Libra zodiac sign

All those born in between September 21 to October 20

The symbol of is represented by “The Balance”. Important are as below:

  1. The people exhibit a wide variety of characteristics, but they are distinctly intellectual in all they undertake.
  2. They are so strongly endowed with the desire of reason that they often stand in their own light.
  3. If they once decided to pursue a definite task, they will carry it through at any cost.
  4. They evaluate and balance in their mind any argument presented with them.
  5. Language for them is a great deal. They either have great command on the language or they express what they wish in short forcible sentences.
  6. Person found in this sign often found in the public life, but they generally go in for it from the purpose of making things balance for their life and fellows.
  7. Some of the people under the sign follow to study Law. They have a good sense of logic and reason.
  8. They are inclined to frame and make laws and write on laws.
  9. People under this sign are scholars, researcher and scientist. They study their subjects thoroughly and sometimes they wish to prefer medicine line too.
  10. They are sensitive to their surroundings. If it is inharmonious they shrink into themselves and become melancholy.
  11. They are even tempered. These people are inborn peace maker. They are neat and tidy and dislike disorder.
  12. They are very particular related to their appearance and dress but not showy in regard to cloths.
  13. These people have many sides of nature and various moods to which they give various types of expressions.
  14. Superior idealism and high moral values make their foundation of character. They are positive and decisive in thought and action.
  15. They are endowed with great desire to keep down their natural intuition by critical reason, and accept little or nothing without specific proof.
  16. In love and affection they are not very demonstrative, rather too analytical and weighing motives. Therefore, often suffer from disappointment and dissatisfaction.
  17. As a rule they enjoy a lot of popularity, make various friends and at the same time live in themselves.
  18. They have little or no regard for the value of and rarely involve their affairs through rack speculations and reckless enterprise.
  19. They are extremely fond of music and art and have great inclination towards this side.
  20. They live in the present and less care for past and future.
  21. Due to the affection and sense of responsibility they sacrifice themselves to others.


  • A person born under the Libra sign are conscious for their issues therefore, no serious break down is visible in their health. But due to over strain and emotional disturbances sometime some people have to suffer from kidney troubles.
  • They should live simple life and also keep control in their diet charts.
  • They should also need to live in the fresh air in order to keep them healthy and fit.


  • Very different and peculiar characteristics are found under this sign. If they are successful in making money they hardly retain the money with them in their advanced period and suffer from poverty.
  • These people successfully make money, but never cared and save the money for their future.

Marriage, Union and Partnership

People born under the vibration of Libra find very favorable chances of success in partnership, union and marriage with the people born under the same sign Libra September 21 to October 20, May 21 to June 20, January 21 to February 19, and 7 days cusp at the end and beginning of each of these time periods, also people born in the part of the year the exact opposite of their own sign means 21 March to the end of April.

Stay blessed

love, light, and peace

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