Peacock Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you see a peacock in your dream?

Dreaming a peacock gives various indications of occurring auspicious or inauspicious in life. Dreams seen during the early morning from about 4 A.M. to 5.30 A.M. are generally meaningful and indicate many things linked to our various aspects of life. Meanings of dreams are different from different people as they represent inner hidden nature, boons, and curses, results of past life Karmas, daily life, present karmas and much more. Therefore, the meaning of a may vary according to person to person. But, even then some of the dreams give specific warnings and notifications important to our lives.

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Some common indications and alerts given by a dream of a peacock are given below:

  1. Dreaming a dancing peacock

It is an auspicious dream. It informs you that you are going to get good news in your near future. It also gives following notifications:

  • You may get a speedy recovery if you are suffering from the long-lasting disease.
  • You may get cure from your illness without any medicine if such dream comes in the early morning.
  • A prisoner may be relieved from the prison if a prisoner dreams a dancing peacock.
  • If you are planning to begin a new business and see a dancing peacock in your dream it means your success in the business is sure and the business is good for you.

Peacock Dream Meaning


  1. Dreaming a peacock sitting alone on a tree, ground, road, house or roof, etc.

It alerts you that someone is planning to do something against you. They can be your friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. So if you dream a peacock sitting lonely is a warning dream for you and it gives you alert to be careful.

  • Dreaming a sitting peacock is not good and it indicates worries in the near future life.
  • It sometimes indicates sudden fall in your business or if you are doing service you may be terminated from your present job.
  • Such dream may be the indications of sudden disease or trouble in your family.

Peacock Dream Meaning

Divine advice if you see such dream

You may take advice from your divine Guru. Recitation of mantra, worshiping God or Mantra Jaap may prove good to prevent anything wrong that may harm you in the near future.

  1. Dreaming a number of peacocks sitting or roaming

It indicates growth in your wealth, an increment in salary or getting huge wealth. It also indicates happiness in your life due to wealth or good news.

  1. Dead peacock dream meaning

It is not a good dream. It indicates obstacles in getting good news, fortune, and happiness.

  1. Dreaming a fearful peacock

It is a warning dream. It warns you that you are not fulfilling your duties honestly. It shows that you are not responsible towards your duties. This irresponsible behavior may be proved an obstacle in getting a good fortune in your future.

  1. Dreaming a sick or injured peacock

It informs you that you going to meet a friend or a relative and you will receive a good news from them.

  1. Dreaming a flying peacock

Dreaming a flying peacock is a good omen and indicates you to get a good news and happiness in the near future.

  1. Dreaming a couple of peacock and peahen

It is a good omen to dream a pair of peacock and peahen. It indicates happiness in the family.

  1. Dreaming a peacock without its feathers

Dreaming a featherless peacock is an inauspicious dream. It alerts you that you may have a court case in which you will sure to be punished.

  1. Eating peacock flash in a dream

It is not a good sign. It indicates that something wrong going to happen in the near future.

  1. Dreaming peacock having some eatable in its beak

It indicates that your enemies will quarrel and die themselves without your intervention.

  1. Dreaming peacock screaming

Such dream is good for farmers. It indicates good rain in their fields resulting good crops in that particular season.

13. Dreams about peacocks attacking

Dreams about peacock or peacocks attacking is a warning dream, however, its exact meaning depends on the emotional status of the dreamer, but even then it warns you to introspect your and behavior to stay secure in the future due to consequences of your present actions. If you are thinking wrong or doing wrong against anyone correct yourself to stay safe. In fact,  what others or thinking or doing against you are their actions and therefore, they will be punished for them and what you are doing against anyone are your actions and you will be responsible for them. So, always remain positive for all to remain safe and happy always.

A Divine Dream of Peacock

If you are suffering from subtle spirits for a long time and see a peacock in your dream as the peacock is greeting to you in the dream, is a very auspicious dream. It means that Lord Kartikeya is with you and you are under divine protection. Your win over subtle spirits is sure and in the end, you will be a winner and liberated from the cycle of .

Lord Kartikeya is a son of who made earth free from all the devils particularly south and Lord Kartikeya is worshiped in the south with great respect and reverence.

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