Shiva Lingam in Dream Meaning

Dreaming Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam in victory, beginning of auspicious time and win over great long lasting troubles. Initially, you have to struggle, but in the end, you will attain success.

Shiva Lingam in dream meaning
Shiva Lingam Pura Mahadeva

Shiva and Parwati

To dream Lord Shiva and Goddess Parwati indicates new opportunities in your life related to wealth, health and prosperity, a better job, money, food, food grains, good news, happiness and getting a good start in life.

Shiva Trishul

Dreaming Trishul gives you victory on your long lasting trouble. All the problems whether related to illness, war, quarrel, etc., all sure to over.

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Shiva dancing in dream

Dreaming dancing Shiva indicates that you will get the solution to your problems and success in life but you have to face troubles for this and in the end, you will achieve your goal and success.

Shiva Temple

  • Dreaming temple of indicates blessings of a son as your child. Seeing temple of Shiva in a dream also indicates speedy recovery from long-lasting diseases.
  • The dream of a Shiva temple transforming into iron temple indicates that you will soon recover from an incurable disease like a headache or a migraine.

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Dreaming the moon indicates that you have many alternatives but you have to choose the best alternative among them. This decision may be related to your study, examination, competition or promotion.

Third Eye

Dreaming eyes or third eye gives you information and warning related to a great change in your life. The third eye alerts you to a life-changing situation.


Dreaming Ganga flowing from the head of Lord Shiva indicates purification of your soul. It confirms that you will attain spiritual knowledge in the near future. It also indicates struggle in the coming time but after the struggle, you will get a great success.

Ganga is a sign of spirituality and soul cleaning. Soul cleaning is only possible after a great spiritual struggle but success is confirmed.

Shiva image in the sky

Dreaming Lord Shiva in place of sky means receiving love, protection and secured life in the forthcoming time. The sky is a symbol of father, security, and protection. Dreaming Lord Shiva in place of sky indicates that you will get the protection of Lord Shiva as a father.

Mansarovar Shivlinga

Dreaming Mansarover that is made up of snow indicates great blessings of Lord Shiva. Your every little to a big activity is under the protection of Lord Shiva.

Shiva Lingam at the shore of Ganga

It is a great dream full of great blessings. It indicates great struggle in the coming life but ensures victory over the struggle and constant blessings of Lord Shiva in the whole life.

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Shiv Tandav Dream

This is an auspicious dream and indicates the end of all your troubles. It also indicates the wealth. It means time came to get the wealth but after the struggle.

Dreaming the third eye of Lord Shiva

Dreaming the third eye is a symbol of drastic transformation in your life particularly in the direction of spiritual knowledge.

Dreaming Shiva Damaru

Dreaming Shiva Damaru indicates positive vibration in the house and also in the working place.

Ganga Flowing from Head of Shiva

Goddess Ganga, as well as head both, are the marks of knowledge. It shows knowledge, love, and wealth in the coming life.

I saw myself offering water to Shiv Ji in Dream

Seeing offering water to Shiv Ji in Dream is a beautiful dream and shows blessing of Lord Shiva.   It is an indication to start offering water to Shivling to get the solution to your present problems. The dream also indicates you to start offering water to Shivling to get prosperity, happiness, and blessings of Shiv Ji.

Dream of throwing dirty water on Shivling

Dream of throwing dirty water on Shivling is a very important dream. The dream can have so many meanings according to the past and present life events of the dreamer. Some possible reasons for such dream can be as written below:

  • You are indulging in some wrong activities, therefore, check your present Karma and correct them to receive blessings from Lord Shiva.
  • The dream may be associated with your Karma. It may be possible that you did something wrong in the past life. Therefore, go to Shiv temple and offer water to Shivling. Do prayer ask Lord Shiva to give you blessings.

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Why dream comes?

Your every activity doesn’t matter that is related to your past life or very past life remain stored in your energy body in the form of also called Akashic records. These records are forced to come over surface time to time in various ways like thoughts, dreams, slip of tongue, etc. If you had worshiped your Ishta Lord or remain involved in some spiritual activities in any past life, the images of such activities remain deposited in the energy body and time to time reveal in the dreams. The “Ishta” Lord remains linked to you and supports you always in all the lives throughout the whole soul journey and guide you time to time.

Every action whether good or bad is not only associated with your present life but remains tied to your soul always in all the life and also remain updated with your ongoing good or bad actions and continuously they reward or punish you according to your karma.

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