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Magic: Secret of showing objects from the air

(Magic of showing objects from the air)

Recently, this has become common to give shows of acquiring objects like pictures, necklace, garlands, rings, rudraksha etc., from the air and give them to the innocent audience or people by the Siddhas, Gurus, or the person who wish to be called as a Guru or even God. To know the secret of getting objects from the air and giving to the audience, it is essential to know the answer of following questions:

  1. What is the meaning of (Siddhas or Guru)?
  2. Who are real spiritual masters?
  3. What is the secret of the magic?

    1. Spiritual Advisor

What is the meaning of Spiritual Masters (Siddhas or Gurus)?

To be a or Guru is not an easy task. The same to be a is also not easy. To be a disciple, it is must have following virtues in a person:  sacrifice, devotion, and self-surrender.

Sacrifice means to do the sacrifice of the most lovable object whether the object is even a most lovable relation or a thing. Devotion means unshaken love and affection towards the spiritual master (Guru), same as the love and affection was between disciple – Shri. Yogananda Ji and his spiritual master – Shri. Yukteshwar Ji Maharaj. Self-surrender means the surrender of the soul, self or even body.  This is not less than the “suicide of self”. The relationship of spiritual master and disciple is purely divine, based on soul relationship under the guidance of divine energy.

In fact,  both disciple and spiritual master come on the earth to fulfill some undischarged duties and after completing the duties they become one and dissolve in the infinite energy forever.

Spiritual masters
Real Spiritual Master

Spiritual Advisor and Disciples

In the relationships of a spiritual master (Guru) and disciple the soul of disciple dissolve in the soul of the Guru and both become one. Both they live the life of one soul in the two bodies like the twin flames. The examples of such guru and disciple are Mother Meera and Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva and Mother Sati, Shri. Yogananda Ji and Shri Yukteshwar Ji, etc. There is no sign of worldly desire and selfishness between the relationship.

The relationship what is seen in the present world between so-called spiritual master (Guru) and disciple is purely based on worldly desires like the need of job, money, children, luxuries etc., as poor people visit such so-called Gurus’ to fulfill worldly desires and these Siddhas attract innocent people in order to get the following:

  1. The best mouth to mouth advertisement to become popular among the crowd and also to collect more crowd.
  2. To get wealth, land and other valuables from rich innocent people.
  3. To fulfill the desire of lust.

In fact, these so-called Gurus and Siddhas are a smart businessman and educated magician. They make fool to the innocent people by showing their magic of the eyes, words and hand tricks.

2. Who are real (Guru) and real disciple?

The real spiritual master (guru) is Adi Guru Lord Shiva only or a person who is self-realized. Self-realized soul can be a guru with the grace of God. The relationship of Guru and disciple is eternal from the first incarnation to the last one when both the souls dissolve in one another and get liberation.

Lord Shiva, Guru of Goddess Sati

Initially, before the first incarnation of the world soul is not male or female when soul first incarnated it departed into two sparks one male and another female. These two souls remain tied together with a Chrystal chord and follow the path of life journey separately. Due to the grace of God, one of the souls learned the lesson of the life and reach on higher levels of spiritually. This higher soul becomes the Guru of his lower twin soul to awaken him or her into the truth or God. Now both the souls become one, dissolve into one another and receive the liberation.

All this is occurred in accordance with the divine plan and under the guidance of divine power without any human intervention. So, people don’t need to search Gurus’ on the earth. If it is planned Guru is allotted to the person on the wish of divine energy or God.  Rightly said by Saint Kabeer:

ज्ञान प्रकाशी गुरु मिला, सो मत बिसरो जाय
जब गोविंद किरपा करी, तब गुरु मिलिया आय ॥”

 Divine Guru or Sadguru can only be achieved by the blessings of God. Divine Guru removes the ignorance of the disciple, enlightens the soul of the disciple and presents the GOD before the disciple.

The saint voice is absolutely perfect and can be understood very easily by the true disciple and true Guru.  In the relationship between Guru and disciple, there is no place of any falsehood, selfishness and worldly desires as both Guru and disciple remain tied together via soul. If one thinks other can hear clearly without any doubt. There is a strong bond of telepathy. In spite of the great physical distance, both remain to unite completely. No power can depart them in any case as both are under the protection of God’s plan.

3. What is the secret of magic?

To present the objects or articles from the air before the audience is totally a magic based on physics, hypnotism, and hand-tricks.  These persons control their client by and eyes.

Power of Eyes

Eyes are the window to the soul. Eyes have a tremendous power anything can be controlled and conveyed by the eyes and these people know the tricks to control through the eyes. Not only eyes, but words also have unbeatable energy.

Power of words

Word empowers to both listener and speakers. Everything can be controlled via words. All these people know the tricks and techniques how to control the person sitting before them. The same tricks what these Siddhas shows are also shown by the stage magicians, but these magicians never claims to be a Guru or Siddhas.

Some of the real Gurus such as Budha, Ram Krishna Paramhansa, Jesus, Guru Nanak didn’t showed such magic before the audience however, they have occult powers that can be presented before the people to influence them, but God never wish to show these powers before the world in any case in any way as these powers are basically based on Tantra Shastra which is a hidden science. Showing the science before the people is harmful to both the parson who shows and the person who sees. This is the reason, why so much chaos, diseases, imbalance are seen in the world as everything take its cost. Tantra means karma or kriya. The whole bhramand is action oriented “karma pradhan”.

God made the world to play so, play your the best role,

learn the lessons that life gives you and go ahead for further journey.

-Mamta Rajshree

So, be blessed, be fair with all in all

With love, light, and peace