Pisces Traits

Pisces R

For all those born in March Particularly in between Feb 19 to Mar 21

Zodiacal sign of also called the House of Jupiter; (Negative) begins on or about Feb 19, but for 7 days being overlapped by the “cusp” of preceding sign: , it does not come in its full strength until Feb 26. From these dates onwards it remains in its full strength until Mar 21. After 21st March it gradually losing its power on account of becoming overlapped by the force of incoming signs Aries.

Those born on the “Cusp” take features from both the signs.

Main characteristics of the persons born from Feb 19 to Mar 21 are as follows:

  1. They have innate much understanding and great intuition.
  2. They acquire knowledge easily related to History of country and people, travel, research, and exploration of land, etc.
  3. They feel they must know their subject thoroughly before to speak or to write about it.
  4. They have great loyalty to their friends provided they feel they are trusted and considered.
  5. They are usually successful in all the positions of responsibility. At the same time they avoid to push themselves forward rather they wait to be asked before giving the opinions.
  6. They have great respect for law and order and always follow social orders wherever they are.
  7. In this sign both the traits are found strongest and the weakest.
  8. Some of the people found to indulge in gratifying their innate needs of luxuries and addiction also. Such type of people very easy going and easily influenced by their surroundings and false friends.
  9. In another side people born in this sign sometimes if in case find the purpose of their , raise themselves to any extent and throw off any kind of the weakness or self-indulgence and rise to any height of self-sacrifice.
  10. In this sign both the traits are found, positive and negative it depends upon which of the two roads they decided to follow.
  11. People in this sign are very emotional. If they are on the weaker side of emotional scale they are easily influenced by the people with whom they come into contact with and if they at the stronger side of the emotional scale they can raise up to any position.
  12. They are generally like to travel of ocean. If possible they wish to live near lake or river.
  13. In business, they like the work of import, export or seaborne commerce.
  14. They love to investigate mysterious, philosophical and occult.
  15. Money has no value for them. Money for them is only a means to leave not more than that.

Pisces Health

  • In health point of view, their greatest danger is more mental than physical.
  • Anxiety and worries break down such person more easily than others.
  • They easily suffered from depression and stress resulting face digestive disorders.
  • Due to mental sufferings, they easily fall ill and suffer from nervous disorders and paralysis.
  • Lungs are also delicate in this sign. The growth of tumors in the intestine is the typical disease in this sign.
  • Skin exudes Perspiration easily particularly feet and hands.

Pisces Finance

  • People born under this sign will be more ambitious mentally than physically.
  • They see great dreams of what they expect from themselves. But they efforts less and have a lack of continuity of efforts to achieve the . This is why this sign is uncertain for finance and people suffer from ups and downs in life unless they have educated themselves to follow out their dream to climax.
  • If a person born in this sign have mastered their natural inclination towards the lack of continuity of their purpose, there is no position in the world what they may not achieve.
  • They are careless to save money for bad times. They generally waste their money and feel difficulty in their advancing years.
  • If they born in the strong dates under this sign then all is perfect and they live a life perfectly all right related to money matters.

Marriage, Union, and Partnership

  • If you born between Feb 19 to Mar 20, you will find yourself in a good relationships with person born in the same sign of Pisces the third house of water Feb 19 to Mar 20, June 21 to July 20 Cancer, Oct 21 to Nov 20 Scorpio and in the 7 days of the cusp at the beginning and ending of these dates of periods.
  • You are likely to be attracted to the people born in the part of the year opposite to your birth period.

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