Snakes Dream – Snake Dreams Gives Alerts & Great Message

Snakes Dream – Snake Dreams Gives Alerts & Great Message

Snakes Dream – Snakes Dream sometimes gives you an alert and a great message while sometimes it is useless. It all depends on the scenario in which you see the snake dreams and your emotions that you feel during the snake dreams.

Your knowledge, emotional state, social structure of your family, phobias, mindset, and values of your culture, etc. all play a crucial role in interpreting a dream.

Your perspective toward the dream object is also very important in interpreting dream meaning. Similarly, your reaction after seeing the snakes dream also takes an important role in dream interpretation.

Timings of the snake dreams and what else present in the dream are also important.

Generally, snakes dream seen in the early morning is important and meaningful.

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snake dreams

How to Interpret the Meaning of a snake

Snake in dream meaning Hindu

Following things must be kept in mind while interpreting the dreams about the snake

  1. The exact time of the dream
  2. What the snake was doing in the dream
  3. Your emotions and feelings you felt after seeing the dream
  4. Number of snake in the dream
  5. Color of the snake in the dream
  6. What else was present in the dream
  7. How you react when you dream the snakes
  8. Your attitude and feelings for the snake during the dream and otherwise
  9. Whether you were watching the snake or doing something with the snake
  10. Color, size, and pattern on the snake in the dream.
  11. What types of worship and related practices in which you involve currently, etc
  12. If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva then the meaning of dreaming snakes will be different, because snakes is a garland of Lord Shiva. Seeing snakes means some message that Lord Shiva wants to give you via dream.

All these play an important role during dream interpretation. Dream interpretation is very personal and it can’t be generalized.

Why Snake Comes in Your Dream


Snake is a symbol of energy. It can be positive energy or negative energy. Sometimes Snake comes in your dream due to the hidden energy stored in your energy body as a result of your accumulated past karma.


Causes of Seeing Snakes in Dreams

Snakes dream come due to the following causes-

  1. Snakes dream sometimes related to your past life worship, “Jap”, “Tap”, good actions, wrongdoings, boons or curses, etc. If it is related to worship, “Jap”, “Tap”, etc., the dream will support you in the form of positive energy while in the opposite case it may be a mark of negative energy that may harm you.
  2. Another important cause of snake dreams is the power of the divine serpent or Kundalini Shakti. If the person is under the process of awakening of Kundalini Shakti, snake dreams may come to you. During this period some negative energy stored in energy centers surfaces in the form of snake which appears in dream. This hidden energy may be positive or negative. If it is positive you will feel good and vice versa.
  3. Sometimes departed ancestors come in a dream in the form of a snake to give you an important message. This message may be in your support or in against, it depends on your circumstances and the current state of the departed one.
  4. If you are undergoing Rahu Mahadasha, you may see a snake in your dreams.
  5. If your death is destined due to snake bite, you may see snake in your dreams, etc.

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Common Symbolic Meanings of Dreams about Snake

Snakes dreams represent the following symbols-

  • Hidden Fear

Snakes Dream shows the inner fear of the person. This fear may be related to your future events, related to any person or relatives, future uncertainty, etc.

  • Anxiety

Snakes dream shows your hidden unconscious anxiety that you are feeling in your waking state.

  • Repressed Desires

Snake dreams show your repressed desires that you have suppressed in your real life.

  • Growth

In some cultures, the snake dreams are considered a symbol of change and growth.

If some wealth, gold, money are hidden below the floor of the room, or behind the wall, etc. then also snakes dream come to indicate the hidden wealth.

  • Departed Ancestors

Departed ancestors may come in your dream in the form of snakes.

  • Transcendence Higher Consciousness

Dream about snakes represents the higher level of divine consciousness too. It symbolizes Lord Shiva particularly if the color of the snake is white. (True Story about a white snake dream)

  • Phallic Symbol

Snakes dream symbolize the suppression of your sex needs.

  • Higher Knowledge

Snake dreams are the symbol of higher knowledge also particularly divine knowledge. If you are searching for the answers of higher knowledge then such kinds of dreams may come during your sleep.

  • Negative Energy

Snakes may disturb you during your sleep if some kind of negative energy is pursuing you.



What does a white snake symbolize in a dream?

White Snake Dream Meaning


White Snake Dream Meaning


The white snake dream signifies positive energy. White snake is a mark of Lord Shiva, money, prosperity, etc. The white snake dream means victory but with a struggle. Success is sure but when it is uncertain.

A white snake dream means you will be successful in your endeavor after a great struggle.

In fact, Lord Shiva is the supreme Guru and he is with you to guide you in your soul journey, and struggles, pains, and sorrows are the best time that brings you closer to GOD.

Generally, a white snake dream indicates the following-

  1. Success in future life
  2. Money, wealth, and prosperity are sure in the coming time
  3. Progress in business and job whatever in which you involve currently
  4. A white snake dream means a positive change in your mind, life, and in your surroundings.
  5. You may get wealth from your ancestors or some hidden wealth and money too.
  6. If a white snake bites you in a dream this is good it means you may get more richness and prosperity in the coming time.
  7. If a white snake chases you in a dream it is also auspicious

In fact, the white snake dream is a really fortunate and auspicious symbol.  A white snake dream is a result of your very good past karma and blessings of divine energy.

But, if you let the snake go in your dream is not good for you. If it happens, visit Shiva temple and offer water to Shivalinga.

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What do black snakes represent in dreams?

Black Snake Dreams Meaning

Dreams about Blacksnake may have different meanings

  1. Black snake dreams show your inner desire for lust. Black snake dreams seen to newly couple indicates trouble in married life due to relationships. To remove the problem visit a Shiva Temple, offer water to Shivalinga, and pray to get the blessing of God. Surely, you will overcome all the troubles that may occur with you.
  2. If you see black snake dreams it means you may get some disease in the coming time. But if you are suffering from a disease and you dream snakes, it is an indication of the end of the disease.
  3. The black color is a symbol of dark energy which shows your inner depression and pains that you are suffering in the waking state. If so introspect yourself, don’t ignore the problems, face the situation courageously.
  4. Go to some nearby Lord Shiva temple and ask God for help. Definitely, you will win the situation.

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What does a cobra mean in a dream?

King Cobra Snake Dreams Meaning

The king cobra snake dreams are auspicious dreams. It indicates money, prosperity, respect, and victory in the future life. King Cobra is an energy and a garland of Lord Shiva.

King Cobra always remain present with the Shivalinga and Shiva temple. Lord Vasuki may be seen in a dream in the form of King Cobra.

Such kind of snake dreams is a blessing for you. It means you will win definitely doesn’t matter how much time it will take but success is sure.


snakes dream snake dream meaning

What dream about a snake’s tail means

Dreaming Snake from the view of its Tail

Dreaming a snake from its tail indicates wealth and prosperity in the coming life.

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What does dreaming about two big snakes fighting mean

Dreaming Snakes fight

Dreaming snakes fighting together indicates your fight against the social values or social system. Either you are currently involved in this type of fight or you will fight in the future against some social problem.

What is the meaning of snakebite in a dream?

Snake biting in a dream

Dreams of snake biting may have different meanings according to dream science. Some important interpretations are here

  1. If a snake bites you in your dream it shows that you are going to face some unexpected problem in the near future due to relatives, friends, or family members. It is a sort of alert for your coming time.
  2. These kinds of snakes dream represent your inner fear, problems, or the situation in which you are feeling stress, anxiety, and suffocation, but you are feeling trouble to share the problem and you are just avoiding and ignoring the problem. Such kinds of anxiety may be present in the dream in the form of a symbol of a snake biting.
  3. On another side, the snake dreams may be good for someone. By getting bitten by a snake may offer you wealth, money, and prosperity in life.
  4. This kind of snakes dream may give you major transformation particularly if the snake bites you on the lower part of the body or feet.

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What does a dead snake symbolize?

Dead Snake Dream Meaning

Viewing dead snakes dream signifies that either trouble may come in the very near future or the trouble already finished that might harm you.

If you see dead snake dreams, go to any Shiva temple and offer water (water mixed with milk) to Shivlinga in order to reduce the impact of any inauspicious event that may occur in the near future.

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What does a big size snake symbolize?

Big Snake Dream Meaning

A big size Snake coming towards you in a dream indicates your death in the near future. But if in your dream you kill the snake it means death is postponed.


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What does killing a snake in a dream mean

Killing Snake Dream Meaning

Dreaming to kill a snake in a dream indicates your victory over your enemies and diseases. It means the coming time is good and all the problems will remove automatically.

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What is the Significance of Snake Fight Mongoose in a dream?

Snake fight with a mongoose in a dream

Such kinds of snakes dream is a warning dream. Dreaming of a fight between a snake and a mongoose is very inauspicious. It indicates that you may fall into a court case in the near future.

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A snake going into its house (“bill”) in a dream

Dreaming a snake going in its house indicates that you are going to get wealth and huge money in the near future.

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Big Snake (“Naag”) dream meaning

It is an auspicious snake dream that indicates wealth and prosperity in the future. Naag is one who has a big size front. Such kinds of snakes dream is a symbol of positive energy.

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Dreaming snakes everywhere represents the flow of huge energy. It means a big change in life. It means you will get new opportunities in your life.

What dream about a snake with teeth means

Snake teeth dream meaning

Dreaming snake teeth is a warning dream and alerts you about your friends and relatives. Such kind of snake dreams means someone going to harm you in the near future.

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Playing with a snake in a dream Meaning

Playing with a snake in a dream indicates lust if you are newly married. It also shows victory over enemies.

Feeling fearful while dreaming snake

Feeling fearful while dreaming a snake is a warning dream.  It alerts that someone may harm you in the near future. It is an alerting dream.

Be conscious of your close friends and relatives that may harm you in the coming time period.

Dreaming a snake falling from a roof

Dreaming a snake that is falling from a roof is a warning dream. It is an indication of a disease that may come to your family. Therefore be conscious of it.

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Eating a snake or flash of snake

It indicates a huge wealth that might come to your house, but such type of wealth over soon. It never stays in the house.

Seeing a Snake climbing on a tree

Seeing a snake climbing on a tree is an auspicious dream. It indicates that you may get huge money in the near future

Seeing a Snake coming down from a tree

Seeing a snake coming down from a tree is an inauspicious dream. It indicates that you may suffer from a loss of money in the coming future.

Offer water (water mixed with milk) to Shivlinga to reduce the impact of such kind of dream.

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Inside a temple Snake Dream Meaning

If you see a snake inside a temple in your dream it is a graceful dream. It indicates that your all wishes may come true in the near future.

Standing or Walking on the Snakes

If you dream that you are standing on the snakes or you are walking on the snakes it means you will destroy your enemies very soon in the near future.

A snake going in its Pit in Dream

If you dream that a snake is going into its pit in a dream it means you will get and collect money in the near future.

A snake coming out from its Pit

It is not a good dream if you see that a snake is coming from its Pit. It indicates a loss of wealth in the coming future.

Seeing a snake in your house

Seeing a snake in a house in a dream is an auspicious dream. It signifies that your house is pure and divine.

It shows that living in a house is beneficial for you. But if you see a snake in your bedroom it means a certain problem is there in your family.

So, check your situation and correct it.

Lifting up Snake in a dream

If you see as you lifted up a snake it is a good dream. The dream indicates obtaining money in the near future.

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Catching or killing a snake in a dream

It means obtaining sudden wealth or obtaining victory in the near future.


Afraid of a snake in a dream

It is not a good dream. Such kind of snake dreams indicates that you may be cheated by your close friend in the near future.

Talking with a snake in a dream

It means you will get benefits from your enemy in the coming time.

Seeing teeth of a snake in a dream

Seeing the teeth of a snake in a dream indicates that you will be harmed by your relatives.

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Seeing a Red Snake in Your Dreams

Red snake in a dream indicates your inner passion, particularly sexual passion. This may be a symbol of some future danger. If you see this, introspect your waking state and find the meaning of the snake dreams.


Snake in dream meaning Hindu

Dream of a Yellow Snake

Dreaming a yellow snake shows your inner soul and inner light. It indicates your intellectual capability, your intuition, and divine wisdom.  So, listen to the divine voice and follow it. It is divine and true light that is guiding you.

Dreaming of being chased by a Snake

If you dream that a snake is chasing you it means you are escaping from a real-life situation. You are ignoring life challenges. So, analyze yourself and face the challenges of life confidently.


Snake in Dream reminds you about your Promise

Snake dreams are very common. The reasons why snake dreams come to you are numerous and vary from culture to culture. 

One of the very common causes of snake dreams is your incomplete commitments or promises to divine energies about certain things.

Sometimes, you promise to divine energy to do certain kinds of worship after fulfilling your wish, but after fulfilling the wish you forget to do that worship.

Similarly, you may commit sometimes to offer certain things into the temple, or other religious places to the divine energy. In these situations also snake dreams come to you to remind you about the promises you committed before the divine energy. 


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It concludes that snake dreams give you an important message and reminders.

A white snake dream is always good and gives you health, wealth, and prosperity. therefore, never ignore snakes’ dreams and interpret them correctly and take actions accordingly.

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