The Story of Krishna- Why Didn’t Lord Krishna Marry Radha

The Story of Krishna- Why Didn’t Lord Krishna Marry Radha

The Story of Krishna – Lord Krishna is worshiped throughout the world as the God of Hindus. Lord Krishna incarnated in Dwaper Yuga in a very complex and difficult situation.

Some facts about lord are as follows-

  • Lord Krishna was born *5252 years  ago in the Dwaper Yuga.
  • Date of Birth of Lord Krishna is -18th July,3228 B.C
  • Lord Krishna was born in the month of -Shravan on the Day of – Ashtami in the Nakshatra of – Rohini
  • He was born on Wednesday at Time : 00:00 A.M.
  • Lord Krishna lived 125 years, 08 months & 07 days.
  • The date of Death is -18th February 3102BC.
  • When Lord Krishna was 89 years old; the big war “Kurukshetra war” took place.
  • He died 36 years after the Kurukshetra war.
  • Kurukshetra War was *started on Mrigashira Shukla Ekadashi, BC 3139. i.e 8th December 3139BC and ended on 25th December, 3139BC
  • There was a Solar eclipse between 3p.m to 5p.m on 21st December, 3139BC
  • Bhishm Pitama died on 2nd February,(First Ekadasi of the Uttarayana), in 3138 B.C.
Lord Krishna  is worshiped as:
  • Krishna or Kanhaiyya in Mathura city
  • Jagannath – In Odisha state
  • Vithoba – In Maharashtra
  • Srinath – In Rajasthan
  • Dwarakadheesh in Gujarat
  • Ranchhod in Gujarat
  • Krishna in Udupi in Karnataka
  • Guruvayurappan in Kerala
Some more details about Lord Krishna are –
  • His Biological Father was Vasudeva
  • His Biological Mother was Devaki
  • His Adopted Father was Nanda
  • His Adopted Mother was Yashoda
  • Elder Brother was Balaram
  • Sister*was Subhadra
  • His Birth Place was Mathura
  • His Wives was Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra, Lakshmana
  • Krishna killed only 4 people* in his life time.
  • Kansa was his maternal uncle
  • Shishupaala and Dantavakra were his cousins.
  • He was born dark skinned. shade.
  • The whole village of Gokul called him Kanha due to black color skin.
  • His childhood was wrought with life threatening situations.
  • He stayed in Vrindavan till 10 years and 8 months.
  • He killed his own uncle at the age of  10 years and 8 months at Mathura.
  • He then released  his biological mother and father.
  • He *never returned to Vrindavan ever again.*
  • He had to *migrate to Dwaraka from Mathura due to threat of a Sindhu King ;  Kala Yaavana.*
  • He *defeated ‘Jarasandha’ with the help of ‘Vainatheya’ Tribes on Gomantaka hill (now Goa).*
  • He *rebuilt Dwaraka*.
  • He then *left to Sandipani’s Ashram in Ujjain* to start his schooling at age 16~18.
  • He had to *fight the pirates from Afrika and rescue his teachers son ;  Punardatta*;  who *was kidnapped near Prabhasa* ; a sea port in Gujarat.
  • After his education, he came to know about his cousins fate of Vanvas. He came to their rescue in ”Wax house” and later his cousins got married to *Draupadi.* His role was immense in this saga.
  • Then, he helped his cousins  establish Indraprastha and their Kingdom.
  • He *saved Draupadi from embarrassment.*
  • He *stood by his cousins during their exile.*
  • He stood by them and *made them win the Kurushetra war.*
  • He was *killed by a hunter (Jara by name)* in nearby forest.
  • He never did any miracles. His life was not a successful one.
  • There was not a single moment when he was at peace throughout his life.
  • He is the *only person, who knew the past and future yet he lived at that present moment always.
  • The twin flame of Lord Krishna was Shri Radha
  • Lord Krishna was Shri Vishnu in Satyuga and Shri Radha was Goddess Lakshmi in Satyuga

At that time when lord Krishna born, people were fin acute pain, difficulties, and problems due to the devils. Lord Krishan was born at the Mathura city situated in Utter Pradesh in India.

Lord Krishna was popular in India with various names. Different names of Krishna are as written below-

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Different Names of Lord Krishna

  • Kanha
  • Kanaiya
  • Keshava
  • Shyam
  • Raheshyam
  • Giridhari
  • Giridhar
  • Gopal
  • Nand Lala
  • Nand Kishor
  • Mohan
  • Ghanshyam
  • Krishna
  • Krishna
  • Dwarikadhish and many more


The Story of Krishna


How many years did Krishna live?

Lord Krishna was born 5,252 years  ago as on 11/08/2020. Some basic information about Lord Krishna is as below-


Year of Birth of Lord Krishna:                             3228BC

The month of Birth of Lord Krishna:                   Shravan

Day of Birth of Lord Krishna:                              Ashtami

Nakshatra of Birth of Lord Krishna:                    Rohini

Day of Birth of Lord Krishna:                              Wednesday

Time of Birth of Lord Krishna:                             00:00 A.M.


Lord Krishna remained present on the earth for 125 years, 08 months and 07 days. Therefore, the date of Shri Krishna is 18th July, 3228 BCE. Date of leaving his physical body is – 18th February 3102.


Biological Father of Lord Krishna is Vasudeva

Biological Mother of Lord Krishna is Devaki

Adopted Father of Lord Krishna is Nanda

Adopted Mother of Lord Krishna is Yashoda

Elder Brother of Shree Krishna is Balaram

Sister of Shree Krishna is Subhadra

Birth Place of Shree Krishna is Mathura

Wives of Lord Krishna is Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra, and Lakshmana


When Lord Krishna was born?

When Lord Krishna was born in Mathura city, people were very upset due to the king of Matura. The name of the king was Kansa


Who was Kansa?

Once, when the king of Mathura Kansa was going to leave her sister Devaki to her in-laws’ house,  a voice was heard by Kansa via Sky(Akashvani).

The voice informed to Kansa that one day the  8th son of your beloved sister will kill you. Kansa afraid a lot after hearing this voice and thought to save himself from the 8th son of Devaki. Kansa ordered to kill the husband of Devaki.


The story of Lord Krishna and his mother and father  

Krishna’s father and mother

Kansa imprisoned both Devaki and her husband. Devaki requested her brother Kansa not to kill her husband Vasudeva, but when her son born she will give her son to Kansa to kill.

Devaki promised Kansa to give her son to him. Kansa agreed on it and he imprisoned both Devaki and Vasudeva until the birth of the 8th child.

After some time a son was born to Devaki and Vasudeva. Kansa come to the prison and killed the son of the Devaki.

In this way, Kansa killed all the 7 sons of Devaki. At the 8th time, Kansa took more precautions and doubled the guard before the prison in Mathura.


The story of Lord Krisna Birth

A couple was there in the Gokul named Yashoda and Nand. Yashoda and Nand want to help Devaki and Vasudeva. They want to save the son of Devaki and Vasudeva.

During the time of the birth of the 8th son of Devaki, a light came out in the prison where Devaki and Vasudeva were imprisoned.

From this light, Lord Vishnu manifested and asked Devaki and Vasudeva that I am coming here as your 8th son, now go to the house of Nand and Yashoda with me where a girl has born to Nand and Yashoda, bring that girl and offer the girl to Kansa.


stories of krishna

The story of Krishna and River Yamuna

Lord Vishnu also informed Vasudeva that doesn’t worry about the guards of the prison, and the heavy rain. All the guards were asleep and the gate will be opened itself.

River Yamuna will give you a way to bring me there. Moreover, during this time Lord Vasuki will protect you and your son from the rain in the river Yamuna.


The Story of Krishna

The Story of Krisna when Krisna reached Gokul

Vasudeva kept his son in a wooden basket and reached the house of Nanda and Yashoda.

Vasudeva gave his son to Nanda and Yashoda, took their daughter, and come back to the Mathura in the prison.

In the morning when Kansa heard about the newborn baby of Daveki he went to the prison and tried to kill the daughter of Devaki.

Immediately, the girl flew into the sky and said you will get nothing after killing me because your killer is still alive in the Gokul.


The story of Krishna

The story of Krisna and Putna

Kansa afraid a lot and send a devil named Putana to Gokul to kill Krishna (the son of Devaki and Vasudeva). Putna reached Gokul after changing her appearance.

Putana transformed her image into a beautiful woman and reached Gokul to feed milk to the newborn God Krishna. During the feeding, God Krishna cut the breast of the Putna. Afterward, Putna comes in its real image of the devil and died.

When Kansa heard about the death of Putna, he afraid a lot and stressed much. Kansa was seeing his end before him.


The Story of God Krisna and Narkasur

Kansa again sent one more devil to kill the God Krishna. The devil changed its image into a bird and reached Gokul to kill God Krishna.

As the devil attack on the God Krishna, Krishna caught the bird and thrown the bird in the hell. Afterward, the devil was known as “Narkasur” or the devil of hell.


The Story of God Krisna and Kaliya Snake

Next, Kansa sent one more devil named Kaliya to kill God Krishna. God Krishna fought with the devil Kaliya and then started to play flute on the Kaliya’s back.

In this way, a number of devils were sent by Kansa to kill God Krishan but all defeated or killed.


The Story of Krishna

The story of Krishna and Kansa death

In the end, Kansa came to Gokul to kill Krishna. Both fought and in the end, Kansa was killed by the Krishna.


The story of Krishna and Radha

Lord Krishna fond of playing flute and the whole nature including birds, animals, and all the people of Gokul love this a lot. Lord Krishna played with Gopies of Gokul too. Here he meets with Radha and started to love Radha.


twin flame hindu mythology

The Story of Krishna and his Education

After some time Lord Krishna was sent Ujjain with his brother Balram, the other son of Nanda and Yashoda. Both studied in Ujjain under the supervision of saint Sandeepan.


The story of Krisna and Sudama

In the Ashram of Sandeepan saint, Lord Krishna meets with Sudama and both God Krishna and Sudama became close friends.

God Krishna learned Vedas, Puranas, and also to operate weapons in the Ashram. After completing the education God Krishna was appointed the king of Dwarika and called Dwarikadheesh.


The Story of Krishna

The story of Krisan wedding with Rukmani

There is a place Amjhera in the City Dhar. Dhar city is situated in MP, India. This place was under the kingdom of Bheeshmak.

King has five sons and a beautiful daughter named Rukmani. Rukmani loved Lord Krishna from her childhood and considered Krishna as her husband.

When Rukmani came to know that her wedding was fixed with Shishupal, she sent a message to Lord Krishan to marriage with her.

Lord Krishna immediately came and took Rukmani with him to Dwarikadheesh. Shishupal and his army went to Dwarika to take back Rukmani.

Both fought and in the end, Shishupal and his army both were killed. Afterward, Rukmany happily married to Lord Krishna in the Dwarika.


The story of Krishna and his role in Mahabharata

During the Mahabharat war, Lord Krishna became the charioteer (Sarthi) of Arjun. During the war, Arjun was totally disheartened and didn’t want to fight with his brother, Gurus, saints, and father-like figures.

This time Lord Krishna preached Arjun. These preaching are written in Bhagwadgeeta. These preaching are full of spiritual knowledge of soul, the supreme soul, a duty of man and woman, etc.

Afterward, Arjun fought bravely and won the war of Mahabharata with his four brothers. In the Mahabharata war, there was winning of Dharma over Adharma.  The whole Kourava dynasty end and Pandava obtained the victory.


The Story of Krishna

The Story of Krisna and Gandhari, the mother of Kourava

During the Mahabharata war, all the sons of Gandhari were killed. Gandhari gave its blame to Krishna.

After the war when Lord Krishna meet Gahndhari, she cursed Lord Krishna that as my all sons were killed similarly your Yadu empire will end one day.


The curse of Saint Durvasa to the son of Lord Krishna

People were happy in Dwarika. There was prosperity and happiness all around. The sons of Lord Krishna were very brave and happy in Dwarika.

Once one of the sons of Lord Krishna insulted saint Durvasa. Durvasa angered and cursed that all the Yaduvansh will be destroyed soon.

Resulting in people in the Dwarika started to indulge in wrongdoings and drinks. Seeing this Lord Krishna was upset and suggested people for penance at the bank of river Prabhas.

People went to the bank of the river but due to the curse of saint Durvasa, they indulged in debates, fights, and drinks. In the end, they all fought together and died.

How did Lord Krishna die

The Story of Krisan and his death

It is believed that Lord Krishna was very upset due to the end of the people of Dwarika. Hence, he started to live in the deep forest.

Once, a person threw a poisoned arrow thinking it is an eye of a deer, the arrow straightway entered into the leg of Krishna, and Krishan left his physical body and went to heaven.

With Lord Krishna, his Dwarika city also entered into the water.

Why Didn’t Lord Krishna Marry Radha


Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha


Once, Radha asked Lord Krishna to marry her. Lord Krishna replied that to do a marry there should be two persons one man and a woman, but we and you are not two but one.

It means Krishna and Radha are not two but one. Spiritually there is only a single soul reflected from Krishna and Radha.

This is the main cause of why Lord Krishna didn’t marry Radha. The truth is that Lord Krishna and Radha were twin flames.


Where is Krishna buried?

Kurukshetra war

When Krishna was 89 years old, the Kurukshetra war took place. Shri Krishna died 36 years after the Kurukshetra war.

The Kurukshetra War was started on Mrigashira Shukla Ekadashi, BCE 3139,

means 8th December 3139 and ended on 25th December, 3139.


Lord Krishna is worshipped in various countries. In India Shri Krishna is worshiped at various places of the countries with different names as mentioned below-


Jagannath:- In Odisha state

Vithoba:- In Maharashtra state

Srinath:- In Rajasthan state

Dwarakadheesh:- In Gujarat State

Ranchhod:- In Gujarat state

Krishna: Udipi, Karnataka state

Krishna Kanhaiyya: Mathura in UP


Lord Krishna’s mother was from the Ugra tribe, and Father from the Yadava tribe,  they had an interracial marriage.

Lord Krishna was born with black skin, hence called Krishna.

He was not named at all, in his whole life. The people of Gokul called him the black one or Krishna.

His childhood was wrought with life-threatening situations.

Drought and threat of wild wolves force his family to shift from Gokul to Vrindavan village at the age of 9.


He lived in Vrindavan till 14 to16 years.

He killed his own uncle at the age of 14-16 years at Mathura.

He then released his biological mother and father.


He never returned to Vrindavan ever again.


He had to migrate to Dwaraka from Mathura due to the threat of a Sindhu King – Kala Yavana.

He defeated Jarasandha with the help of the Vainatheya Tribes on Gomantaka hill, which is Goa now.


He rebuilt Dwaraka. He then left to Sandipani’s Ashram in Ujjain to start his schooling at age 16-18.

He had to fight the pirates from Afrika and rescue his teacher’s son – Punardatta who was kidnapped near Prabhasa, a seaport in Gujarat.


After his education, he came to know about his cousin’s fate of Vanvas. He came to their rescue in Wax house and later his cousins got married to Draupadi.

Afterward, he helped his cousins to establish Indraprastha and their Kingdom.

Lord Krishna saved Draupadi from embarrassment.

He stood by his cousins during their exile. Shree Krishna helped them and made them win the Kurushetra war.

He saw his cherished city, Dwaraka washed away. He was killed by a hunter mistakenly in the nearby forest.

His life was tough and challenging throughout the time period.

Shri Krishna faced everything and everyone with a sense of responsibility and yet remained unattached.

Lord Shiva is the only person who knew the past and future, yet he lived at that present moment always.


When did Krishna die?

After the physical death of Shri Krishna, his whole physical body dissolves into the five elements of the earth, but his heart was normal and the heartbeat was absolutely normal the same as the living person.

His heart is still alive and present in a temple named Jaganathpuri temple. His heart is secured into a wooden image of Lord Krishna and still alive.


Jagannath puri temple is located in Puri Odisha. This temple is itself a treasure of mysteries where science is failed to understand. Some well-known mysteries about the temple is as below-

  • The wooden statue of Lord Krishna is changed after every 12 years and during this time the whole Puri has a blackout.
  • During the night Pujari of the temple changes the wooden statue of the Lord Krishan. Pujari closed his eyes and transferred godly parts from the old wooden statue to the new wooden statue.
  • This process is repeated after twelve years.
  • When you enter the temple you will not hear any sound of the sea. But when you come out a step from the temple you will hear the sea sound very clearly.
  • It is very common to view birds sitting on the top portion of a temple. But you will see no bird on the top of the temple. No birds fly on the top of the temple, why, nobody knows.
  • There is a flag on the top of the temple. This flag always flows in the opposite direction of the air and why this happens, no answer.
  • You will see no shadow of the temple at any time day or night.
  • The flag which is situated on the 45th floor of the temple daily changed. It is believed that if it is not changed then the temple will be closed for the next 18th years. This is why it is a must to change the flag daily.
  • There is a Sudarshan Chakra on the top of the temple. The Sudarshan Chakra is seemed to see you from all the directions.
  • Daily Prasad is prepared in seven clay pots in the kitchen of the temple. All the 7 clay pots are placed one after another. The Prasad kept in the topmost pot is cooked first of all and then the next one.
  • This Prasad always remains sufficient for the devotees of Shree Krishna, but when the doors of the temple closed the Prasad automatically finished.


Lord Krishna – Is Krishna really a God?

Yes, Lord Krishna is really a God and nothing to surprise in this. If God can send his so many clones in the form of humans then why he cannot come on the earth in the image of a human being.

Moreover, when his beautiful creation – earth feels trouble and pains due to the devils, God comes on the earth to save his earth and to protect the earth from the devils, says Geeta.

That’s it the Story of Krishna the Lord of Hindus and Hinduism. There are a lot of Shri Krishna temples all over the country India. Some of the temples are so popular and mystical that even science fails to understand the mystery.

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