Universe and god

The physical Proof of God

Shiva Lingam

Invisible God is visible through . Lingam is Symbol. The whole visible universe is formed, it borne from the Shiva, lives in the Shiva and dissolved in the Shiva. The world, five elements, physical and subtle bodies all are borne from the Shiva. The whole universe is illumined by the illusion energy (“maya shakti”), one of the energies of . Bhrama, Vishnu and Mahesh all three are also forms of Shiva. When Shiva is creator called as Bhrama, when Shiva is care taker called as Vishnu and when Shiva ends life called as Mahash. Hence, all three are one and Shiva only. Shiva is the seed of the universe. The whole journey from invisible to visible is only the Shiva.

“Sat”, “Raj”, and “Tam” are three features of nature or Cosmos. Human borne and enjoys the nature and trapped by the Illusion energy and rotate in the unending cycle of . In the beginning of the Cosmos there was nothing except soul or supreme soul.

As your body is a physical proof of your presence in the world same the whole universe is . The whole universe is a big idol of Shiva. This universe is not possible without the Ether, Earth, Sun, Moon, Time, or water. Hence, all these are the body of the cosmic soul. As you cannot see your soul the same way supreme soul is invisible only physical body is visible and can be touched and experienced.

How to worship the Lord Shiva?

Once, goddess Parvati asked the Lord Shiva; how you like to be pleased. What is the way to please you? Lord Shiva smiled and answered I become happy only by the reverence (“Shradha”). I like to be worshiped by the Shiva Lingam with reverence.

Reverence (“Shradha”)

How to view the God?

Lord Shiva answered to goddess Parvati that devotee can view me through the reverence. Reverence means highest regard, greatest respect, highest admiration, true appreciation, deep love, affection and devotion.

Reverence is a pure religion. Reverence is a true subtle knowledge. Reverence is a “tap”, “havan”, and liberation. Devotee can attain me though the reverence only.

Great devotees and deep mediators can realize his or her souls. When person realize his or her soul, immediately the person can realize supreme soul pervaded everywhere.  A person who is great devotee of Shiva can see the God in the form of universe.

God cannot be verified as he is beyond the senses, but the presence of almighty God can be experienced in daily life God experience in daily life

1. The sense of incompleteness

Despite, all the comforts, love and luxuries you ever feel the need of something. You suffer from the sense of incompleteness. You can experience the sense of fullness only when you join yourself with God.

2. Feeling of fear

Whenever you do anything wrong or evil with someone, you always feel some guilt, stress, tension or fear depends upon how big the wrong you did. It proves that someone inside you is watching your actions. Inside is God, who taking cares all your karmas.

3. Feeling of satisfaction

Whenever you do well unconditionally for someone whether that is relative or unknown, you feel the highest satisfaction in your heart. It ensures that someone inside you feels happy with your good actions. Even a little act of kindness for a little bird gives a sense of satisfaction. God pleases from all your acts of kindness.

4. Accidental help from the divine

When you are in difficulty facing trouble due to money or anything else accidentally help comes to you from some unexpected sources, which forces to you to keep firm faith in God. You exclaim at that time with joy “Thank you God for all out help and the support.”

5. Power of Prayer

Sometimes, due to pain and sorrow of your loved one you go to temple and pray to the God, receive the unexpected cure and obtain life again which gives you firm faith in God.

There are so many such incidents that people feel in their daily life which ensures their faith in almighty God.

Once, there was a girl of about 6 years old suffering from heart problem. Her parents went to a renowned doctor for the cure. Doctor examined the girl and found her in serious condition. Doctor informed the parents that the girl needs immediate operation otherwise she will not survive for more three months. In additions, the chances of success of operation is only 30%. Parents asked the doctor to do the operation immediately. Doctor took the time of 6 days for preparation and seventh day was fixed for the operation. Mother and the girl started a prayer for the success of the operation. Mother said the girl that God lives in the heart. Pray to the God for the success of operation. The baby girl daily asked the God for the success. 7th day came; doctor took the child in the operation theater. Before the operation child asked a query to the doctor “Are you going to open my heart?” Doctor replied don’t worry there will be no pain. Girl replied no doctor I am not worried, but still I have a question. Doctor said what your question is? The girl replied doctor my mother said that God lives in the heart, when you open my heart, please see the God and informed me how God looks. Doctor said; ok, ok.

Operation started and doctor surprised that this was first time when no blood came during the operation otherwise every time his hands wet in blood. After a few minutes, her breathing stopped and heart stopped beating. Doctor declared the girl died. Doctor was very said and thinking about the girl words’ of viewing the God in the heart. Suddenly, assistant of the doctor said to the doctor that the girl started to breath and blood also coming.

Doctor again started the operation. At last, operation succeeded and the girl saved. Doctor asked the girl that I experienced the God while doing the operation.  Doctor also said that we cannot view the God, but we can experience the God.

This amazing experience changed his whole life and nature. He developed an intense faith in the God and became a spiritual doctor. He put a picture of God in a wall of his operation theater. Before doing any operation he started praying the God for the success of operation.

All such events are a clear proof that there is the divine hand behind all healings.

6. Inner self

Sometimes, we don’t want to sit in the company and want to sit alone with the nature to enjoy the inner peace. You talk yourself and get the answers from your inner self. It proves that you are alone with God and your inner self is your true beloved and guide.

7. Law of Nature

Some people born and die after a few hours, some enjoy a good age. Some struggle throughout the life while some enjoy happy life. It proves the theory of karmas. But who made this theory. Who govern all these laws of nature?

8. Sixth Sense

A person who is blind by birth can’t see the light of a day, the beauty of nature. The same way due to the lock of the sixth sense one can’t see the God. But it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist.

In fact, God only exists rest is an illusion.

So, be enlightened, Stay blessed

With love, light and peace



Ref. “Lingam Purana”