Think and grow rich quotes

Think and grow rich quotes


Think and grow rich quotes – Wishing, thinking, and dreaming all are strong initiators to grow rich. Every thought has a great fire that can ignite you and can turn your dream into reality.

The secret of success of all billionaires is always a strong thought or a powerful desire.  Always dream big to be big and to grow rich.

Think and grow rich quotes

Think and grow rich quotes


The dream has a strong power which forces you to act accordingly.

If the dream is not powerful you will not get success in your endeavor as a small desire has only a small force.

If your desire to achieve is strong you will definitely become a winner.


“Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.”
― Napoleon Hill

Grow Rich Needs to Set your Goals

Always think to be rich, richer and richest to fulfill your dreams.

Set your goals and go forward. It is also necessary to supervise and revise your plan of action to be on the right track.

Think and grow rich quotes

think and grow rich quotes

Think and Get Rich Requires to Maintain your Dream

The right path of success is the path of nonstop tracking down of efforts.

In case any defeat comes, accept it as a sign that your plan of action is not up to the mark.

Review and revise your plan and restart your journey towards your destination.

Before success comes in anyone’s life, one must ensure to face temporary defeats and failures.

Generally, when defeat overtakes a person, the common step is to give up or quit.

But it is seen in most of the successful people that their highest success came just one step beyond the spot at which defeat had overtaken their life.


To Grow Rich Never Give Up your dreams

Never give up your efforts, as great things take a great time.


think and grow rich quotes


Continuous keep trying is key to attaining success.

To be successful, find enjoyment and passion in doing the effort. If you are passionate about your effort success will definitely come to you.


think and grow rich quotes


If you are passionate about your goal and efforts every defeat and failure carry it the seed of an equal or more benefit.

These defeats are your real teachers so, learn the thing to apply your more refined knowledge, and enjoy the journey.


Defeat is a signal to revise your plans to Grow Rich

Always, keep in mind that all who succeed in their life journey get off to a bad start, and pass through so many painful setbacks before they arrive at the destination.


think and grow rich quotes

Think and grow rich and  Destiny

It is true that destiny plays an important role in life but this is also true that destiny is the result of your past actions.

Just because of unwanted actions you have accumulated the fixed predestined results which are responsible for giving you money crises and force you suffering in pains.

In fact, every action thought and the feeling is stored in energy centers in the form of energy. The effect of this accumulated energy is known as destiny.

Due to the release of the energy person face success or failure in its life.

Always, keep in mind that there is a fixed time to start to release the energy and also fixed time to end of the release of the energy.

So, it is sure that one day all these accumulated results will be released completely and become finish.

If still, you keep trying and working hard to make fulfill your dream to grow rich, your efforts will begin to give you positive results for which you desiring and now deserving too.

But it needs constant true efforts to grow rich.

There is a mathematical relationship between the actions and the effect.

If action done in the past govern all your present life and 10%,  destiny is responsible for forcing you suffering in money crises then only 10% effect will be seen in the present life not more and not less than that.

When this 10% accumulated effect of past actions is released and if you are still working hard you will definitely start to receive the positive results.

So, the need is to keep trying with full dedication and devotion to be a winner and to grow rich.


think and grow rich quotes


Never quit as after nullifying the effect of your destiny you will definitely get things in your favor.

The fact said here is also proved if one has faith in an astrological chart.

This is why it is true that you are a master of your own destiny.


think and grow rich quotes


Never fear to the criticism of people and ignore what people think and say.


think and grow rich quotes

Grow Rich and Faith on your subtle potentials


think and grow rich quotes


You remain confined to a limited space of skill and understanding.

There is a need to win yourself. Yourself remains confined to the physical world only, which is temporary and limited.

After a certain limit, this physical world is over. But subtle is infinite and beyond any limit or boundary.

Explore your infinite nature of the self.

This infinite self is your real treasure beyond any kind of boundary and can fulfill your all dreams.

“Your true self is infinite self so, nothing is beyond your true self.

Therefore, explore it, find it, and believe it.”

-Mamta Rajshree

Belief empowers your dream

This is essential that you must be sure of yourself before winning a medal. Belief has great strength.

If someone can achieve why you cannot? If you have unshaken faith in you, the success will be with you.


think and grow rich quotes

Grow Rich and your Age

There is no age to dream and make them true.

You can do your dream real in any age. In fact, there are numerous real stories in which a person thought to be rich and became successful at the age of even 60 too.

One of the inspiring stories is of Smt. Prakashi devi and Chandro Devi.

They saw a dream at the age of 60 and became world fame shooters.


think and grow rich quotes


These two world-famous shooters have trained so many girls in their village and all have won so many medals for the country.

Therefore,  it is not age which makes you a winner but it is your dedication and sincerity which give you success.


think and grow rich quotes


In fact, we learn as we pass through the age that other self (which is beyond the physical self)which is more potent than the physical self.

Other-self are your subtle senses and faculties which you can’t see physically such as will power, sincerity, unshaken devotion, etc.

As you pass through the age, you also learn about your true self.

The true self is most powerful which can give you anything that you dream the need is to explore it believe it and follow it.


think and grow rich quotes

Grow Rich and Academic Education

If you decided to be rich then no particular academic education is needed.

There are various areas which need your determination and unshaken devotion towards your goal.

As we see in the case of Smt. Prakashi Devi and Smt. Chandro Devi.

They belong to very distant and poor village of India.

They started their training of shooting at the age of 60 without any previous academic background.


Grow Rich and Your Environment

You are the self-creator of your environment. Never blame on your surroundings and your environment.

You can create your environment wherever you are. The need is an unshaken determination and dedication.

Important Hurdles in Growing Rich

We decline to that what we don’t understand

Grow Rich and its Secret

This is true that you are full of potential as you are a part of the supreme soul who is the master of all.

But the problem is that you are confined to your body only.

Just because of your wrong conception you are departed from the supreme energy.

If you ready to realize that you are a spark of infinite energy you can go to any extent and you can develop your faculties, senses, and strength at any level of height.

You are not aware of your true form this is the only reason of all pain and sufferings.

You don’t believe in the supreme soul and the true nature of the supreme soul, therefore, you don’t have faith in their true hidden potential and faculties.

The biggest hurdle to be a winner is you are always ready to refuse that you don’t understand.


think and grow rich quotes

Grow Rich and Neglecting to broaden your view

There can be so many areas and skills which may have your potential but it needs to explore yourself broadly.

Doing one thing always narrow your field of expertise and potential.

If you explore and broaden your ideas and perception, you can find some more areas to be successful and earn more.


think and grow rich quotes

Self-created shell

In most of the cases, you develop a shell and use the shell as self-defense.

You develop your constraints yourself and use the constraints as your defense mechanisms.

But this is the problem of you, not the reality.

If you want to become rich break the shell and come out from the shell.

Explore the world find your dream and go ahead.

Narrow mindedness

“Be open-minded.”

There is a big difference between wishing a thing and being ready to receive that thing.

You can’t receive a thing until you believe you can get it.

Be open-minded find more ideas to explore, introspect about all your mental and physical faculties, and faith in them and follow them.


think and grow rich quotes


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