Home Remedies to Cure Mouth Sours

Mouth Sours

Mouth Sours Meaning

Mouth sours are small lesions inside the mouth, inner cheeks, on gums, below the tongue, on the tongue, and on other parts in the mouth.

These sours create irritations, pains, and make daily eating, chewing, and drinking painful. There are many causes of mouth sours.


Mouth sours causes

  • Indigestion and acidity
  • Increase heat in the body due to weather conditions particularly rainy weather
  • A side effect of medicines
  • Infections
  • Mouth sours can be the symptoms of some serious disorder too.

Treatment of mouth sours depends on the underlying cause. In Indian herbs, there are wonderful home remedies to cure mouth sours.

Some homemade remedies are given here for suggestions and information to cure mouth sours. All these remedies are based on Astanghridyam Charak Sanhita and other Vedas.


Mouth Sours treatment with Fennel & Fresh Water

Grind fennel and make its powder. Take one teaspoon powder and mix it in one glass of water. Do the gargles of this water three or four time in a day to cure mouth sours.


Mouth Sours                                                                                                                                Fennel


Mouth Sours treatment with Holy Basil leaves

Get the extract of basil leaves or make a paste of 21 basil leaves and apply the paste on the mouth sours to cure them.


Mouth Sours                                                                                                                             Holy Basil

Mouth Sours treatment with Turmeric Powder

Add one teaspoon turmeric powder in the water and do the gargles to cure mouth sours.


Mouth Sours Treatment with Jaggery

Suck a piece of jaggery (Hindi: Gud) to heal mouth sours. It gives you relief from the pain of mouth sours.


Mouth Sours Treatment with Neem Gum

Apply neem gum on mouth sours to cure mouth sours.

It is a wonderful home remedy to cure mouth sours, mouth burns and mouth ulcers.


Neem                                                                                                                             Neem Gum

Mouth Sours Treatment with Mulhati and Honey

Grind Mulathi, make powder, add one teaspoon honey in the powder and apply on the mouth sours.


Cluster fig (Gular Milk)

Milk secreted from cluster fig is a wonderful home remedy to cure mouth sours.

When you pluck a leave from the tree, some drops of milk begin to flow.

This milk is a wonderful remedy of mouth sours. Apply the milk on mouth sours to get a cure from mouth sours.


Gular                                                                                                                        Cluster fig

Indian blackberry (Jamun), plum (Baer), Fenugreek (Maithy) and bitter gourd (Karala) leaves

All the leaves given above are wonderful remedies to cure mouth sours.

Take 21 leaves of any one of above-mentioned leaves and make a decoction.

Do the gargles with decoction to cure mouth sours.


Fenugreek                                                                                                                          Fenugreek

Cow butter and Cow milk

Add one teaspoon butter in the cow milk and drink the milk to get heal from mouth sours.


Cow butter and Camphor (Kapoor)

Camphor and cow butter are very beneficial to cure mouth sours.

Take ½ teaspoon cow butter and mix one tip camphor (Kapoor) in the butter.

Apply the paste on the mouth sours to cure mouth sours.


Henna leaves (Mehndi)

Henna leaves are a wonderful remedy to cure mouth sours.

Take 21 leaves make a paste and apply the paste on the mouth sours to cure mouth sours.


Cynodon dactylon (Hari doob): Wonderful Remedy to cure mouth sours

Make a decoction of green doob and do the gargles to cure mouth sours.

Take a bunch of green doobs and boil it in the water. Let the water cool. Do the gargles with this water.


Cynodon dactylon

Mouth Sours treatment with Glycerin

Glycerin is a wonderful remedy to cure mouth sours.

Take a few drops of glycerin and apply it on the mouth sours. It brings saliva in the mouth.

Let the saliva flow for a few seconds. It heals sours very fast.  Apply glycerin 3 times in a day for fast relief.


Aloe vera & Indian Tinsopora

Drink aloe vera juice and Indian Tinospora (Giloy) water in the morning to cure mouth sours

Aloe vera juice consists of leaf pulp that is rich in natural nutrients and fiber.

It has various benefits for internal healing, cleansing and repair when used as a drink.

Aloe vera juice and Giloy both are beneficial to heal mouth sours.


Neela Thotha

Neela Thotha is a wonderful remedy for mouth sours.

But its intake is required proper prescription of an expert as its need precaution while consuming. So don’t take it without expert advice.

Person suffering from mouth sours are suggested to consume raw vegetables and salad.

Avoid the following if you have a frequent problem of mouth sours:

  1. Don’t drink or eat very hot.
  2. Avoid foods have hot ingredients and chilies

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