Insecure attachment

Cosmic Science

Secret of the Universe: Law of Attachment

Cosmic Science is a superb and the Highest Science. No Science can compete with the Science. “Illusion is an amazing power of Cosmic Science. Law of is a law of nature that remain in the order by the power of illusion. Until the cosmic science is hidden by the illusion we call it a miracle or nature and when GOD unfold the nature it becomes super most Cosmic Science for an intellectual and beloved GOD for a devotee.

Why do people want to be remembered after they die?

What is the Power of Illusion or “Maya”?

insecure attachment

The wish to be remembered after the death is due to the power of illusion or “Maya Shakti”. The power of illusion creates attachment towards the worldly affairs and sensuous pleasures, including the desire to love and to be loved and to respect and to be respected by the family and the society.

This is the power of illusion why we take care and love to our friends and family members otherwise, no one is related to anyone. Alone we came, alone we exist, alone we go and alone we are responsible for our actions.

-Mamta Rajshree

The illusion is present everywhere except one place that is cremation ground. This is the reason, why our thoughts are changed entirely when we present inside the cremation ground and when we come out from the boundary of the cremation ground again the power take its charge and we dissolved in the worldly affairs. Not only , but also Gods and Goddesses are under the influence of illusion. So, to run the and nature with harmony, love, passion and enthusiasm this illusion is crucial otherwise, the song of the life will be silent, colors from the world will be faded, the life will be dull and off entirely. The beauty of life will be over. Lives will seem to be dying despite breathing.

Play of Life and Death

The whole play of is due to the power of illusion. This is the illusion, why we love family, money, pleasures, and much more. The feeling of attachment towards the world and the senses is the main cause why people want to be remembered after the death. If a person knows that he/she will die on a certain date or time, the feeling of attachment to the world and worldly affairs become over, this is why GOD kept this data hidden from the human.

insecure attachment

Cycle of Life and Death

This is the attachment or illusion why we are revolving in the cycle of life and death. In some cases when this illusion over person detached from all the friends and relatives and reached in the state of renunciation. Some people have gone through the state of detachment too. The name of such saints includes Jesus, Ram Krishna Paramhansa, Sai Baba, and Buddha etc. Such people remain detached throughout the lifetime from all the life pleasures including the desire of fame and to be remembered after the death too. The state is called “life-free-state” or “Jeevan Mukta Awastha”. Such souls don’t care to be loved and cared during the life and after the life too.

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Why the cycle of life and death?

“Illusion or the feeling of attachment makes lifecycle active and beautiful.”

“It is the “power of illusion” which fills love, passion, beauty and music in the life.”

-Mamta Rajshree

So, Stay blessed and be active always

With love, light, and peace