Words that rhyme with power

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Words have tremendous power. They can kill a life and can give a life. never destroyed, it stored in the chakras of human being and remains there until the time or space comes to release the stored . This energy resides in the chakras till one lifetime or till thousands of lives until it doesn’t release. Hence, always speak healing words as much as you can. Healing words, not only heals listeners, but they heal speakers too. Such energy releases when the same person, for whom the words were spoken earlier, comes in front of you in the same lifetime or in some future lifetime. The words which you don’t like for yourself, never speak for others.

 So, be careful for your words.

God is . The human being is also a spark of the same energy (Soul). The sparks of supreme energy (God) in the form of the soul, is manifested each and every living and non living beings. God has multiple energies. Speech or words are one of such energy.

Shakti or energy is the feminine counterpart of God who releases potential of God from spirit to matter. All the energies have given a name. The energy of words or speech is named as Goddess Saraswati or Goddess of words.

words that rhyme with power

 Goddess Saraswati is a mother of the Vedas. Goddess Saraswati is there, where word exists. What we speak that dissolves in our chakras and remains there until the time come to release them, whether it is prayer or a curse.

Every one must speak consciously. Every spoken word has great power. Never speak words which harm anyone, whether it is the speaker itself or other person. Cursing is a sin, says Manu Smriti.

The driving force of words is thought. So, always careful about your thoughts, they can become your words any time. Choose words carefully. Wrong words can have the following impacts on the speakers and listeners:

  1. They can harm
  2. They can kill motivation
  3. They can give diseases
  4. They destroy once life
  5. Kill relations
  6. Curses can destroy not one life, but so many lives of both the person; speaker and listener. It can make the lives hell. Presently, Bhangardh is the live example of the curse of a person living in the Bhangardh. Our Vedas and purans have many real stories of prayers, .

Similarly, positive words have healing impacts.

  1. Words can heal not only mental and spiritual disorders, but physical diseases also, as sometimes the roots of physical diseases are anxieties, stresses and depressions which can be vanished in a moment by the healing words.
  2. Positive words can save life.
  3. Words inculcate motivation and give confidence
  4. Words empower relationships.
  5. Words have potential to change once attitude

There is no breakage of blessings and curse. 

Words come from our thoughts. Thought is another wonderful energy of .

Where do our thoughts come from?

Stay blessed

love, light, and peace


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