Roller Bird Dream Meaning

Indian Roller Bird or Neelkanth Bird

Roller bird is a physical manifestation of . is worshipped throughout the universe in different forms via different names. is one of the names of Supreme energy worshipped throughout the world via different names and in different forms. However, Shiva is omnipresent pervading everywhere in all the forms, but due to a veil of illusion person cannot realize him in the forms. Therefore, Shiva is present for their devotees in the physical form also such as Shivlinga, idols of Shiva and roller bird or , etc.

Seeing a roller bird (Neelkanth)  is usually a good omen for its viewer, but sometimes in some particular form viewing a roller bird (Neelkanth) indicates some specific meaning as discussed below:

 Indian Roller


Dreaming a Roller Bird Interpretations

  • Coming a roller bird (Neelkanth) towards you in your dream indicates divine blessing of Lord Shiva. It is a symbol that you are under the divine protection and Lord Shiva is always with you.
  • Dreaming a roller bird (Neelkanth) by a farmer is a good omen. It indicates rain in his farm and prosperous crop in the particular season.
  • Roaming a roller bird (Neelkanth) before you in your dream is an auspicious symbol. It shows that you are under the care of Lord Shiva, therefore, live with confidence and never afraid of enemies. All the enemies will die themselves without harming you.
  • Dreaming a roller bird (Neelkanth) on the day of Vijaydashmi is an auspicious sign for you. It indicates auspicious events throughout the year in your family.

Seeing a Roller Bird Interpretations

A book “Khogopnishada” is written by Triptinarayana Jha Shastri in which he mentioned some auspicious and inauspicious omens associated with the roller bird or Neelkantha. When you see a roller bird (Neelkanth) while waking it indicates some specific sign for your life. These indications are also true if you see the Neelkntha bird in your dreams. All these indications are discussed below:

Roller Bird Flying

  1. Viewing a roller (Neelkanth) by a girl flying before her is very auspicious it indicates that her lifespan is enhanced five years more. Viewing a flying Neelkantha bird on the left side indicates meeting with a beloved and viewing the bird flying on right side indicates meeting with husband very soon. If a gilr sees a flying Neelkantha bird behind her it indicates meeting with a past beloved friend.
  2. Seeing a roller bird by a man is an auspicious omen for his life. If he sees the roller bird flying right to him it indicates his winning position over some long-lasting issue. If the roller is seen flying left side to him it shows his win over enemies. But seeing the roller behind him indicates a loss in the business. If the roller is seen sitting on the ground it indicates sorrow due to wife. Seeing the roller sitting on a dried tree or its branch it indicates a feeling of sorrow due to son. Roller sitting on a pond or near to pond is a good omen it indicates better business opportunity or profit in the business.
  3. If a roller is seen by an unmarried person flying over his forehead, it is an auspicious omen for the person, it indicates full filling his wishes, better financial condition, and his early marriage. If the roller is seen sitting his inner garments it indicates his early marriage.

Roller Bird Sitting on Ground

Viewing a Neelkanth bird sitting on the ground indicates stomach trouble in a near future.

Roller Sitting on a Tree

Viewing a Neelkanth bird sitting on a branch of a green tree indicates love and happiness in family. But seeing the bird on a dried tree indicates trouble in the family life. If you see the bird sitting on the bank of a pond it indicates your meeting with some another person other than your husband.

Roller Sitting on Garments

  1. If a married woman sees the bird sitting on her inner garments it shows getting a son in a near future very soon.
  2. Viewing the roller bird sitting on the inner garments by an unmarried girl is a good omen. It indicates her happy and prosperous family life in the near future.
  3. Seeing the roller before an unmarried girl indicates fulfilling her wishes very soon. If she sees the roller sitting on a dried branch of a tree it indicates her defloration by someone. If the roller is seen sitting on a pond or near to pond it indicates her meeting with her close relative.
  4. Seeing a roller flying or sitting on its right side by a menstruating girl indicates her early marriage. But if she views a roller on her left side it indicates her meeting with a person other than her husband. If she views the roller before her it indicates her meeting with her beloved friend and if the roller is seen behind the girl it alerts that the girl will be cheated by someone or someone is planning to harm the girl.

Consuming Roller Leftover

Consuming a food which is left by a roller bird is an auspicious indication of fulfilling wishes, fortune and happy married life.

Roller in Shravan Month

Seeing the roller during the month of Shravan month is very auspicious for all the men and women it indicates happy and prosperous life in all the ways.

Roller on Vijaydashmi

Seeing a roller bird (Neelkanth) on the day of Vijaydashmi is considered very auspicious and it indicates auspicious events throughout the in your family.

Neelkantha Mahadeva Story

Lord Shiva is also called Neelkanth due to the blue color of the neck. There is a story behind it. Once, the ocean was churned by the Gods and the Devils. During the process of churning huge poison came out. This was essential to remove the poison for the welfare of the world. Lord Shiva with snakes consumed all the poison and made the ocean poisonless. Lord Shiva stopped all the poison in his neck. Due to the poison neck colored blue. On that day Shiva was named as .

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