Free will

 “Free will is a root behind every divine plan.”

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God gave you a supreme ability to make choices in your life. You have an ability to follow good or evil or right or wrong throughout the life. According to the divine plan, things are destined and predefined no doubt. Various Sciences prove this like Astrology, Astronomy, Palmistry, Nadi Jyotish, Samudrik Science and much more. But keep in mind that divine plan plays its role just because of your which become for the future life. No incident in the history is found where destiny takes place without any past action. In every incident, whether the case of Sat Yuga, Treta, Dwapar of even Kal yuga, there is a root of some action in the occurrence of a divine plan whether the action is a curse, a boon or an action done by a will. No reaction is there without the action. It proves that divine plan or destiny always occurs due to the root of that forces to you to do action.

Undoubtedly, you have a 100 percent free will. Most of the time people say that before the destiny we don’t have free choices and destiny will decide everything. In fact, destiny is 100% true, but even then you have complete choice to work according to your free will.

“Free will and divine will both coexist like day and night or light and ignorance.”

God gave you full freedom to use free will. To clear the confusion understand the meaning of destiny and free will.

  1. What is Destiny or divine plan?
  2. What is free will?
  3. How destiny impacts free will and your life?
  4. Be the master of your destiny.

What is Destiny?

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For instance, due to any reason if you didn’t work hard during and before the examination of your 10th class resulted in you secure the third division of marks. 10th class marks is a measure milestone in your whole academic and professional career no doubt. Now, what happened? Following situations may be possible:

  1. You again work hard and repeat the 10th class, but it will waste your one year or more than that. So, it is difficult to repeat the class. But it’s your free will to repeat or not.
  2. Due to free will you decide, ok doesn’t matter now I will work hard in the coming classes and you start your study with your whole heart and mind, but the impact of third class marks will remain as a spot on your whole career because this has become of your destiny now.
  3. You may decide that nothing is possible now so, you may plan to end your life, and as a free will you can do this also.
  4. You will decide ok forget the marks of 10th class and you may change your direction of study, analyze your skills and circumstances and follow some other line for your career because of your free will.
  5. You can decide anything else according to your wish due to your free will.

Now in the whole scenario analyze the actions and destiny:

Past Action: Past action is less study due to any reason.

Destiny: Destiny is the impact of 10th class poor result on your academic and professional career and in your life. Face it in any way because this has become of your destiny now.

Understand, this is the only role of a destiny in your present life. Before doing the preparation of 10th class examination you had the free will to do the work hard or not. But due to any reason you hadn’t work hard and secured poor marks.

The result of poor marks became the destiny now, but even then again you have a free will to explore as much as you wish and analyze your situation and work accordingly.

This scenario is applied in all the events of life. What you did the same you have to realize. If you hurt anyone, be ready to be hurt by the same one whether it is a person or an animal in the same lifetime or in a future lifetime. Simultaneously you have a free will too, to minimize and maximize the impact of what you did in the past by the use of free will.

What is free will?

Always you have a free will to explore as much as you can. Due to some unknown reasons if destiny takes away something from you even then nature gives you free will. You have a full choice to improve the past in accordance with your will.

Sometimes, destiny deprived a person of all the pleasures of life and drowned a person in the ocean of troubles totally. In fact, this also occurs due to some unknown acute bad actions. In this scenario how one can use its free will when everything has lost including family members, health, money, and rest of all the possible things.  Now the only choice is to let the energy release in its way.

“Be grateful to the almighty God that he gave you an opportunity to release the energy deposited in your divine repository due to your bad actions.”

-Mamta Rajshree

After release of the energy, you will again get a chance to live according to your free will in the same lifetime or in the future life. This cycle is infinite like a blind well.

Destiny and Free Will

Destiny and free will are seen in all the spheres of the life:

Suppose, you are born into a very poor family and suffering from financial crises. Due to some past life bad actions nature deprived you of money, just to teach you some life lessons. Even now you have a free will to work hard to improve your financial status.

In fact, the whole journey of a soul is a big volume. Poverty, hunger, thirst, sorrow, happiness, crises, diseases all are its chapters to teach you and make you understand the value of food, water, love, hate, relations, people and much more.

“Deprivation of one aspect of your life is not the end of your life. This is only just to make you wiser and mature. In all the cases you have a full freedom of free will.”

-Mamta Rajshree

In fact, at the end of all the fruits of your actions leave the physical body and go with the subtle body made up of energy. This energy enters into the next new body at the time of rebirth. In the rebirth all the fruits of past actions make your destiny and gave you free will to live your life in accordance to your wish and also force you to realize the fruits of your past actions too.

Fruits of Past actions

You have to pay the past debt in all the circumstances whether you wish or not. Once you become free from the fruits of your past actions you will get the relief. But it doesn’t mean that your free will is under hurt in any case. In all the cases free will is always with you and you can use it wisely according to your time, available resources and capabilities.

Resources and capabilities are definitely in accordance with the fruits of past actions but it will not hurt the free will in any case. Nature may deprive you of one aspect of life but give you potentials on other aspects of life in accordance of your past actions.

Because of hard destiny you are forced to feel that there is no free will, but the truth is different. Just like if you ate a lot and collected so much fat on your body and now you wish to become slim. You start to do exercises, planned diet and remove fat content from your diet. But this is not enough to reduce the fat. You have to work hard to reduce the fat. In addition to the future diet plan and exercises you have to burn the collected fat also.

The same principle is applied in the case of destiny and free will.  Let the energy release also which had stored in your divine repository (energy centers) due to past actions in addition to doing the present actions.

You have a free will to do anything but simultaneously you have to burn the past results of your past actions too. After burning the results of your past actions you will find yourself under the bliss of full free will. The need is to do continuous effort and after certain time definitely you will get the expected results of your present actions. Once, you become free from the past debts you will recover and get relief.

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Be the Master of your Destiny

Usually, if a person who don’t believe in a soul life, he also not believe in a divine will. Free will and divine will both depend on how you realize yourself. If you realize yourself a body, there is no free will, but if you realize yourself a soul, there is a free will. The truth is that you are not a body. You are a soul and you have a full free will and you can be the master of your destiny.

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Stay blessed and be enlightened

With love, light, care and best wishes