Taurus Dates

Taurus Traits


Zodiacal Sign: Taurus

Taurus dates : All those born in the month of May between Apr 19 to May 20


Taurus Traits

Zodiacal sign of commences on or about Apr 19, but for 7 days being overlapped by the “cusp” of preceding sign: Aries, it does not come in its full strength until April 26. From these dates onwards it remains in its full strength until May 20. After 20th May it gradually losing its power on account of becoming overlapped by the force of incoming sign .

Those born on the “Cusp” take features of both the signs.

A person born in the sign Taurus (Bull) come under the house of Venus-positive. Taurus is a fixed sign of Zodiac the first Triplicity of earth.

Main characteristics of the persons born from Apr 19 to May 20 under Taurus are as follows:

  1. Taurus bestows as its name implies fixed strong characteristics, the great stubbornness of purpose and obstinate determination.
  2. A person born in this sign after the date of May 21st lose a good deal of these headstrong virtues on account of their coming under the cusp sign Gemini the first triplicity of the air. The earlier dates of the May these people are more positive in character than the latter dates.
  3. In some places, this sign is one of the most contradictory signs of all the signs of the zodiac.
  4. These people have the characteristic of Taurus: the bull and are more or less plodding and patient except when roused by annoyance or unfairness.
  5. They are firm in their determination and generally called bullheaded.
  6. If in case they fall in , they are easily influenced by all the gestures of their object of love.
  7. They are marked for their power of endurance both mentally and physically and can stand any damage as long as their willpower lasts.
  8. They are extremely social.
  9. They have a great taste of foods. In the case of emergency, they are excellent cooks.
  10. They are artistic in the home arrangement and decoration and making things look well.
  11. They dress well and play their best role in the stage of life.
  12. They are usually considered richer than they really are and they do less show off before others.
  13. They are generally governed by emotions and feelings, but love and affection have a greater hold on them than passion.
  14. The man under this sign has broad shoulders, thick neck, and a large forehead. A woman under this sign has large breast and small hands and feet.
  15. In the case of love they care the person to the last degree, but if they hate, they fight with the bull-headed obstinacy to the death.
  16. They are very sensitive to their surroundings and become depressed if forced to live under poor and unfavorable conditions.
  17. Neither a man nor the woman marries early under this sign. Generally, first, love or marry are their mistakes. But as a rule, they do love or marry early.
  18. They forgive at the slightest show of feelings or kindness and this nature make them do the task known as stupid in the society.
  19. As a leader, they inspire love and devotion and generally have great responsibility forced upon them.
  20. They have an inborn sense of harmony, rhythm, color and often success well in art, music, and poetry.
  21. They usually suffer from lack of in developing their art of music, and poetry except the person born on certain specific dates.
  22. They make faithful friends.
  23. They are excellent public servants, officials or heads in govt. positions, Navy or army, healers and life coach.
  24. They have a keen interest in flowering, gardening, and outdoor life.

Health : Taurus

  • Planet Venus gives an abundance of vitality to the person under the sign of Taurus which should be guided into the proper channel and given out for the benefit of other and society otherwise it is inclined to consume itself and develop the morbid condition.
  • The main danger to health under this sign comes through inertia and self-indulgence.
  • Some liability of dropsy may be possible in the old age. Therefore a strict and disciplined diet chart is suggested.
  • The kidney, throat and generative organs will be inclined to disorder whenever health problem occurs. These people should avoid wine, drugs and rich foods.
  • These people have a tendency to suffer from all things that impact nasal cavities and upper parts of lungs. Inflammation of throat, tonsils, and diphtheria are general problems.
  • The heart may be affected due to overwork.
  • Often have a tendency of blood to the head or apoplexy.
  • Their flesh is easily bruised and liable of tumors and internal growth particularly if they live in the wet places.

Finance Taurus

  • This sign promises gains through partnership, union, and marriage.
  • These people are influenced by Venus. However they are inclined towards the nature of tender love and affection, but some cruel experiences in helping others may be expected under this sign.
  • A strong wish of getting wealth and money is one of the important qualities of a person born under this sign, but this wish cannot be fulfilled by the selfish reasons.
  • The woman under this sign marries well as far as money is related, but they generally do marry more than one.
  • A woman under Taurus often shows business talents, the power of organization and good talents of arts and creativity.
  • Both the gender should choose businesses like everything related to art, creativity, mines, hotels, management of land and properties etc. to get success and happiness.

Marriage, Union, and Partnership : Taurus

They will find their most harmonious relationship with the person born under the sign of Taurus April 19 to May 20, August 21 to September 20 (Virgo), December 21 to January 20 (Capricorn), and in 7 days of the cusp at the beginning and end of each of these signs. A person born in the month of the year exact opposite to their birth October 21 to November 21 + 7 days of ‘cusp’ are also fortunate for them.

[Ref: Cheiro]

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