Virgo Libra Friendship, Love, Marriage Compatibility

Virgo and Libra

Zodiac Sign Virgo, Date of Birth from August 21 to September 20

Zodiac Sign Libra, from September 20 to October 21

Virgo and both are entirely opposite signs with different . They have different understanding levels, therefore, this match is quite complicated. To run this relationship this is essential for both the partners to understand each other and respect the feelings of their partners. However, girl and Libra boy friendship, Love, and Marriage are workable, stable and satisfactory relationships but its reverse is not. See the details of Virgo and Libra and their union.

Zodiac Sign Virgo

Virgo sign is the most hardworking sign of all the signs of zodiac system and known as the “sign of service”. This is also the most selfless sign of all the zodiac signs. These people are reliable and faithful. On the negative side, they are over fussy. In the first meeting, they are very secretive, aloof and reserved but when they open they become very affectionate, helpful and caring partners.

Moreover, Virgo sign is sincere, analytical, dedicated, determined, helpful, hardworking, and smart, perfectionist easily imposed and deceived, good critiques and an earth sign.

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Zodiac Sign Libra

Libra is the sign of peace and justice. The highest trait of Libra is a balance. This the most balanced signs in the zodiac system. People under this sign are independent, generous, full of ambitions, sociable and love to talk people. They like a gathering of friends and relatives and enjoy their company a lot. They are interested to be appraised by the public. They have an emotionally balanced personality. They are expert in making and maintaining friends and relatives.

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Virgo and Libra Love Relationship

Virgo as a lover

They are not a very great lover but a good lover. They are expert in influencing the opposite gender. They are very loyal; love their family and can do any sacrifice in holding their love relationship. For them, heart to heart relation is more important than physical. They are ideal, honest, and responsible and hold their love relations throughout the life.

Libra as a lover

People of Libra sign are an ideal lover and religiously manage their love relations. They are very attractive to look and communication. They speak sweetly and attract the opposite gender easily. They have a magnetic personality and magnetic voice. They are very conscious of their words they speak, their dress and look. They deeply understand the meaning of love and their object of love. They can’t remain alone during the troubles they need their love partner when they have pain and sorrow. They help their partner and expect the same from another side too.

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Virgo girl and Libra Boy Love, Friendship and Marriage Compatibility

  • Libra is an extrovert sign. Libra boy likes to be in limelight and they are very showy by nature.  They dislike shyness and are very sociable. They want to become popular among the society. They also expect appreciations from the friends and their partner too. However, Virgo girls are opposite to these characteristics.
  • Virgo is an introvert sign. Virgo girls are very cool, calm, shy and never like to be popular among the audience. They are not interested in making friends. They dislike gathering of people and never interested much to go into the public programs.
  • Libra boys have a child like behavior. They like to be praised by the people surrounds them unlike to Virgo girls. Virgo girls are practical, intelligent and a mature sign.
  • In this union, if Virgo girl is ready to understand his Libra partner this union is workable and will be long-lasting.
  • Overall this is a satisfactory match and can be stable if both the partners are ready to care and respect the emotions of each other.

Virgo Boy and Libra girl Love, Friendship and Marriage Compatibility

  • Virgo boy and Libra girl relationship is an unmatched relationship. Libra girl is an airy sign equipped with the traits of passion, emotion, talkative and an independent sign which is entirely different to nature her Virgo boy partner. However, Virgo is also an airy sign.
  • Libra girl is very independent by nature and wants to get name, fame, and popularity among the society while Virgo boy is very down to earth and wish to live with the principle of simple living and high thinking.
  • Libra girls are full of desirous and demanding on all the phases of life while Virgo boy is very moderate in all the perspectives. Virgo boy never likes so much independent nature of his Libra partner and therefore, sometimes Virgo boy may hurt his Libra partner.
  • These differences create conflict in this relationship and ultimately spoil the relationship which is very harmful and create dryness in the union in the long run.
  • It is suggested to avoid such union in order to make safe both the boy and girl from the incoming conflicts.

Virgo and Libra Friendship, Love, Marriage Compatibility


Libra has a childlike traits while Virgo is an intellectual sign. Libra is governed by the passion, enthusiasm, endowed with the characteristics of diplomacy and natural balance while Virgo is governed by the thoughts, intellect, and perfectionism. Virgo boy partner is calm, cool and sincere while Libra girl is full of emotions, passion, and sociable traits.  On an average, Libra and Virgo relationship is a mingle of bittersweet relationship. Both are airy signs. Libra boy and Virgo girl is a satisfactory, stable and long lasting match but not vice versa.

Libra Marriage, Union, and Partnership

People born under the vibration of Libra find very favorable chances of success in partnership, union and marriage with the people born under the same sign Libra September 21 to October 20, May 21 to June 20, January 21 to February 19, and 7 days cusp at the end and beginning of each of these time periods, also people born in the part of the year the exact opposite of their own sign means 21 March to the end of April.

Virgo Marriage, Union, and Partnership

People born under the vibration of Virgo find very favorable chances of success in partnership, union and marriage with the people born under the same sign Virgo August 21 to September 20, December 21 to January 20, April 20 to May 20, and 7 days cusp at the end and beginning of each of these time periods, also people born in the part of the year the exact opposite of their own sign means February to almost of middle of the March.

Virgo and Libra Love and Grade – 1/10

Trust Grade -3/10

Intellectual bonding Grade -7/10

Emotional bonding Grade -2/10


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