Soul is Distinct From the Five Koshas

Soul or Supreme Soul and Five Koshas

What does “I” mean?

A human is made up of five temporary koshas or temporary sheaths annamaya kosha, prnamaya kosha, manomaya kosha, vigyanmaya kosha and anadmaya kosha. These five koshas are essential to make a life cycle to continue infinitely. These koshas made up of gross and subtle elements. Inner koshas are more subtle in characteristics than the outer one. These five koshas are the transformed form of cosmic energy.

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For example, a bubble that is made up of water, play in the water and dissolve into the water. The same human being is made up of cosmic energy; play in the cosmic energy and in the end after liberation dissolves into the cosmic energy.

Soul is Distinct From the Five Koshas
Soul is Distinct From the Five Koshas

Annamaya Kosha

A is made up of five elements water, air, fire, sky and earth, and the survival of the body is based on the Annamaya Kosha. Every food element also contains these five elements. Living beings need food to maintain annamaya kosha. Annamaya kosha starts to decay in the absence of food. This is the reason why a living being needs food throughout the life. No one can survive without the food element. At the physical death this annamaya kosha is removed from the living body, however, rest of the four sheaths (koshas ) remain as it is and move to the subtle world.

Manomaya Kosha – Manomaya Kosha is a basic foundation of “I” or “Ahankar”

There is a death of “I” and a birth of “I”.

-Mamta Rajshree

All these five koshas (sheaths) are temporary and are made up of temporary elements. Among these five koshas (sheaths) manomaya kosha is made up of thoughts. These thought elements can be of various types. Some examples of thoughts responsible for “I”, ego or “ahankar” are discussed below:

  1. Feeling of my

All we have a feeling of my Body, my House, my family, my children, etc. We have an ego of me and you. This is my and that is not mine. These thoughts related to me and my not envelops a person into a strong sheath and bind the person with the debts to his or her relations that force the person to become free from the debts and it causes the life cycle to continue infinitely. A person takes birth to be free from past debts and collect more debts for the next life. There is no escape from these debts.

“Action leads to debt and debt leads to action and make the life cycle continue”

-Mamta Rajshree

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  1. Jealousy

“I don’t like him or her so, definitely I will do it against him or her”.

These thoughts of jealousy remain tied with the manomaya kosha one of the subtle layers of five koshas which remain tied with the human even after leaving the physical body and force the person to take birth again, one more causes to continue the life cycle one after another life.

  1. Revenge

“I definitely take revenge from the particular person as the person hurt me a lot”.

Such revenge thoughts are very deep-rooted. These emotions remain to continue with a person even after the physical death too and force a person to go to lower plains of hell until the energy associated with the person is not healed. Such thoughts force a person to live a life of sorrow and pain even after leaving the physical body. These thoughts become the cause of taking the birth again in the company of the same person (called soul mate) whom we want to take revenge.

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  1. Love and likings

“I love him or her a lot so, I definitely achieve him or her in any case”.

Thoughts related to love, like and affection also envelop a person into a layer and cause to take birth again to achieve the love left in the . In the next life, a person searches his or her past love (called soul mate) and is forced by the destiny to love the same object.

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  1. Possessiveness

I have power, I can do everything. All these thoughts are also responsible for making the concept of “I” or ego.

All these thoughts, feelings and desires in addition to another such type of thoughts make a manomaya kosha (mind-body), a sheath which separates from the annamaya kosha (sheath) and this sheat in addition to other three sheaths goes with the person to the subtle world after leaving the physical body during the physical death. All the past life unfulfilled desires (sanskaras) and the fruits of past actions constitute this mind-body. Mind-body is more permanent than the physical body. Mind-body is exactly the “I”, ego or “Ahankar” a basic cause of , again and again.  Moreover, mind-bod is the cause of hell and heaven too.

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What is Death?

The annamya kosha is based on the food. A person cannot live without the food for a long time. Annamaya Kosha is only an outer layer of a human, but the irony is that a human considers this annmaya kosha everything. A person considers it his or her whole existence due to ignorance or illusion. A person’s each and every act and every behavior revolve around this annamaya kosha throughout the life. His or her all senses, whole forces remain busy to gratify the physical body only however, this is purely a temporary one.

Subtle Bodies or Ghosts

Subtle bodies or ghosts are composed of temporary four sheaths – pranamaya kosha, manomaya kosha, vigyanmaya kosha and anadmaya kosha. The physical sheath is missing with the ghosts or subtle bodies. Ghosts are enveloped into the four layers. As we have the feeling of revenge, jealousy, love, likings, and affection the same ghosts also have, but they are unable to express it due to the absence of a physical body. This is why, sometimes they caught the human body to gratify their feelings.

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Life Cycle an Infinite Process

The life cycle is an infinite process one after another in order to gratify the unfulfilled desires. A person takes birth to gratify the needs and bound with the new needs. To gratify the needs person perform either good acts or bad act that further force a person to bear the fruits of good or bad action and the cycle remain to continue and no escape from the cycle.

Who is divine Guru?

Divine Guru is a person that is already linked to the and already free from the cycle of life and death. Guru lifts the energy of a disciple and links this energy to the almighty God. Guru himself becomes stairs and support disciple to reach the height of divine consciousness. The divine guru holds the hand of a disciple and handover the hand of the disciple to the supreme energy. Now the disciple also becomes free from the cycle of life and death.

Now the question is how to attain such type of divine guru who can transform a human energy into divine energy. It needs a divine desire or “Bhrama Isccha”. Divine desire is a deep-rooted desire to know the answer to following questions: Who is God? What is the meaning of life? Why I borne? Where is God? How to meet the God? Etc.

If a person desires to know the answer to these questions and the person tries to do such investigations repeatedly only then God supports the person and gives the person his or her divine guru.   Once, you are ready to leave the material world only then you can achieve the divine world. Both the worlds cannot be achieved parallel.

You go to a temple and demand money, the God gives you money. If you go to the temple to demand the God the gives you divine consciousness too.  Divine consciousness can’t be achieved in one day, in one year or in one life. It needs constant, one minded, focused, sincere and dedicated devotion to God. It can be attained in a minute and it cannot be achieved in one life or in many lives. It all depends on your true dedication and the ultimate grace of divine energy. As a person wishes a life when he is going to sink into the deep ocean the same deep-rooted wish is needed for god to attain a divine consciousness.

Supreme Soul or God (“Ishwar”)

Supreme soul or God is all around manifested in all the forms visible to us, but due to ignorance, you are unable to realize the divine. When a person wakes up in the divine consciousness his or her “I” is vanished absolutely. He or she is unable to find “I” or ego within him or her. The person understands that this is “You” or God only that present inside the body as well as outside the body. All the sheaths annamaya kosha, prnamaya kosha, manomaya kosha, vigyanmaya kosha and anadmaya kosha are dissolved and divine consciousness starts to shine.

For example, Onion is enveloped into layers. You peel the first layer, the second layer, third layer, fourth layer and then all the layers. What left? Nothing left. The same case is here when all the five sheaths are unfolds nothing left except a “Shunaya”.  This “Shunaya” is Divine energy present everywhere in all the visible and invisible forms.

This is the state when a saint says: “Aham Brahmasmi”. Without this transformation, no one can say that God is in me or I am God. It needs a big transformation of “I” or ego into divine consciousness. The whole cosmos is alive pulsating with the life force. The need is to realize it.

So, be divine, be enlightened

With love, light, and peace