Health Benefits Wearing Black Pearl Necklace

Health Benefits Wearing Black Pearl Necklace

Health Benefits Wearing Black Pearl Necklace – Pearl is a moonstone. It is acquired by shells (Sippy) found in or near places to the ocean. Pearl is linked with the moon planet.

Moon is related to the mental aspects and the emotional structure of a person. Pearl has a great impact on personality.

Black Pearl Necklace

Black Pearl Necklace
Pearl Garland

Before wearing a pearl it is essential to know who should wear the pearl? and why?

The people suffering from mental, physical, and psychological disorders due to the influence of the moon are advised to wear moon rings and other ornaments to get positive vibes from the moon.

Colors of Pearl

Pearls are found in many colors like pink, white, copper, yellow, light and dark, etc.


Benefits of Pearl and Black Pearl Necklace


  1. Pearl improves confidence and reduces stress and anxiety.
  2. Pearl gives calm and peace to the mind.
  3. Pearl is beneficial to reduce the disorders related to the eyes, heart, and uterus. A person suffering from such disorders can wear pearls with medicines to get a fast cure.
  4. Pearl gives peaceful sleep. A person suffering from sleeplessness can wear pearls to get a peaceful sleep.
  5. Pearl gives mental peace too.
  6. People doing work related to mind and study like teachers, scholars, etc., can wear pearl to get positive impact.

Real and artificial pearls jewelry and black pearl jewelry

Following tests are used to find the difference between the real & artificial pearls.

  1. Dip the pearl into the cow’s urine for a night. Real pearl remains as it is, but artificial pearl trashed in the cow urine.
  2. To test the reality of the pearl, rub the pearl on rice. Real pearl becomes shiner but artificial pearl destroyed by such test.
  3. Dip the pearl in a glass of water. Real pearl spread its light, but there is no light from the artificial pearl.
  4. Keep the pearl on a thick butter. Butter will be melt if the pearl is real and butter will have no impact if the pearl is artificial.
  5. The real pearl looks softer than the artificial pearl.
  6. Real pearl becomes brighter after rubbing it on a cloth while artificial pearl has no impact of rubbing the cloth.

How to Wear Pearl?

Pearl ring is worn in the bright light moon (Shukla) time period on Monday morning.

Females can wear 4.25 Ratti Pearl and Males can wear 7.25 Ratti Pearl to get the full impact of the pearl.



Jewelry Made by Pearls

To get the full impact of the pearl rings its bottom base must be hollow to allow the light of the pearl.

Various types of pearl jewelry are popular in the world since ancient times. Some of the beautiful pearl jewelry are given here.

Dream of pearl Necklace

Inauspicious Pearls

Always wear pure white, round, shining, and beautiful pearl to get the best results. Don’t wear pearls, having the following features:

  1. Don’t wear dull shaded pearl.
  2. Dark shaded, blackish, yellowish, reddish, brownish pearls are not good to wear.
  3. Triangular, square, oval-shaped pearls are not good to wear.
  4. Spotted pearl or the pearl having any other mark ruins the luck.
  5. Always wear rounded pearls and bright shaded pearl.

Believe in the power of Pearls, before leaving home wear your accessories.


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