What is karma

Why is There Suffering in the World?

The feature of the nature is duality. It comprises a thing and opposite too: joy and woe, good and evil, love and hate, pain and pleasure. Through experiences of this duality, soul learns and evolves and in the end seeks truth beyond all the opposites. There is divine purpose behind all the sufferings whether personal sufferings or natural calamities. Suffering is the best teacher, who gives the insight of right and wrong. These are the sufferings which becomes the source of a soul evolution and learning.

Sins and Sufferings

If you are virtuous, you will enjoy pleasure. If not, you will get sufferings.

What is karma

What is Sin?  How Can We Atone for It?

There is no sinner at all in the world. These are wrong doing only that can be corrected after realization of sufferings and following the path of goodness and divinity. These wrong are transgression against the (divine law). There is no inherent or “original” sin at all. Neither is there mortal sin by which the soul is forever lost. The more you indulge in the path of goodness and austerity the early you will free from all the sufferings exactly same as a prisoner become free from the jail by following the good conduct. In fact, the is a prison. According to the past conduct present life is offered to a person by the law of nature (action and reaction).

Law of Karma

Every action has a reaction, hence, the reaction of all the wrong doings done in the past time period comes in the forthcoming life before the doer in the form of sufferings. These mistakes or wrong doings can be corrected by changing the thoughts, actions, worship, devotion and austerities to make future life better and brighter.

“We are not afflicted by anyone but ourselves.”

Generally, people say “I did not commit any bad action, but still I am suffering from so and so trouble or diseases, why this all happened to me? God is hardhearted.”

We must keep in mind that there is no link between our action and the heart of God. If we are virtuous and kind in our entire soul life (not only in the present life) we will enjoy the bliss and happiness in our present and future lives. If we have committed mistakes or we are unkind in our soul life, it is sure that we will get diseases, pains and sufferings. Action or Karma has prime importance in the life of a soul.

What is karma

Our actions may affect us either in this current birth or in the next, it makes no difference, but it affects us definitely. In fact, the action, people do is obligatory the people to experience its effects. For instance, if a person injured to another person, then in some future life time that another person is also forced to give the same kind of injury to the person. These are the actions only, why all we are taking birth after birth infinitely. We do an action in one life and experience the effect in some future life. Good action good experience and bad action bad experience there is no escape from action and its effect at all. Only very rare enlightened and blessed soul can break the cycle of by the grace of God.

In fact, such blessed souls are destined to be enlightened and break the cycle of life and death. Whether such souls wish to be enlightened or not but even then they are enlightened and break the cycle. Circumstances force them to be enlightened and get the liberation.

So, be enlightened. Here are some examples of wrongdoings and mistakes along with their effects:


Wrong Doings or Mistakes                                     Suffering

Robbing public money                                                                                  Throat diseases

Hatred towards Brahmins or learned one                                          Headache

Cutting the trees and stealing the vegetables                                   Ulcers

Cheating or telling lies                                                                                    vomiting

Stealing poor people’s money                                                                   Cough and phlegm diseases

Killing Brahmins or learned person                                                        Pulmonary tuberculosis

Killing of cows                                                                                                      Hump-backed and imbecile

The murderer of a virgin or seller of fake medicines                     leprous

Illicit intercourse                                                                                                 Take birth as a eunuch

Eating sweets without offering to others                                              Swollen-neck

Insults teacher or guru                                                                                    Epilepsy

Criticizing Vedas and Puranas                                                                    Frequent jaundice

Giving false witness                                                                                          Dumb

Stealing books                                                                                                    inborn blind

Kicking a cow or a Brahmin (learned) with foot                               Inborn lame

Telling lies                                                                                                             Stammer ring

Giving poison to others                                                                                 Insane

Criticizing others’ gods                                                                                 Epilepsy

Insulting Vedas and scholars                                                                     Suffer from kidney troubles

Talking ill of others                                                                                          Heart troubles

One who does abortions                                                                             Becomes barren

Killing snakes, horses or cows                                                                Become childless
Stealing cloth                                                                                                    Inborn skin diseases

Steals public fund                                                                                         Tumors around neck

Stealing food                                                                                                    Piles

Stealing milk, curd, ghee, and butter                                                 leprosy

Hugs other’s wife                                                                                           Birth as a dog in the next 100 lives

Brahmin girl mating with a lower caste person                            Birth as a dog

Leering at other women                                                                            Eye diseases

Stealing metals                                                                                              Poverty

Not making donations                                                                               Born in poverty

Intercourse during eclipse                                                                      Tuberculosis

Intercourse with a woman who is elder in age                             Diabetes

Stealing furniture                                                                                          Born as a crow

Stealing food                                                                                                   Born as a rat

Stealing vegetables and leaves                                                             Born as a peacock

Stealing salt                                                                                                      Born as an ant

Stealing fruits and flowers                                                                       Born as a monkey in a forest

Stealing shoes grass and cotton                                                         Born as a sheep

Rowdies and hunters                                                                                 Born as goats and go to a butcher

Not keeping promise given to a Brahmin(learned)                   Born as a jackal

Deceiving friend                                                                                            Born as a vulture

Cheating in selling                                                                                       Born as an owl

Disliking his wife                                                                                           becomes a ruddy goose

Hating mother, father and teacher                                                     killed when he is in an embryo

Woman who abuses her mother-in-law and father-in-law, and causes quarrels       -Born as a leech

A woman who scolds her husband                                                      Born as a louse

Leaving husband for another man                                                    -Born as a fox/ house-lizard/female serpent

A man who is desirous of his friend’s wife                                       Born as a donkey

Worshiping deities for money                                                                Born as a hen

Taking alcohol or intoxication                                                               -Born as a wolf, then as a dog and then as a jackal

If you are suffering from any of given troubles listed above, you did the mentioned wrong action in your any . If in case again you are indulging in these wrong actions, you ought to realize the suffering in your any future life. Therefore, suggested to leave all the wrong doings and follow the path of truth and honesty.

What is karma

So, stay blessed be enlightened,

With love light and peace