Snake in dream meaning

What is the meaning of dreaming snake?

Sometimes dreams are very meaningful and capable to give a great message or alerts while sometimes fruitless. It’s all depending on the scenario in which you are viewing the . Our knowledge, emotional state, the social structure of our family, phobias, mindset and values of our culture all play its role in interpreting the dream. Your perspective toward the dream object is also very important while finding the . Dreams viewed in the early timings are considered important.

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Generally, the snake is a symbol of . It can be a positive energy or a negative energy. Dreams of snakes are very common due to the fact that it shows the hidden energy stored in your energy body as a result of your accumulated past karma. Dreams associated with snake sometimes related to your past life worship, “Jap”, “Tap”, good actions, wrongdoings, boons or curses, etc. If it is related to worship, “Jap”, “Tap”, etc., the dream will support you in the form of positive energy while in the opposite case it may be a mark of negative energy that may harm you. The color of the snake viewed in the dream is also very important while finding the meaning of a dream.

White meaning

White snake signifies positive energy. White snake is a mark of . Dreaming white snake means victory but with a struggle. Success is sure but when it is uncertain. It means you will be successful in your endeavor after a great struggle. In fact, Lord Shiva is the supreme Guru and he is with you to guide you in your soul journey and struggles, pains and sorrows are the best time that brings you closer to the GOD.

Black Snake in dream

Dreaming a black snake shows your inner desire of lust. Viewing black snake by newly couple indicates trouble in married life due to relationships.

King Cobra in dream

Dreaming a king cobra is an auspicious dream. It indicates money, prosperity, respect and victory in the future life. King Cobra is an energy and a garland of Lord Shiva. Lord Vasuki may be seen in the dream in the form of King Cobra.

Dreaming Snake from the view of its Tail

Dreaming a snake from its tail indicates wealth and prosperity in the coming life.

Dreaming Snakes fight

Dreaming snakes fighting together indicates your fight against the social values or social system. Either you are currently involved in this type of fight or you will fight in the future against some social problem.

Snake biting in a dream

If a snake bites you in your dream it shows that you are going to face some unexpected problem in the near future due to relatives, friends, or family members. It is a sort of alert for your coming time.

Dead snake in dream

Viewing a dead snake in a dream signifies that either a trouble may come in the very near future or the trouble already finished that might harm you.

Dreaming Big Snake

A big size Snake coming towards you in a dream indicates your death in a near future. But in case you kill the snake it means the death is postponed.

Killing snake in dream meaning

Dreaming to kill a snake indicates your victory over your enemies.

Snake fight with a mongoose in dream

Dreaming a fight of a snake with a mongoose is very inauspicious. It indicates that you may fall in a court case in a near future.

Snake going into its house (“bill”) in dream

Dreaming a snake going in its house indicates that you are going to get wealth and huge money in a near future.

Big Snake or (“Naag”) dream meaning

It is an auspicious dream and indicates wealth and prosperity in the future.

Snake teeth dream meaning

Dreaming snake teeth is a warning dream and alerts you about your friends and relatives. It means someone going to harm you in the near future.

Playing with snake in dream

Playing with a snake in a dream indicates lust if you are newly married. It also shows victory over enemies.

Feeling fearful while dreaming snake

Feeling fearful while dreaming a snake is a warning dream.  It alerts that someone may harm you in the near future. It is an alerting dream. Be conscious of your close friends and relatives they may harm you in the coming time period.

Dreaming a snake falling from roof

Dreaming a snake which is falling from a roof is a warning dream. It is an indication of disease that may come in your family. Therefore be conscious of it.

Eating a snake or flash of snake

It indicates huge wealth that may come in your house, but such type of wealth soon finish never stay in the house.


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