Twin flame signs

We all are of Divine energy. Divine energy or GOD is not a male or a female. Both the energies masculine and feminine rest in the God, this is why Lord Shiva or God is also known as Ardhnarishwar Shiva.

twin flame

We all are twin souls of cosmic supreme soul or God who is a composition of both the energies feminine and masculine. Tiny rays of God is not a male or a female. Both the atoms are combined in these rays until not manifested on the physical plane. In its first manifestation on the physical plane, these tiny rays are manifested in the feminine and masculine flames. These feminine and masculine flames are called twin flames or twin souls. Everything in the world is manifested in duality (the male and the female). Therefore, each and every soul has its counter soul called as twin soul or twin flame. One-half of the soul manifests the masculine side and other manifests in the feminine side. The destiny of the twin souls is to reunite and get liberation at the end of the soul life cycle.

These twin flames remain tied together with a crystal chord throughout its entire soul life journey on the physical as well as on the astral planes. Due to the karmic reasons, these two flames are departed and then they further continue their life learning until the reunion and the liberation.

What is the meaning of twin flame?

In fact, male and female are the two features of GOD, expressed in the physical plane in two bodies of male and female known as twin flames or twin souls. Twin flames are different from . Twin flames are definitely soul mates but not all soul mates are twin flames.

 “Twin flames are feminine and masculine counterpart energy of same energy on the same frequency.”

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Twin Flame, a heavenly blessed love story

GOD grants every flame (soul) a and no matter where these twin flames are or how far away they are from each other, even if they are on different planes, different dimensions, different social status, different language speakers, different or same  gender they will always find one another when the time destined to reunite them again. This is a true love and a destiny of twin flames.

Twin Flames Spiritual Journey

Both the flames remain in the motion and continuously learn life lessons. One of the twin flames may be a slow or fast learner in accordance with the life lessons given to the twin flames. Both the twin flames may be reincarnated on the physical plane simultaneously or may not be. This is also possible that one flame is reincarnated and other not and remain in the astral plane till thousands of years. Sometimes both the twin flames reincarnate on the physical plane together but remain unknown to each other. Both the flames are reunited after complete maturation of the soul learning according to the divine plan. Before completion of the soul learning, they remain apart and unknown to the presence of each other whether they are on an astral plane or on the physical plane. They may be reincarnated in the same genders or in different genders too. Twin flames can be reincarnated as two sisters, two brothers, father and daughter, mother and son, divine guru and disciple or lovers too as they are destined. Currently, I know the twin flames who are on the physical plane but don’t know about this divine relationship. Both flames are busy in their life affairs separately.

Twin Flames in the spiritual love

As their journey reaches the completion both the flames become more conscious about the presence of one another somewhere in the subconscious level. In their subconscious level, past lives memory started to trigger in the dreams during the sleep, day-dreaming, and self-talks, etc. They remain busy in the memories of their counter flames without knowing the exact reality. Both started to search their counter flame unconsciously. This is the period of preparation for their reunion. Before the reunion both the twin, flames remain busy in their life lessons. But both have the memories of the counter flames somewhere in their subconscious mind.

Twin Flames after Reunion

Twin flames are partners in the of a spiritual growth. Their unconditional love and trust keep them united. No doubt, now God guides them. The reunion takes place on the astral plane or in the physical plane and on both the planes as they are destined. After the reunion, twin flames become able to talk internally using telepathy. This is the state that is called one soul in two bodies. Without saying anything they understand the feelings of each other, doesn’t matter how far they are geographical. Not only this, they can understand the pains and pleasures of each other. In the end of the spiritual journey, they dissolve in the cosmic energy forever.

Twin Flame, a heavenly blessed love story

Twin flames relationship

Twin flame relation is purely a soul based, a very strong and a very matured relationship, both the souls remain committed not only to each other but to God. Twin flames relation does not stick to the standard norms of the physical plane. What the twin flames comprehend is not according to the logical or practical mind, it goes beyond to any sense of logistics. The base of the twin flames relation is so strong that it can withstand any test of time and life and capable of overcoming all the negative impacts opposed by physical or astral forces or adverse circumstances. Negative and aggressive forces whether physical or astral cannot harm twin flames as they always remain in the love and care of divine protection. As seen in the case of devotee Meera.

Twin flames stages

Twin flames mean one soul in two bodies. Twin souls are two aspects of the same soul (a spark of God) reflecting in two different bodies like the two sides of a single coin. The soul frequencies, habit formations, astrological signs, nature and physical signs all have some specific logical relationships. Generally, they are male and female but this is not necessary they can be two males and two females too.

Divine love stories

In mythology and history, very few cases are recorded which lights on the relationships of twin flames.  Relationships of true spiritual teacher and disciple are generally the . All the divine entities played their lives on the earth planet as twin flames like Lord Shiva and Goddess Sati, Lord Shri Ram and Mother Sita, Lord Krishna and Mother Radha.

twin flame hindu mythology

Some school of thought believes that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were twin flames.

twin flame hindu mythology

Shri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfasa were also recognized as twin flames. Shri Aurobindo was Indian freedom fighter, yogi, and English poet while Mirra Alfasa was bone in Paris to Turkish and Egyptian Parents.

twin flame hindu mythology

This is not necessary that both the energies incarnate on physical plane at the same time. It may be possible that one incarnate and other not. Incarnated counterpart energy works as an angel for the discarnate energy. Its reverse is also possible as in the case of Mother Meera and Lord Krishna. Meera was believed as a reincarnation of Radha. After liberation both the energies dissolve in the cosmic energy and do not rebirth again. But on the God’s wish, they can again be reincarnated as in the case of Meera.

As mentioned above this may be that one incarnate first and other incarnate after several of years. This may also possible that both incarnate at the same time and passed their lives separately without knowing to each other surprisingly this occurs in most of the cases. I know such twin flames, that are present on the physical plane but don’t know about their twin flame relationship and also twin flames those who have about to complete their soul learning.

There would be many more stories of twin flames, which are not on the record just because of the feelings and laws of the society and the culture because in some cases both of the flames may be married or one of them may be married. Moreover, after maturity of the spiritual growth twin flames detached totally from the earthly fame, popularity or any kind of credit, therefore, they never wish to be recorded in the literature or elsewhere.

Twin flames Telepathy

Telepathy grows as love grows. Telepathy becomes very strong in twin flames relationship after the reunion of the twin flames. These two counterpart energies can easily talk together. One can commune to another internally without any physical medium.  One twin flame can view another flame any time in its consciousness. Every physical activity is possible between twin flames internally without using any physical medium.

Twin flames Astrology

An astrological relationship is very logical between twin flames. Both may have either same birth sign or opposite birth sign. For instance, both might have Pisces sign in the first houses or in one chart might have Virgo sign and in another Pisces. Their days of birth date also have some particular relationships. Sometimes both are born on the same day of date but different months or years. Other planetary combinations are also found common in both the horoscopes.

Twin flames Physical signs

Twin flames are physically aligned. Both have same kinds of body build up like same heights patterns. For instance, if a male is tall among boys than female is also tall among girls. Twin flames have same body marks and signs. Sometimes both are found suffering from same kinds of diseases. Both have the same kinds of palmistry too.

Twin flames Habits

Both have same habit formation as written below:

  1. Twin flames are same in eating and sleeping patterns.
  2. They have similar taste in foods, dresses, and colors.
  3. Twin flames have same sleeping habits. If one likes sleeping without the use of pillow other also have the same habit.
  4. They have same reading habits. If one likes to read the book or new papers from the last page other also have the same practice.

twin flame hindu mythology

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