Virgo Capricorn Friendship, Love, Marriage Compatibility

Virgo and Capricorn

Zodiac Sign Virgo, Date of Birth from August 21 to September 20

Zodiac Sign Capricorn, from December 21 to January 21

Virgo and both the signs have a very good compatibility for friendship, , and marriage. They possess very similar traits as both are earth signs. They have same value systems and understanding levels. Being a mutable and cardinal signs both are capable to do adaptation with their environment and life circumstances. They share all their hidden life aspects to each other and work in the positive direction to touch the heights in life . See the details of Virgo and Capricorn and their union.

Capricorn is a feminine, cardinal, and an earth sign. is a feminine, mutable, earth sign. Capricorn people are rational, traditional and conservative. Virgo is the most misunderstood sign in the zodiac system. People under Virgo are perceived to be very cold, but in a real sense, they are very warm and very sincere.

Zodiac Sign Virgo

Virgo is a mutable, negative, an earth sign. Virgo sign is the most hardworking sign of all the signs of zodiac system. This sign is known as the “sign of service”. This is also the most selfless sign of all the zodiac signs. These people are reliable and very faithful. On the negative side, they are over fussy people. In the first meeting, they are very secretive, aloof and reserved people. When these people open they prove very affectionate, helpful and caring partners. Moreover, Virgo sign is very sincere, analytical, dedicated, determined, helpful, hardworking, smart, perfectionist, easily imposed and deceived, and very good critique.

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Zodiac Sign Capricorn

You are skeptical, analytic, somewhat suspicious, slow to accept new theories, but broad-minded and open to conviction. To know more about Capricoorn traits click the link below:

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Virgo and Capricorn Love Relationship

1.      Virgo as a lover

Virgos are not a great lover but a good lover. They are expert in influencing the opposite gender. People under this sign are very loyal. They love their family and can do any sacrifice in holding their love relationship. For them, heart to heart relation is more important than physical. They are ideal, honest, and responsible people. They hold their love relations throughout the life.

2.      Capricorn as a lover

People under Capricorn are very stubborn and inflexible by nature. They like their partner and protect the partner. Due to arrogance, they have a quarrel with their partner frequently. Capricorn is not a good lover. They have troubles in their love life due to their rigidness. However, they are extremely honest and loyal to their object of love.

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Virgo girl and Capricorn Boy Love, Friendship and Marriage Compatibility

  1. Girl under the sign of Virgo feels good and secure with a Capricorn boy. Virgo is a sign of perfectionism. Therefore, she is attracted towards the Capricorn perfectionism.
  2. Capricorn boy like smart, well dressed and organized partner. Therefore, he likes his Virgo partner’s traits a lot.
  3. Virgo and Capricorn is a very good and successful match for all the point of views.

Virgo Boy and Capricorn girl Love, Friendship and Marriage Compatibility

  1. Capricorn girl develops warm and harmony in the environment where both the partners can grow their relationship well and capable to make the union long lasting.
  2. Virgo boy is sincere, dedicated and very responsible by nature. Virgo boy gives a secured environment to his partner where Capricorn girl feels peace and security.
  3. On an average, this is a stable, long-lasting, interesting and a wonderful match.

Virgo and Capricorn Friendship, Love, Marriage Compatibility


Virgo and Capricorn both are earth signs, therefore, trust, support, and love to each other. They have good emotional bonding. Both share all the activities to each other. Couples under this union are series, sincere and practical, hence, this is a stable, and long-lasting relationship. On an average, is a union of two earth signs and this is good for all whether that is a partnership, friendship or marriage.

1.      Capricorn Marriage, Union, and Partnership

You will find most harmonious relationships with the persons who born in the following time periods:

2.       Virgo Marriage, Union, and Partnership

People born under the vibration of Virgo find very favorable chances of success in partnership, union, and marriage with the people born in following periods:

Virgo and Sagittarius Love and Grade – 6.5/10

Trust Grade -10/10

Intellectual bonding Grade -9/10

Emotional bonding Grade -7/10


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