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This is the simplest way by which one can find his or her , life and , favorable person to love and marriage, , financial condition throughout the life, diseases likely to occur during the life time, supporting herbs, favorable days, lucky colors and stones, and much more in accordance with the .

Zodiac sign dates

Find the date and month you born from the list given below and Click on the zodiac sign written with the date and month you born to reveal the hidden secret behind your birth.

Numerology compatibility

  1. Zodiac Sign Capricorn, December 21 to January 21
  2. Zodiac Sign Aquarius, January 21 to February 19
  3. Zodiac Sign Pisces, February 19 to March 21
  4. Zodiac Sign Aries, March 21 to April 19
  5. Zodiac Sign Taurus, April 19 to May 20
  6. Zodiac Sign Gemini, May 21 to June 20
  7. Zodiac Sign Cancer, June 21 to July 21
  8. Zodiac Sign Leo, July 21 to August 21
  9. Zodiac Sign Virgo, August 21 to September 20
  10. Zodiac Sign Libra, September 20 to October 21
  11. Zodiac Sign Scorpio, October 21 to November 20
  12. Zodiac Sing Sagittarius, November 20 to December 21

It has been established by Ancient Vedas that there are mainly nine planets in the solar system that impact on life and all the objects reside in the solar system. It has also been proved by ancient Vedas that exactly similar solar system is repeated in the molecules revolving round all atoms in Nature or Cosmos.

Similarly, there are nine numbers by which all calculations in this cosmic world are made. Beyond the numbers of 1 to 9, the rest are only repletion of the same numbers. For instance, 10 is simply a 1 with 0, 11 is 1 plus 1 a 2 , 12 is 1 plus 2  a 3 and so on. Each and every number doesn’t matter how large the number can be reduced to a single digit. The final single digit number obtained after all the additions from left to right is called or spirit number of the numbers added together.

Therefore, all birth dates lies on the scale of 1 to 9 and respond to the numbers given to the 9 planet of cosmos. People born on the dates of 10, 19, or 28 are as equal as if they had been born on the 1. Their personality characteristics and life events vary according to the position of their month in the Zodiac. The same system is presented and detailed in the links mentioned above.

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