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Vibes Meaning

Is it true that people give off “vibes”?

Yes, it is true that people give off vibes. Not only people, but every object in this universe has a vibration and give off vibes. All objects, whether the object is physical or astral emit radiations called vibes.

What is Vibe?

The universe seems mysterious due to its subtle nature. All we perceive ourselves gross hence, believes in the gross object or the object that we can feel physically.  But, the truth is entirely reversed. Nothing is gross here. All what seems gross are the transformation of subtle vibrations. Every object visible and invisible made up of energy. Even thoughts, feelings, and emotions all have energy and emit vibrations that can be felt by the people, animals and also by nature that come in the contact with the object. Everything has sensations. Nature, plant, trees, birds, and animals all emit vibrations and sense vibrations.

Good Vibes and Bad Vibes

The whole cosmos is a flux of molecular energy and constantly in motion. Everything in the universe is in motion like day, night, time, water, air, earth, nature, etc. The God is macrocosm and human is microcosm both are the flux of definite type of energies. Even thoughts have tremendous energy. Earthquakes, volcano, storms, thunder, electricity and every creation are the outcome of vibration. Healing thoughts heals and evil thoughts harms. The sight also has vibration. The evil eye is the result of vibrations emitted by the eyes. Telepathy is possible due to strong vibrations. Same, self talk is also power full and impacts on the target object.

The God willed and there was a vibration. The Om sound vibrated and the beautiful world is resulted. The three traits; sattva (purity) rajas (passion and activity) and tamas (destruction, chaos) differentiated themselves from the invisible universe a live example of vibes.

God willed “May I become many” and the result is a beautiful world. What you will the same will be your world.

 positive vibes quotes

Sound and inner voice

Any word, saying and mantra uttered silently or verbally all produce vibrations and influence the whole universe. This is the secret of mantras how they impact the person and his chemistry. Mantras are so powerful that it can eradicate the influence of disease completely without the use of any medicine. Mantras can give the life and can kill the life provided the mantra would be spoken by the person have energy. The same what we think for others produce vibration, influences the target and revert back with bounded vibrations.

Where do our thoughts come?

How does sound heal us?

How do we emit and receive people’s vibe?

All we receive vibes due to the emitted by the people. Every object, plant, tree and human has an aura. As blood flows in our veins and arteries same vital force flows in our nerves. The source of the force is the sun. Healthy person has strong and big size of aura and he emits strong vibes. A weak person has weak and thin aura. Weak person depletes the strong aura of a strong person and become stronger. This is why, a weak and diseased person depletes the aura of a spiritually strong person and recovers fast. person automatically again recovers.

Yogis or person doing spiritual practices has a big yellow aura. Some of the have an aura in meals and even in yards. The spiritual aura of Buddha extended to a length of 3 miles. Those who came within the range of 3 miles were attracted and became disciples of Lord Budha. Anyone can develop this spiritual aura by regular spiritual practice and meditation. Yogi can transfer thought in any direction to any distance. The blind and deaf person can identify the presence of the people with their vibrations with his developed sense of feeling vibes .

How can we improve health by improving aura?

Ordinary people feel the vibes in daily routine by the following means:

  • Shaking hands
  • Sitting in a company of friends and relatives
  • Belongings of a loved one also gives vibes
  • Eye contacts
  • Visiting Holy lands give positive and healing vibes due to the spiritual practices of people and yogis done in those places. link
  • Secular places give negative vibes
  • Seeing different colors gives you different vibrations. Some colors give healing while another gives excitement.
  • If two people have the same vibrations they will feel the harmony and like the company. Similarly, if vibrations are opposite, hatred and jealousy will be the result.

Vibes and Diseases

Diseases and disorders are the result of disharmony in the auricle vibrations of . Jealousy, hate, anger, the feeling of revenge, speaking lies, etc. all create disharmony in the vibration and results brain hemorrhage, , paralytic attack, blood pressure problem, diabetes, anxiety, liver disorder and much more.

How can negative traits make you ill?

How can we send positive vibes?

All we like to be liked, loved, and respected by the people who come in our contact. It needs to be positive towards all the people by heart and mind. Speaking good words, writing beautiful messages and showing good gestures are not sufficient to send positive vibes.

The Mystery of Vibes

The vibes are the truth of astral world which is absolutely free from falsehood, deceit, and dishonesty. Soul never speaks lies. The truth is God. This is why, vibes never false.  You can say good words to a person, but if you are not good for him from your heart and mind the words will have no impact. On the contrary, you don’t need to speak anything your vibes are enough to speak. The vibes are thousands time more powerful than words. But, the condition is you must be true, pure and honest towards your soul only then you can send the healing vibes and can receive the healing vibes in result.

positive vibes quotes

So, be enlightened

With love, light, and peace