If reincarnation is true why is the population increasing?

It has been said against reincarnation that there are more people now in comparison with the past world population. Now the question is what is the cause of population growth despite the reincarnation?

Reincarnation Definition

The soul neither increases and nor decreases in number. It is omnipresent all the time. The soul is a spark of supreme soul, present everywhere. A soul has only two features. It either liberated or trapped. But once trapped, the soul remains tied with the living being in its entire life cycle until the liberation. During the process of life cycle souls transforms from one species to another species in accordance with the actions or the .

The Soul takes birth after birth till the liberation, only afterward it dissolves in the super soul. After receiving the liberation there is no reincarnation this is also true.

As it is true that soul becomes free when liberated the same it is also true that the soul imprisoned when gets life. Imprisoned sparks of God become free or liberated and free sparks of God get or imprisoned. This is also an infinite cycle.

Reason of Growing Population

The reason of growing population is always a seed. As  a number of plants born from one plant same number of human beings born from one human pair. The nature of the supreme soul is reflection or manifestation only. Supreme soul reflects everywhere and therefore soul reflects from each and every newborn human  child too. Once, reflected from a newborn child it trapped in the cycle of until not liberated.

What is liberation (Hindi: “Moksha”)?

Liberation means to get free from the prison (Subtle body + physical body) and trapped means to come into the prison (Subtle body + physical body). The soul becomes free from the prison at the time of liberation and comes into the prison during the time of incarnation. When a soul is released from the prison it dissolved in the supreme soul and when it is incarnated it dissolved in the human sensation.

To know the philosophy first get some insight related to the following questions:

  1. What is the meaning of being a human?
  2. What is Soul?
  3. Who is GOD or Super soul?
  4. What is liberation or “Moksha”
  5. Who wishes to liberate from the world?
  6. Who wishes to die?

The law of attachment & Growth in the Population

The law of attachment from the worldly affairs or the desire to live forever in the world is the basic cause of the population growth. Everyone wishes to live forever. Despite pains, old age, diseases and life traumas people never wish to die and detach from the worldly pleasure and it makes the life cycle continued, which causes no liberation at all. No liberation means growth in the population. Once a human gets a life the human attached from the world and never wish to leave the world at all.

After dissolving in the human sensation the soul is attracted towards the worldly pleasure and never wish to liberate (Its proof is that human never wishes to die at all except some exceptions) and therefore, it becomes the part of an infinite cycle of life and death until it will not be liberated.Less ratio of “liberation of soul” in comparison to the “soul trapped into the prison” is the basic cause of an increase in population.

What is Soul?

“The soul or a spark of Supreme soul is an immortal essence of a living being.”

In fact, Soul or Supreme soul is only one not so many. The soul is a spark or a reflection of the supreme soul or God. When the supreme soul reflects from a human sensation it is known as a soul, but this is only a reflection of the supreme soul not a different identity from a supreme soul. But once it is reflected from the it becomes tied with the of the human being until the time of the liberation.


Who is GOD?

The pure form of the soul is God. The soul is a pure energy scattered from God, which gives life to the body, made up of a subtle body and physical body. Therefore, keep in mind souls are not growing day by day. The soul is one only. The supreme soul reflecting everywhere is known as Cosmic energy or GOD and the same energy when reflects from a human body is called a soul. But once it is reflected from a human body, it becomes trapped and tied with the subtle body of the human until the liberation. Therefore, it is only a ‘desire to live more’ which prevent liberation and causes the growing population.

God has given us a free will. Human always wishes to live more, this is why God gives us chances to take birth again and again.

What is the meaning of being a human?

The human being is a bundle of continuously ‘changing sensations’ (physical body + subtle body) same as the ever-changing vibrations of the universe. Human being is a flux of energy same as the universe. The universe is a process of transformation of various forces or energies and human is the part of it. Human is a microcosm of the macrocosm universe.

Physical Body

The physical body is a composition of 5 elements air, water, fire, sky, and earth, which die and destroy after the death.

Subtle Body

The subtle body of a soul remains tied to the soul in all its lives, whether the life in the physical world or in the subtle world. During and after the death, the soul leaves only its physical body, made up of clay or the five elements, and carries the subtle body.

The subtle body includes feeling of attachment, long-lasting desires, habit formations, love, affections, pain, pleasures, feelings, thoughts, and the fruits of past and present actions, etc. These changing sensations make an aura of the human body. As the sensations change, the aura is also changed.

Feeling of attachments, long-lasting desires, habit formations, love, affections, pain, pleasures, feelings, thoughts etc. all are the result of fruits of the actions did in the past. The desire to live more is automatically dissolved as soon as the fruits of the past actions become nil.  When this subtle body is released person receive liberation. Liberation is possible only in the human life and also living in the body before the death of the physical body. There is no rebirth after the liberation and therefore, no more seed and no population due to that seed.

Who is liberated ( “Jeevan Mukta”)

As soon as the fruits of all the actions are ended subtle body is diluted and the soul straightway connected to the supreme soul. This state is called liberation. Now soul remains confined only to a physical body and the person achieved the state of “I am the GOD” or “Aham Brahma Asmi”. So many saints achieved the state such as Gautam Budha, Shri Ram Param Hansa, Jesus, Nanak etc.


This is not easy to break the cycle of life and death. Good action pleasant life bad action troublesome life but no liberation. Liberation is achieved only with the grace of almighty God.

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