Healing Hands Healing Touch

Healing Hands Healing Touch

Healing touch is a divine touch that is capable to heal the hidden pains of anyone. Healing others not only heal others but also heals the healer.

It heals the soul of the healer. Resulting in the healer receives more energy from the divine to heal others more and more.



A reflection of Omnipresent almighty God is everywhere in nature, the universe and so in the living being too. The reflection in the living being is called a soul or a spark of almighty GOD. However, the soul and the supereme soul are synonyms.

The soul or a spark of the Supreme Soul is an immortal essence of a living being.


What is a Human being?

A human being is a bundle of continuously ‘changing sensations’ same as the ever-changing vibrations of the universe.

A human being is a flux of energy the same as the universe. The universe is a process of transformation of various forces or energies and human is the part of it.

Human is a microcosm of the macrocosm universe.  Numerous positive and negative energies are there in the universe and they remain under the control of the Supreme cosmic energy or GOD.


Changing sensations

 The changing sensations composed of a visible body made up of five elements, attachments, long-lasting desires, love, affections, pain, pleasures, feelings, thoughts, and the fruits of past and present actions too.


What are the Hidden Pains?  

Hidden pains are traumas or the fruits of some past actions. The whole world is based only on the actions. Today’s destiny is the actions of the past.

A human being can’t live without doing the action. Good action good fruit and bad action bad fruit, which is the cause of life after one more life and so on.

This is the grace of God only which can give you a divine teacher and then only human is able to burn all the results of actions and can free from the bonding of action and its fruit and the life cycle too.

Past life traumas are sins, curses, wrongdoings and wrong sayings, etc. All these remain tied together with the soul and carry with the soul life after another life until or unless not healed by counteraction.


Sins and Sufferings

These sins can be of various types such as killing a cow, beating someone, torturing someone physically or emotionally, killing animals, disrespecting elders or females, abusing others, breaking a heart, black magic, doing an abortion, financial cheating, and much more.

There is a big list of sins and corresponding sufferings.


What is the need to heal hidden pains?

It is needed to heal past pains and traumas otherwise hidden pains and traumas reflect in our day to day life in various forms such as:

  • No job or work at all in life
  • Continuous failure in life
  • Quarrel with parents and life partner
  • Loss of money
  • Loss of fame and respect in society
  • Injury and continuous accidents
  • Long-lasting diseases
  • Loss of children
  • Loss of parents at an early age
  • Incapability in the life, etc.
  • Mental stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders
  • Sufferings and painful life.
  • Fears and phobias

Healing Quotes

Healing quotes

How to heal Hidden Pains?

Heal to hidden pains is must in order to get peace, love, respect, and relief in the life.

The Soul, the reflection of God, is satisfied with the good and pious act only.

A very small act of kindness gives abandoned healing to our soul, mind, and body. It transforms you into a state of bliss, changes the body chemistry, and removes the stress.

Sacrifice and giving are real treasures of life, which always remain with you and give you prosperity, love, and affection.

God has given a face to smile and makes others smile and happy too, a mouth to encourage others and give them comfort, eyes to look others with kindness, a body to help others, heart to show sincerity and spread affection.

In fact, no one is so poor in the world. If you wish to do, you can do it.

  • If you feed a hungry person, you will get food ever. If you give water to the thirsty one you will get bliss.
  • Respecting elders and animals, improve your luck.
  • Respecting females please God and Goddesses, donating money to a needy person removes your miseries.
  • Giving shelter to a shelterless person gives you a good house.
  • Paying love and affection to an orphan child make your children healthy and happy.
  • Giving medicine to a needy and sick person, make you healthy, and keep you free from diseases.
  • What you wish in your life, give the same to a needy one.

Everything comes back to you in multi-folds.

The world is echoed what you give the same come back to you. So, Donate and give as much as possible.


Healing Quotes

Healing quotes


Healing Quotes – “There is no pain on the earth that cannot be healed by heaven”

Healing quotes


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My hope in sharing this text is that it will inspire others to spread LOVE & Kindness. We all need help in one way or another.  Thank you for taking the time to read.

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