Life death

Why are people afraid of dying?

Not only people but all the living being present over here afraid of dying. The main cause behind the fear is one of the exciting powers of the almighty that is illusion. Illusion trapped the and force the soul to faith only on the physical not a soul. To know the answer of the question, first try to understand why GOD made the world.

Why GOD made the World?

life death

GOD made this beautiful world for gratification, pleasure and bliss. GOD is blissful in true sense. GOD gets gratification from each and every thing of the world, from each and every moment of this world and from all the pleasures what he made over here in this extraordinary wonderful world. Not only this, but all the prayers, true feelings and good are always appreciated by the almighty GOD.  GOD is materialized over here in each and every form and all the forms are enclosed with a gloominess of illusion and this illusion gives a distinguished identity to all the objects and living beings present over here.

Who is GOD?

GOD is the supreme, beautiful, most lovable, true, complete and blissful identity or energy existing everywhere and in the form of a true and pure soul GOD is in every living being. Same this is true for a soul too, but when the soul takes birth as a human being it forgets its true , just because of the illusion.

Who are human beings?

life death

Due to the power of illusion every living being or soul identifies itself in the form of this physical body only. All living beings forget its true identity that they are true soul and will never die. This physical body is here in the world for a predefined destined time, one day this will destroy no doubt and everyone sure of this that the body will die. Alike the GOD, the spark of GOD or soul present in the human form also wish to enjoy each and every pleasure of this world. Getting the satisfaction is the true nature of the soul alike the GOD. The soul needs satisfaction and bliss only.  The soul as a human finds the satisfaction and pleasure in this temporary and dreamy world and always fears of losing the pleasure because a human being sure that one day he/she will die. To gratify the soul friends and family members follow some culture defined rituals after the death of the human.

 Living beings think that they are a physical body and this body is the only source to enjoy the pleasures of the world and this body will die one day therefore, people always afraid of dying.

So, Stay blessed, Don’t afraid, You are a soul and you will not die

With love, light and peace