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What is Worshipping God ?

About Worshiping God

Idols are made up of clay, water, air, sky, and fire. Water is mixed in the clay. Air and fire are needed to dry up the idols. Sky or empty space is needed to shape the idols. So, idols are made up of the five elements alike the living being. As shapes the idols with the five elements, same, God shapes us with the five elements: earth, sky, air, sun, and water. We all are the idols sculpted by Lord.

How to Worship GOD ?

Some people say “Sai baba” is God and this is true for them as they have faith in this. Some say “Alha is God”. It is also true for them as they see God in Alha. Some say “Oam” is God, this is also true. Similarly, some people perceive God somewhere else like in Sun, Durga, Yagya, Shiv etc. All are absolutely true, because if God is in faith then God is everywhere. In fact, God is present everywhere in the form of energy or Soul. God is beyond the border of everything and every imagination. What we can imagine and what we cannot imagine, everything is God.

In fact, God is in us, in our true and unshaken faith, in our love and affection. God made us in the form of idols. We all are idols. The spark of or God means soul, which gives us life and enlightenment.

What are a human being and the human body?

Human being and all the living beings are also made up of five elements. A human being is a microcosm of the macrocosm, Brahma.  The Yogasikha Upanishad says: a body is a temple of God. God covered the idols with the sheet of ignorance and poor idols so called human being are not able to recognize neither the God nor their own true form. God gave senses to sense the objects only. God gave us third eye also, but God closed this eye. With the grace of God, if somehow it opens, only then the human is able to know the God. Otherwise, nobody is capable of understanding the God or Cosmic energy. As you dig the nature, nature will give you more space to dig more. Similarly, as you research the cosmic energy, the cosmic energy will give more space to do the research more.

What is the universe?

The whole universe is a Bhrhama, so, it is called Bhrmanda.  The Bhramand is made up of five elements; water, fire, air, earth, and sky. All other elements are also derived from these five elements.  The whole nature is the manifestation of God.

How do you Worship God ?

The God is energy manifested everywhere in the form of nature, living beings, and other objects whether the object is an idol, stone, human being etc.

godly quotes
Godly quotes

There was a movie in which hero picks a stone from the road and kept the stone on a side of the road after painting the stone with red color. Hero started to bow his head before the stone. After some time people came there and started to pray before that stone. The hero wanted to prove that the people were fools as they were praying an ordinary stone placed by the Hero. Hero wanted to prove that there is no God at all. It is we, who made so many Gods for our convenience. A number of people believe in this, same as the hero of that movie. But in a real sense, all the people praying before the stone were not fools at all. All they were theists. They were devotees of God. God is in unshaken faiths of people.

God see the only truth, faith, and love. It makes no difference what sort of medium we are using for worshiping. God receives worship in all the forms whether that is stone, ordinary person like poor people sitting on the side of roads, idols in the temples or homes, Yagya, havan, or any other medium. If a son makes an idol of his mother and started to decorate his mother with ornaments and feed mother with his small hands. Mother see her child and pleased by seeing her son in this manner. Similarly, God pleased with us, when we decorate and feed the idol (worshiping) of God. Mother is a separate entity from the son even then she pleased her son to see him like this. God is within us in the form of soul and God is seeing our all activities. If God is in faith, God is in idol too.

If you have faith that God is in an idol, then God responds from the idol. If you have faith that God is in “OAM”, God responds from the “OAM”. It is up to your faith only. If you think God is nowhere, you cannot find God in any case. This is the reason, why non-believer are not able to view the GOD. If God is in “Shri Ram”, “Shri Krishna”, “Isa Masiha”, “Sai Baba” etc., why God cannot in their idols.  As all, we are made up same as idols. Believers say, Ram is God, how anyone can deny Ram’s  existence from the idol of Ram. If God enlightens Ram and Krishna then God can enlighten their idols also.

It is not saying, worship only through idols, but the saying is that worshiping idols is as true and fine as the worshiping in any other form.

Worship Idols

When the universe is Brahma (hence, called Brahmand), why not a stone is Brahma or Shiva. Stone and idol are the parts of bhramand and Vedas says: “God is in every particle”. Nothing is existed in this universe, without the Brahma, so stones and idols also have the same composition, what have the Brahmand has. But, Brahma is an idol, only if you have a full faith in the idol of the Brahma. If you don’t have faith, brahma or God is nowhere.

Supreme Energy

Two worlds are there, physical and subtle. Both are parallel. Subtle world comprises of a soul (atoms of Shiva), supreme soul (Shiva), feelings, love, faith, sacrifices, self-surrender and much more. It is up to you only, how much you know. God is supreme or cosmic energy manifested in the universe or we can say a universe is a form of cosmic energy called Brahma. Everything in the universe is itself Brahma. Everything whether still or in motion made up of some type of energy and always in a motion.

The soul is pure energy scattered from God, which gives life to the body, made up of a matter.

supreme energy

When soul completes one cycle of life, it leaves the body and gets a new body of the same elements. These five elements dissolve in its whole and when the person again take birth, to start its new life, all the same elements provide new body to the same soul. This cycle is infinite and remains in the motion.

Everyone in the universe weather Deva or Devil has the same pure Brahma energy. This is the reason, why every living being receives the blessings from the God. God is a pure energy filled in the universe.

Soul Speaks to you, So, to you

As the day is illuminated by the Sun, night is illuminated by the moon, same this universe is illuminated by the Brahma. This is why; every tiny atom in the universe speaks, but you are not conscious of listening. Even your soul speaks to you, but you never try to listen. If you are conscious, you don’t need to pray in front of idol only, you can do prayer anywhere, anytime in any condition.

   “Universe is illuminated by the Brahma, why not idols and stones”.

supreme energy

Soul is energy which never dies

God is energy comprises of male and female both, called “Ardhnarishwar Shiva”. If you feels this energy as father it become father and protects you, If you feels this as mother it become Mother Parvati, Durga, Radha, etc., and cares you as mother if you love this energy as consort it become consort and love you as your lover, as in the case of Radha and Meera devotee of Lord Krishna.

Everything is within you only; the need is to find and feel it. No one is as close to you as God. In fact, you are also a shadow of God. What you think for yourself that is only a matter and matter is dissolved in the five elements. Matter cannot feel, thinks love etc. What inside you feel, think and love that is your soul the atom of God. You think for yourself as a matter that’s why you die and destroy. If you understand that you are not a matter, you are a part of the supreme soul you will not die or destroy. Since soul never destroys, it either changes the body or dissolves in the GOD after liberation.

As you deal, the same you feel.

Twin Souls

supreme energy


“In the very first time before getting the life, the soul is not male or female. When the soul comes in the manifestation of life it becomes male and female.”

Male and female are two halves of the same soul called twin souls. Due to the karmic reasons and curses (“shraps”) these twin souls sometimes departed from each other, completes their life cycles separately. When their energies become again balanced, they again unite and receive the salvation. Salvation is the end of life cycles of twin souls. In the course of salvation both the energies male and female become one on this earth and in the end of their lives they leave their bodies and dissolved in the Brahma forever. This is the only destiny of a soul.

“These two halves, wherever they are in the universe, they remain tied together with one crystal chord.”

Balance of Actions

“Faith, love, and self-surrender are three chords to become close to God.”

Self Surrender is the key to becoming one to God. As much you love to God as much you loved by God. God is the only one who is the closest to you. If you give anything to anyone, he/she becomes indebted to you. In this or in any other life you will receive the same from that one.”

So always wish to give as much as you can.

God Quotes

“Subtle world is parallel to this tangible world”

The laws of this subtle world are pure and true. There is no scope of lie and pretending in this true world. What you wish to receive from others, give that to others. If you need pleasures give comfort to others, if you need pain give pains to others. Every giving will be multiplied and come back to its giver.

Every relation whether consorts, son, daughter, mother, father and friends, all are with you because of your past lives left actions (karmas). The fruit of actions (karma) remains tied with the soul in the form of energy in seven chakras. All the chakras become activated in the form of human only. Hence, the best life is considered the life of a human being. This is the opportunity when this soul can unite with the God and free from all the bondage and become able to break the cycle of .

“God made this world, just to play, that’s why it is said: The world is a playground of God or (“Sab Ishwar ki Leela hai”)”.“The toughest task in this world is to break the cycle of life and death. It needs self-surrender to (God)”. When you do it, God enlightens you gives you everything which spiritually complete, satisfy and bliss you.

Hidden meaning of your name

“Zare Zare main Jhankhi he Prabhu Aapki,

Kisi soojh wali Ankhon ne Pahchan ki”

“Kanav Kanav Shivam”

So, stay blessed, be enlightened

with love, light and peace