Spiritual quotes

Spiritual Quotes on Life

Spiritual quotes heals your mind,  body and soul and enlighten you. Some spiritual quotes on life, love and God are here to heal you and calm you.


  • Internal Forgiveness heals you at the highest level. If you do not forgive you will not be healed at all. Forgiveness heals your Soul, your mind and your body.



  • Beauty attracts the world, but merits attract the God.


  • The soul life from first to the last birth is a Volume & the best lessons are pains and sufferings that bring us close to God.


  • Eternal love, Unlimited Attention, Limitless Pampering, Endless Affection, Everlasting Care, Perpetual Concern, Unending Support  for you my child. – God.


  • The best medicine in the world for the human creature is “Love & Care Only” and if it doesn’t work?

“Increase the Dose”………….


  • Self surrender before God is a key to attain self-realization.


  • Leaving the world with desires is death and leaving the word without desire is liberation.


  • A truth is not a slave of anyone’s belief.


  • Once you realize your soul, you will instantly realize the God.


  • As your body is a physical proof of your presence in the world same the whole universe is a physical proof of GOD.


  • God cannot be verified as he is beyond the senses, but the presence of God can be experienced in daily life.


  • Be mindful of your Self-Talk. It is conversation with the universe.


  • Mind makes a wall between you and the almighty God. Remove the wall and you will be face to face the GOD.


  • Astral body remains connected with the physical body via life force or breath.  It separates itself at the death and travels to the heaven.


  • Mind is non-intelligent, but appears intelligent by borrowing light from Brahman, just as water heated up by taking light from the Sun.


  • Through the mind Cosmic energy or “Brahman” manifests itself via differentiated universe with varied entities.


  • There is a death of “I” only and the same there is a birth of “I” only.


Spiritual quotes or God quotes are here to support the spiritual lover to be enlightened and become pure from mind, body and soul.

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