Sound healing therapy, vibrational sound healing

Sound healing therapy, vibrational sound healing

Sound healing therapy, vibrational sound healing – The sound has a vibrating force and a full of energy with the potential to influence all the objects of the cosmos and therefore, all the living beings and humans too.

Varieties of sound can be used to cure all the physical, mental, and spiritual disorders. The sound has the power to transform the human into a blissful personality.

Our scriptures and Vedas are full of the stories of saints who benefited with the amazing power of chanting of mantras. One such example was saint Valmiki.

This text discussed the healing power of music and mantras to cure all the diseases including physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Sound healing therapy, vibrational sound healing


Sound healing therapy


How Sound Affects us and How it can be used for Self-healing?

The sound is one of the potent energies of the supreme God. Sound energy has a great potential to vibrate the whole cosmos and us.

Alike the sound our subtle and physical bodies are also transformed forms of energies. Atoms of sound energy affect the cells of the body and heal the body.

Chanting of mantra cures subtle and physical bodies both. The energy of mantra not only cures diseases but gives a complete transformation in the personality.

It eliminates whole negativity, stress, depression, anxiety, and fears from the root and fills the personality with positivity and bliss. The constant recitation of mantras vibrates the organs and heals them.

Causes of Diseases and Sound healing therapy, vibrational sound healing

  1. The root cause of diseases is negative energy developed due to our wrong actions did in the past and in the present.
  2. Another reason for negative energy is our habit formation against the environment and the need of the body.

Some important actions which provoke negative energy are discussed below:


Past actions

  • Fruits of past life actions remain tied with the subtle body and they are transmitted with the subtle from one life to another life until the time of their exposition.
  • Fruits of negative actions exposed at the right time in the forms of disease and disorders in the body. This is why sometimes a newborn child born with diseases and disabilities.
  • People also suffer from diseases when the right time comes to be surface the negative energy collected due to negative Karma.

Present actions

  • Past present and future all are connected tightly. Actions done in present life also cause diseases.
  • Generally seen a person who doesn’t care and disrespects their parents get the same with their children too in their old age.
  • Unhealthy living patterns and attitudes, earnings via wrong sources, stealing, and cheating cause psychological disturbances which expose into the physical diseases.

Environment and habit formation

  • Due to the unfavorable environment and unhealthy habits formation, people suffer from diseases.
  • Whatever the reason may be behind the diseases, sound gives a healing effect on the cells present in the body.

In order to know the contribution of the sound in the body cure, get some insight into the composition of the human being.

Physical Body

A human being has a physical body made up of five elements air, water, fire, earth, and sky. All these five elements are also the transformation of divine energies.

Subtle Body

The subtle body is composed of various transformed forms of energies which include the following:

  • Past Actions

All the actions did in the past lives are deposited in the energy chakras and revealed when exact time, space, and counterpart energy come. These actions can be good and bad done knowingly or unknowingly.

  • Sins

Sins are also some more acute actions done against the objects of the cosmos including deities, animals, and human beings, etc.

All these also deposited in the energy centers and expose when suitable time, space, and counterpart energy come.

  • Emotions and thought process

The thought process is a big source that contributes to the subtle body composition.

  • Past life Curses

Past lives curse has very powerful energy which remains tied with the subtle body and influences life until the time of the end of the curse.

Curse disturbs the life of both the person one who cursed and the other who was cursed. So never curse others it is harmful to both.

  • Past life boons

Like curses boons and blessings are also give their results. Alike the curses boons and blessings influence both who give blessings and boons and the person who was blessed. Both receive healing.

  • Emotions

All the emotions including love, hate, anger, confidence, self-respect, and fears are part of a subtle body.

Healing sounds of music

Chanting of mantras energies body cells and creates higher healing vibrations which subside the lower level energies that were the cause of physical or mental illnesses.

Researches done on the sound concludes that soothing music gives relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. These stress and anxiety may be the reason for the severe life traumas and physical disorders.

Research says that listening to the healing songs and music can help you sleep better, relieve pain, lower blood pressure, and heart rates.

Dr. Gaynor a famous oncologist and internist, has made the music an essential and integral part of his therapy to cure his patients.

 Sound healing therapy

How do sound frequencies heal people?

(Healing sounds of Mantras)

  1. Healing music has always been known to relieve anxiety and stress, but healing sounds of mantras goes a step further by promoting sound vibration as a way of altering the body’s frequency waves.
  2. Chanting of mantras has a big role in killing the negative energies developed due to the fruits of past negative actions, the exact roots of the disease.
  3. Sounds of chanting mantras not only heal the disorders that occurred due to physical and mental troubles but also cure the life traumas that occurred due to spirits of a subtle world (Discussed in detail in the coming post).
  4. The healing sound of mantras can be used as a complement to medicines to get speedy recovery from any type of disease whether physical or mental.
  5. It not only gives cure from diseases but also strengthens the immune system and transforms the human into a blissful personality.

The philosophy behind the cure from sound energy is as below:

The whole human microcosm is made of energy only. Negative energy produces an imbalance in body chemistry and gives disease.

The positive energy of mantras gives healing and cures to the body. But Positive energy must be higher in its influence than the negative energy to get a perfect and complete cure otherwise cure will be superficial or not at all.

This is why the right Mantra is needed to cure the disease.

What is the meaning of Om Namah Shivaya?

  • The supreme Mantra is “Om Namah Shivaya” for males and females both.
  • This is the highest healing Mantra which creates the highest level of energy which is capable of killing all the lower levels of energies producing a disturbance in the body and cause of diseases whether the disease is mental, physical, or spiritual.
  • Also, this is not needed to chant the mantra with the sound it can be recited internally without any sound to get its full effect.

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