, this is definite, that the person x must return back that money to the person y in the same life or in any other future life. Same philosophy works for each and every action, whether the action is linked to material things or emotional things like love, hate, sympathy etc.e

quotes about life and death

Cosmic Energy/God, Subtle body and Physical Body

What are Actions?

Karmas are not only actions but the results of past lives actions. Nothing happened by chance, everything is pre-programmed, in order, in accordance with the law of nature. Past, present and future all are interconnected. If we consider only soul journey, there is no and future life, only a single life: present life (soul life) is there. Past life, present life and future life are, just because of the change of physical body (a sheet of ignorance).

There are three types of actions:

  1. Mental
  2. Verbal
  3. Physical

Mental: Mental actions include love, hate, sympathy, prayers, blessings etc.

Verbal: Verbal actions include spoken words. These words can be of love, sympathy, curses or abuses etc.

Physical: Physical actions include killing, beating, take caring a person, donating, stealing, begging, worshipping etc.

When any sort of action is performed by anyone, the fruit of the action is stored in the subtle action-repository of both the persons, who do the action and the person against whom the act was done. All the fruits of the action remain in the subtle action repository till that fruits will not be dissolved. A person takes birth after birth to receive the fruits of all the actions and simultaneously perform more actions, and the process remains to continue infinitely. Good actions, good results, and bad actions bad results. What we have received till date and currently receiving, all are only the fruits of our actions.

Note it, Actions itself are the fruits of past actions. We don’t have the choice of no-action. Human life is a karma-Yoni.  All we do some action, whether a good or a bad. Rarely, a person gets the grace of God of self-realization. Self-realization gives the state of no-action. When people realize his/her soul, he or she also realizes God and understands, that God is only doer human being is only a matter or a sheet of ignorance.

This subtle repository vanishes with the wish of God only when a person gets a divine guru.

Rnanubandha is a single Reason of Rebirth:

Rnanubandha (Relationship of Debt )

“Karma leads to “RNA” (debt) and “RNA” (debt) leads to karma”.

All we take birth due to the result of undischarged debts of past lives. Continuously, our account is debited and credited by the actions performed. We get mother, father, sister, brother, spouse and friends due to some debts against them. As soon as the debt is over, the relationship ends. All we remain in the surroundings of souls and let the souls discharge their debts. Such souls are called . Some relationships are for short duration, while some are long lasting, all this due to a number of remaining debts.  Most of the relationships are due to RNA only and ensure the complementary life just like the lock and key. The Very strong relationship is converted in the married life. All we get spouse because of the past lives debts and curses of divine entities like God and Saints (rishies). As soon as the debt is over or curse is vanished the relationship ends.

Parent and Child Relationship

Parent and child relationship is the easiest way to discharge karmic debts against one another.  Some important ways to discharge karmic debts are as below:

  1. A person (soul), who was facilitated and helped by you in any past life, is born as son or daughter. Such children look after you, love you and care you in order to discharge the karmic debts.
  2. A person to whom you be obliged by money in any past life, the same person will be born as your son or daughter and take back the money. Such types of the child make you spend a lot on them. Such signs may be seen clearly in the horoscopes of both the parents and the child.
  3. A person whom you cheated pitilessly in a past life is born as your child and gives you as many sufferings as fits your past life karma. The child may take your money or jewelry and run away or torture you in any other way in accordance to your past deeds.
  4. Enemies of past lives are born as son or daughter and become the cause of lots of sufferings in the present life.

The reason behind the Love Relationship:

Karmashaya (Unconscious memory) or subtle repository, which holds the past lives fruits or emotional seeds, force persons to seek, love and act. Such type of person when coming in the contact of another person, stored seed triggers and force them to become close and do marriage in order to balance the energies resides in both the male and female.

Karmic seeds may be sweet or sour. Sweet seeds give happy relationships between the two and sour seeds give unhealthy or bitter relationships. This is the force for harmony and quarrels between the spouses. Realized soul never minds it and discharges duties peacefully.

 The reason behind the love relationships is the man-Anu bandha.  There are two reasons for such love relationships:

  1. The Past lives undischarged karmas
  2. Past lives habit formations

Past lives undischarged emotional karmas are the main reason for love relationships. Whenever two persons who have some past lives emotional bonding come into contact, stored subtle emotional seed again force them to unite and become one by doing marital relationships. Two persons male and female can be attracted only if they have some past lives emotional bonding. Past lives emotional seeds force them to seek one another and again unite. In case there is no more debt with another person, it remains only a soft thought and feeling. In case, karmic debt over the relationships ends. But sometimes when karmic debts are no more available, the subliminal impressions of past actions generate inner desire to become close and do love.

Renanubandha is a single cause of each and every relationship and its end. No karmic debt is everlasting even divine curses. Sooner or latter, it has to end when the debt is over, this is the law of nature.

Past lives undischarged karmas that drive two persons to become husband and wife can be of many types. Some of the instances are as below:

  1. Past lives enemies can be husband and wife. They quarrel, abuse and cheat one another and make lives difficult and sad.
  2. Two persons who have done negative and positive karmas to one another in past lives come back as husband and wife, and lead a life of suffering and pain together.
  3. Two persons who have done positive and good karmas with one another in any previous life come back, marry and lead a happy and good life.
  4. A person who has taken a lot from another one in the past life come back as husband or wife, work hard and always give love, care, and money to another. After releasing all the past lives debts, depart the partner forever.
  5. Two souls who are spiritually matured come back as husband and wife facilitate each other in the spiritual growth and support one another. This is the real purpose of marriage.
  6. Sometimes husband and wife come back again as husband and wife. Such cases occur if emotional bonding is very strong and destiny is properly aligned. They lead happy and supportive life. Generally, they die simultaneously without a big time gap. They behave as they are one soul.
  7. Sometimes, due to some past life curse of divine entities or rishi two person come back and marry, lead an unhealthy and unhappy life to become free from the past lives curses. After repaying the debt, the relationship ends and they depart from one another through the death or any other way, what fits in releasing the debt. In a very rare case, when one of them is departed from the world, another one again marry to any other person to further discharge the duties against the second spouse also. This second spouse generally the twin soul of the other one. These lives are very painful for all the souls involved. These two souls become one alike one soul in two bodies. After releasing all the debts such souls receive salvation (“Moksha”).
  8. Rarely, a very highly evolved soul or spirit or even avatar is born as two persons to fulfill the mission. After completing the mission they unite to become one and left the world.

Renanubandha between husband and wife can take many forms. This is only past lives “ren” why you are wife or husband, child of your parents, living with your parents or alone etc. Everything is only destiny why we are here serving someone. Hence, wise never blame anyone for the sufferings and pains. It is only we, our past deeds why we are happy or unhappy.

Always kind of everyone, always wish to give, always love and care others. What you are giving come back to you. If you wish to get money in future, donate money. If you wish to receive love, give love. If you wish to receive care, do care others. The world is an echo, everything come back.

God will be definitely please if you donate money to needy one, give water to the thirsty person, bread to the hungry one and clothes to the naked person. Be kind and considerate to all creatures”.

So, Stay blessed, keep smiling always

With love light and peace