Capricorn Birth Number 3

Capricorn 3rd , 12th , 21st and 30th

 (Number 3 person in this month: January)

It is observed and proved that there are 9 planets that relate to life in this world. It is also observed that similar system is repeated in the molecules revolving round all atoms in nature. In the same way there are only 9 numbers 1 to 9 by which all the calculations in the world are made. Every number, no matter how big can be reduced to a single number (1 to 9). The finally reduced single number is called soul or spirit number of previous numbers added together.

This is why; all numbers or birth dates come into the scale of 1 to 9 and respond to the numbers given to the 9 planets of the solar system. A person born on the 3rd , 12th , 21st and 30th of a month is as similar a number 3, as if they had been born on the 3rd.  There characteristics vary according to the corresponding planet in the zodiac system.

Person born on January 3rd , 12th , 21st and 30th

If you were born on 3rd, 12th , 21st and 30th, you come under the vibrations of the Jupiter Planet. Basic characteristics of the person born on January 3rd , 12th , 21st and 30th are described in the link: Person born in January, but the Jupiter give you some unique features as written below:

  1. Being under strong vibration of Jupiter you will be somewhat aggressive and forceful in all your desires and plans.
  2. You will be great ambitious in all your work you under take.
  3. You will grow in your life with your strong efforts and determination.
  4. You will meet with huge jealousy and opposition and you will make enemies wherever your career may be.
  5. You would do well in all the endeavors related to the public life and also in position of the responsibility and authority where you would have control over others.
  6. You will be inclined to “lay down the law” and remain stick on your own views.
  7. You will not be happy in your married life unless you will get a partner who will consider you as a superior one.
  8. You will be constructive mentally and capable to make big plans.
  9. You should endeavor to Carrey out your own plans and not trust too much to other people.
  10. If your birth numbers is 21 or 30 you will be more easily rise on high position.
  11. If you born on 21 or 30, you would have a keen desire, to do good for the masses than the individual and particularly submerged class and in doing so you will create enemies and sometimes these individuals may create dangers for you.
  12. You will not spare time for the work you set for you and sometimes this may create great nervous exhaustion for you.

Capricorn Finance

You will use huge amount of money to fulfill your plans and ambitions. Your miscalculation of money will let your enemies to you pull down. You may expect success in your endeavor provided it is for the benefit of others not for your personal gain.

Capricorn Health

Although you have a good physical constitution, you are likely to ignore your health by continuous mental work and physical strain. You may suffer from some form of paralysis and due to your fault of doing too much and mental exhaustion.

Capricorn Important Number

  • Your most important numbers are 3 and all its series representing the Jupiter and number 8 representing the planet Saturn.
  • You should plan all your important work on the dates which represent the key number 3 such as 3, 12, 21 and 30.
  • If born on January 30th you come under the sign of Aquarius and get the influence of Saturn (Negative). In this constitution you can get better results from your life.

Capricorn Fortunate Colors

All shades of violet and violet to purple and mauve.

Capricorn Fortunate Jewels

Amethyst, violet and purple stones, black pearls and black diamond etc.

Important climacteric years

3,8,12,17,21,26, 30, 35, 39, 44, 48, 53,57, 62, 66, 71, 75 and 80

Capricorn Love, marriage and partnership

You will find great magnetic attraction to a person born on dates making a three of any month such as 3, 12, 21, and 30. You will also attract to a person born on dates making 8 of any month such as 8, 17, 26. But such person will not be as fortunate for you as the person born on dates making three.

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