Pura Mahadeva Temple Where Wishes Come True

Pura Mahadeva Temple

Pura Mahadeva is the where wishes come true. It is a center of great respect and worship of thousands of devotees of .

Pura Mahadeva

Pura Mahadeva temple is also known as Parshuram temple. Pura Mahadeva temple is located in Baloni, a small town in the city Bagpat, UP, INDIA, at a distance of 4.5 km from Bagpat city. Bagpat is very near to Meerut city.  The place where Pura Mahadeva temple is situated is known as “Pura”. This is a very old temple and a great center of love and respect of Lord Shiva’s devotees. Every year, twice, on the days of Shivratri, thousands of devotees come here from various parts of the country to pay their reverence and respect and to offer holy Ganga’s water to . Lord fulfills the desire of all his devotees who come here.

The Story of Pura Mahadeva Temple

The place where Pura Mahadeva temple is situated was known as “Kajari Van” previously. Saint Jamdagini was living there with her wife Renuka. Once, King of Hastinapur, “Sahastrabahu” came at the Kajari Van in the absence of the saint. Renuka honored the king with the help of her cow “Kamdhenu”. The king was impressed by the cow very much. The king wanted to take the cow with him. But Renuka denied giving the cow. King annoyed and therefore, he took Renuka with him and locked her in his palace. Renuka somehow escaped from the palace with the help of queen in the absence of the king and came back to the Kajari Van. She told the whole story to the Saint Jamdagini. Jamdagini rishi angered from Renuka as she passed one night in the king’s palace. The king asked Renuka to leave the Kajari Van. But she denied going anywhere. The king ordered his sons to kill Renuka. All the sons denied killing their mother. But his youngest son named Parshuram became ready to kill his mother and he killed Renuka.

Parshuram became upset due to the guilt of killing his mother. He established a Shivlinga in the Kajari Van and started worshiping Lord Shiva to please him so that he can again alive his mother. Lord Shiva pleased with his worship, came there, and asked him about his wish. Parshuram wanted his mother alive back. Lord Shiva gave life to Renuka again. Then onwards, the place became popular as “Gufa vale baba ka mandir” and later known as Pura Mahadeva temple.

There is one more story behind the mystery of Pura Mahadeva Temple

Parshurasm went to the river Ganga to bring stones to establish Shivlinga. But all the stones denied coming to Kajari Vana. Parshuram promised to them that every year, twice, on the days of Shivratri people of future generation will come to Kajari Van with and they will offer the holy water to Shiva Linga. Stones ready to come with Parshuram and Shiva Linga was established in Kajari Van. This is why people from all over the part of the country come to Pura Mahadeva to offer Ganga’s  water to Shiva Linga.

Pura Mahadeva Mandir
Pura Mahadeva Shiva Lingam

Due to the impact of time, the temple was destroyed. Once, queen of “Landore” was passing from the Kajari Van. Her army, horses, and elephants denied to move forward and stayed there. Queen ordered her army to mine the place and the Shiva Linga was found. The queen constructed temple there which was known as “Pura Mahadeva” temple.

Siddha Pith Pura Mahadeva

However, Lord Shiva is pervading all around in the whole universe. All other divine energies like Lord Vishnu and Lord Bhrama, both are derived from the supreme energy Lord Shiva. The whole cosmos is Shiva only. But, some places are known as Siddha Pith which is established by Siddhas, the great devotees of the holy spirit, to let other devotees visit there to fulfill their wishes, to get cure from their diseases and to find the solutions of all their troubles. Pura Mahadeva is one of such place where Lord Shiva hears the wishes of his devotees and gives them blessings to fulfill their desires. Lord Shiva cures all the problems of his devotees and protects them from all the troubles.

Once, a devotee visited Pura Mahadeva temple to get the blessings of Lord Shiva. The lady was suffering from an incurable disorder. The problem was beyond the understanding of all the physicians and lightworkers. She prayed Lord Shiva to please either cure her or take her life back. She can’t survive with this great problem. Lord Shiva replied back to her in a very clear and loud voice. The voice was coming from the heart of the devotee. A story told in her soul silently by the supreme soul Lord Shiva. The story was entirely new for the lady. The story was linked to her very past life and also to her first incarnation on this earth planet which was the root cause of her problems she was facing. Lord Shiva also told her a cure of the problem. The devotee started to worship Lord Shiva with great respect and love. Lord Shiva cured all her sufferings.

Pura Mahadeva

So, be divine, be enlightened

With love, light, and peace