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Soul Urge Number

Heart’s desire number

Soul urge number is also called heart’s desire number. Heart’s desire number is made up from all the vowels a, e, i, o and u used in your complete name.  Change all the vowels used in your name into numbers in accordance with the table given below. Add all the numbers and get the sum. Reduce the sum into single number except the master numbers 11 and 22. This way reduced number is called a or the heart’s desire number.

Soul urge number or heart’s desire number describes what you value the most apart of your path number in your life.  The table reflecting the number value of the vowels is given below:

soul urge number calculator
Soul urge number calculator

Important to note: Use ‘y’ if in case there is no other vowel in a syllable (For example Madlyna) or is sounded as one sound (like Marry). Apply W if vowel produces a single sound.


M  a  m  t  a     B  a  n  s  a  l     R  a  j  s  h  r  e  e

     1              1         1            1             1                  5   5       =    15

1 + 5 = 6

After computing the heart’s desire number read the description for the number as written below:

Soul urge number 1

  • Due to inborn leadership traits, you always wish to lead the people.
  • You like to supervise the team members independently.
  • You have great pride on your abilities and you wish to be recognized for your abilities.
  • You are very ambitious and determined for your endeavors.
  • You always search opportunities to be a leader and get success in that.
  • You are very loyal and strictly fair in all your endeavors.
  • You dominate people and situations.
  • You should control your emotions otherwise you can be arrogant and egoistic.

Soul urge number 2

  • Leadership is not too important for you to work.
  • You wish to work in a company of your friends and partners in a supportive manner with mutual understanding.
  • You are kind, concerned, generous and sensitive to the people working with you.
  • For your own work you are very easy going, fearful and hesitant.

Soul urge number 3

  • You are very sociable by and wish to enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones.
  • You desire to live life in its fullest.
  • You wish to take part in active social life and enjoy a big circle of friends.
  • You have intuitive insight and inspirational tendencies.
  • You are too optimistic and have tendency of non-stop talkers

Soul urge number 4

  • You desire a stable and secured life.
  • You always wish to follow a systematic approach in your entire task.
  • You want to be firm and conformist. You have a great sense of responsibility
  • You are reliable and practical.
  • You are a very honest, sincere, and conscientious person. But, simultaneously you are rigid and stubborn.
  • You never wish to show your true feelings.
  • You desire to view the big picture of all you perform rather than small details. You can take chance once in awhile.

Soul urge number 5

  • Your desire is to enjoy the life of liberty, pleasure, exciting activities and unforeseen happenings.
  • You are inclined to do adventurer in your life.
  • You can look like superficial and unenthusiastic.
  • You are very adaptable and multi-talented.
  • You look like to have a natural preference to be a pace-setter.
  • You dislike the schedule work that you are busy in.
  • You may feel difficulty with bearing responsibility.
  • You may not wish a unwavering or stable relationships.

Soul urge number 6

  • Your soul urge is to be valued and respected for your capability to handle responsibility.
  • Love, affection respect and friendship are high on your list of priorities.
  • You have a lot of subtle and tactful tendencies.
  • You wish to work in team.
  • You have great sense of responsibility.
  • You are known for your generous nature and understanding.
  • You are creative, artist and possessor of great imagination power.
  • You are very sensitive and emotional.
  • You may find that your friends tend to take advantage of your generosity.

Soul urge number 7

  • You like to be alone and deviated from the society.
  • You wish to and expand you idealistic understandings, to study and investigate, to grow knowledge base and insight.
  • You are very nervous and shy around the strangers and tend to hold back  your emotions.
  • You may be introvert and cut off from others.

Soul urge number 8

  • You have a natural tendency for dealing and commerce and the challenges forced by the commercial world.
  • You have a strong soul urges to dominate, supervise, manage and direct.
  • You have a tendency to judge the material values and also human nature and traits.
  • You want to be known for your planning ability and good judgment.
  • You have a tendency to be rigid and dominate.

Soul urge number 9

  • Your soul urge is to give to others, usually in a compassionate or big heart manner.
  • Your concern for others is a lot which makes you a sympathetic and generous person.
  • You often express high values, ideals and an inspirational approach to life.
  • You are too sensitive and inclined to express emotions strongly at times.
  • There can be a big clash between higher aims and personal wishes and you may often be dissatisfied in the lack of excellence in the society and world.

Soul urge number 11

  • Your ideas and thought process are quite impractical and abstract.
  • You are inclined toward idealistic and valued concepts.
  • You have a great dream of the faultless world.
  • You have a tendency of nervousness.
  • Y
    ou are very sensitive and emotional.
  • You have a fixed idea of right and wrong.

Soul urge number 22

  • You have a mastermind. You have soul urge to show your important energy you feel as an engineer, builder, politician, atc.
  • You have the highest level of intelligence with an extraordinary insight and awareness.
  • Your friends and co-worker regards and respect you and distinguish you for a finer foresight and visualization.
  • You feel nervousness and also you are very dominating.

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