Reincarnation Story


Definition of Reincarnation

Reincarnation means that a soul, after the death of the biological body, comes back to the earth in another biological body.

Godly quotes
Godly quotes

Do you have reincarnated many times?

Proof of Reincarnation

There is a no way to give a physical , in the same way, no one can prove the non-existence of . Various signs associated with the reincarnation are depicted by the events occur many times in the .

Reason behind the occurrence of events which proof the reincarnation

First of all, keep in mind that nothing destroys forever. Everything whether that is feelings, thoughts, emotions, desires, love, actions, etc., all are powerful energizers and emit energy that remains buried in the divine repository or energy centers. This energy strives to surface during the life period at its right time. This energy is one of the essential components of the energy body or subtle body which remain present even after the death of the and take new birth again and again in order to discharge the energy deposited in the energy centers due to past actions.

reincarnation story
Reincarnation story

Energy deposited in the energy centers

The energy deposited in the energy centers as a result of all the previous thoughts and actions efforts to surface time to time and visible repeatedly in various forms in the day to day life and give the glimpse of previous lives. Some of the important glimpses (signs) are discussed here. Signs listed below are based on the personal realizations and conversations with the people those who recalled their in this present lifetime.

1. Repeated Dreams

Energy remains deposited in the energy center in the form of stacks or layers. The top most layers comprise the fruits of past actions which are going to unfold in the very near future. Such fruits of past actions are seen during the night dreams before becoming real in the present life. Due to the ignorance of our present consciousness, such dreams become surface, sometimes in the fuzzy form and some other time in the very clear form.

Why dreams come?

2. Daydreams or Cycle of thought process

Daydreams or continuous going on thought process comprises of the glimpses of the events that are going to unfold in the coming time of the present life (also depicted in the horoscope chart) however, the events going to open in some very far future life remain buried in the hidden layers of the divine stack.

Why thoughts come into mind?

3. Slip of tongue and Slip of pen

Some time unconsciously we speak and write some words or statements which may be the glimpse of our past life events that may open in the coming near future.

4. In-depth identification with a particular lyrics

This is also very powerful sign of past life event. We unconsciously feel some affinity with a particular song or lyrics which is associated with our past life events and thoughts tied with the song that may become real in the coming future time in the present life.

5. In-depth Identification of a character of a movie

Sometimes after seeing a particular movie person remain busy in the thoughts of a particular character of the movie repeatedly which was the true imitator of some role, the person had played in some past life which may be going to unfold in the near future time in the present life.

6. Déjà vu

Déjà vu is a French term. It means “already seen”. It describes some experience of feelings that one has viewed or experienced while encountering a new situation, place, song or anything previously. This is very casual with all of us whenever we encounter anything new and feel that we have already experienced it before too.

7. Strong intuitions

Strong intuition regarding anything whether that is a particular dress, particular personality, a position,  desire, dream, person, place, relation or any other concept give the signs of reincarnation.

True story:

There is a person of age about 45. When he was about 5 or 6 years old he felt a severe affinity with monks. He remained busy in the thought of such type of persons. He was careless about his study. His parent wished to make him Doctor or Engineer but he was careless about all their dreams. Once he followed a monk and reached to Gardhmuktashwar, India. He met a monk who was an Astrologer. The monk recognized him as his past life disciple and gave him Diksha for Astrology. Currently, the boy is a professional successful astrologer and very satisfied with his life.

8. Fears and phobias

Strong fears and phobias are the strong signs of reincarnation. Phobias and fears are strongly related from past life realized unpleasant events. If a person has phobia from a specific type of object it proves that the object is associated with some unhealthy event of a past life.

9. Affinity with certain environment

Affinities with a specific environment, condition, situation and cultural value system are signs of past life circumstances associated with the person.

10. Detachment with certain thing

Same as affinities, detachments with certain things are also the sign of past life.

11. Feeling as you are not from this planet or earth

Sometimes divine entities or divine powers incarnated on the earth just because of a curse which is given by divine entities, Saints, or powers, etc. in the past life. Such divine souls in the biological body always feel that they are not from this planet, but just because of some mistakes they have to take birth on the earth.

12. Precognition

It refers foreknowledge of an event, particularly as a form of extrasensory perception. Precognition becomes frequent and very strong with the people those who are destined to know their past lives/life. These people knowingly or knowingly mention things associated with their past lives/life. These advanced souls are capable of viewing the stored energy ready to become unfold in the real form very soon in the coming time.

13. Retrocognition

It means knowledge of a past event which could not have been learned or inferred by normal means. This is quite common and frequently visible in the world that some of the people have an extra sensory repository which they present before the public despite that is never learned in this life before such as knowledge of some scripture, specific language, etc.

14. Specific or unusual habit formation, likings, disliking or qualities

Specific habit formations called “Sanskars” are gifted by the past lives. These habits may be linked to the daily routine practices, sleeping or eating pattern etc. These “Sanskars” may belong to the recent past life or very old past life.

True incident

A lady, currently running spiritual get to gather of elder people and moral education classes of small children, was the renowned lady in the past life when she was the founder of an educational trust.

15 Physical appearance resemble with some unknown culture or community

This is one of the strong signs of reincarnation as biological features belongs to current life parents but the overall impression of the features generally goes to races of that person which belongs to the very past life of the person such as the color of eyes, structure of facial features, etc.

reincarnation story


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