Home Remedies for Constipation

Home Remedies for Constipation

This eBook covers the following contents:


  1. Constipation Meaning
  2. Constipation Causes
  3. Symptoms of Constipation
  4. Constipation Cure
  5. Constipation Remedies
  6. Home Remedies for Constipation
  7. Fruits to Cure Constipation
  8. Vegetables to Cure Constipation
  9. Foods that should be avoided to prevent constipation
  10. Diseases Occurred due to Constipation
  11. Sins and Sufferings & Constipation
  12. Constipation and Astrology
  13. Constipation During Pregnancy
  14. Constipation in Babies
  15. Constipation in infants
  16. Constipation in Children

Constipation Meaning

Constipation not only disturbs the whole day but constipation is a root cause of all physical disorders and some of the mental disorders too. This is essential to take measures that give relief from constipation, avoid constipation, and give good digestion.

The digestions process started immediately when you start to intake food. If any obstacle is there in between the complete digestion process, causes indigestion, which results in constipation and other stomach disorders.


 Constipation Causes

In addition to obstacle occurred in between the digestion process some other causes of constipation are as below:

Late-night sleeping, Loss of sleep, stress or anxiety, Lack of eating, Intake of oily and fried food, Pains and sorrow


Symptoms of Constipation

Common symptoms of constipation are as follows:

  • Few bowel movements
  • Difficulty in bowel movement
  • Hard or small stools
  • Feeling that stomach is not clear and everything didn’t come out
  • Swelling in abdomen
  • Abdominal pain
  • Feeling of Vomiting
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Dullness
  • Headache
  • Backache


Home Constipation Remedies

Homemade remedies to get relief from the constipation are given below:

Honey, Zinger, Black Salt, Lemon

  1. Mix all the herbs properly in the given quantity listed below, and take after having a meal to get relief from constipation.
    • Zinger juice one teaspoonful
    • Black salt or Raw salt
    • Honey one teaspoonful
    • 2 to 3 drops lemon and 2 to 3 drops mint (Hindi: Pudina)
      Honey (Hindi: Shahad)

Honey and Lukewarm Water

Honey is an amazing remedy to cure constipation. Take one teaspoon honey with one glass of lukewarm water before going to sleep to cure Constipation.


Raisins (Hindi: Munnakka)

      1. Take 6 to 7 Raisins (Hindi: Munnakka) daily before going to sleep to cure Constipation
      2. In the early Morning take 4 to 5 Munnakka and Kaju to cure Constipation.

Trachyspermum ammi (Hindi: Ajvain), Trufaka & Raw Salt

Trachyspermum ammi (Hindi: Ajvain) 10 gram, Trifala 10 gram and raw salt 10, grind all and make a mixture. Before sleeping takes 5 grams of a mixture with one glass of lukewarm water to cure constipation.


Psyllium husk (Hindi: Isabgol)

psyllium husk (Hindi: Isabgol) is good to remove constipation forever and give good digestion. In the night one teaspoon full isabgol with lukewarm water or milk should be consumed to cure Constipation.

Psyllium Husk
Psyllium Husk (Isabgol)



Raisins in small sizes are called kishmish. Kishmish is good to cure constipation. Keep kishmish in water till three hours and take it in the morning to cure constipation.

Dry Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon

Take the following in equal amount, make the powder and have it one teaspoonful in the morning and in the evening with fresh water to cure constipation.

  1. Dry zinger (Hindi: Sonth)
  2. Cardamom (Hindi: Badi Ilaichee)
  3. Cinnamon(Hindi: Dalcheeni)


Keep water in the copper jug and drink water in the morning to cure constipation. Drink a minimum of 8 glass of water to cure and constipation.


Copper water
Copper Jug water

Milk & Triffla

Drink milk before going to sleep in the night with one teaspoonful triffla powder to cure constipation.

Asafoetida (Hindi: hing)

Take Asafoetida (Hindi: hing) with lukewarm water to cure constipation.

Asafoetida (Hindi: hing)

Mix a little Asafoetida (Hindi: hing) in the lukewarm water and do the massage of hing on the naval point to cure constipation. This is good in all the age groups even for the small babies too.

Essential Oil for Constipation

Mix Castrol (Hindi: arandi) oil in milk and drink the milk before going to sleep to get the relief from constipation.

Black Mustard Seed (Hindi: Rai)

Add black mustard seed (Hindi: Rai) in your daily diet chart to cure constipation.

Peeper and Jaggery

Take half teaspoon peeper powder with jaggery to cure constipation.

Dry zinger (Hindi: Sonth),Harad, & Ajvain

Take the following in equal amount, boil with in water and make tea. Drink this tea to cure constipation.

  1. Dry zinger (Hindi: Sonth)
  2. Harad
  3. Ajvain

Liquid Curd

Drink liquid curd (Hindi: chach) or (Hindi: kanji) water to cure constipation. Kanji water gives instant nutrition and energy to the body.

Dry Fried Heeng, Jeera, Dry Giger and Raw Salt

Take the following in equal quantity, make powder, and have it one teaspoon with lukewarm water to cure constipation.

  1. Dry Fried heeng and jeera
  2. Dry ginger
  3. Raw salt

Peeper, Black Pepper and Dry Zinger

Take the powder of herbs listed below in equal amount, mix them and take it one teaspoonful in the morning and in the evening to cure constipation:

  1. Peeper
  2. Black Pepper (Hindi: Kali Mirch)
  3. Dry zinger (Sounth)

Home Remedies for Constipation: Trifla

Trifla (Three fruits means Amla, Bahera, and Harad) is tridosha nashak medicine. It cures a variety of physical disorders. In the night before sleeping takes one teaspoon trifla and with one glass of lukewarm water or lukewarm milk to cure constipation.

Harad Baheda Amla

Giloy and Zeggary

Taking giloy powder with zeggary (Hindi: Gud) gives relief from constipation. Giloy is a small shrub available easily. Take its leaves 10 to 12 or sticks 6 inches long and boil. Drink it like tea. It is good to get energy and improve platelets after fever.

Giloy Homemade Remedy
Giloy to Cure Jaundice

Fruits to Cure Constipation

Wood apple (Bel) juice, Bel squash and directly eating this fruit, all are good to cure constipation.

Wood Apple

Don’t mix cold water or ice cubes while making the bale squash as it increases uric acid and gives pains in the joints.

Bale fruit with a little amount of fennel (Hindi: sounf), is a good remedy to cure constipation.

Fruits to cure constipation include Orange, Papaya, Guava, Avocado, Plums, etc.

Have papaya two times in a day, in the morning, and in the evening to get relief from constipation.

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  3. Guava is also one of the best fruits to prevent Constipation


Add grapes in your daily diet chart to cure constipation.


Vegetables to Cure Constipation

  1. Make a tea of dry coriander (dhania) with ginger and drink it. It is good to cure constipation.

  2. Take mint with sugar or jaggery to cure constipation.

  3. Add half lemon juice in lukewarm water and drink it to cure constipation.

  4. Eating raw carrot to cure constipation

  5. Eat gooseberry powder or preserved sweet gooseberry (gooseberry murabba) to cure constipation.

  6. Eat raw garlic to get relief from indigestion.

  7. Add black peeper powder and raw salt in the juice of falsa to get relief from indigestion. The juice removes the acidity problem too.

Lahsun in Hindi
  1. Boil dry one teaspoonful zinger in one glass of water and add a few amounts of raw salt in the water and drink it to remove indigestion.

  2. Add slices of onion in curd and have this curd to remove indigestion.

  3. Drink onion juice to get relief from indigestion and all other troubles of the stomach.


Aloe Vera: Tried & Tested best herbal remedy for Constipation

Aloe vera is the best home remedy to cure constipation. Consume one teaspoon full aloe vera with two teaspoons full lukewarm water in the early morning. After it drinks one glass, two glass, or more according to your wish lukewarm water.


aloe vera

Foods that should be avoided to prevent constipation

Bred, Pizza, Burger, and junk food all should be avoided to prevent constipation.


Diseases Occurred due to Constipation

  1. The root cause of all the physical diseases is constipation. The food what we eat throughout life if not digested properly, constipation results, which is the cause of all the diseases listed below:
    • Liver problem
    • Arthritis
    • Weakness in muscles
    • Bone disorders
    • Hair fall
    • Dullness
    • Depression
    • Stress and Anxiety
    • Skin troubles etc.


    Sins and Sufferings & Constipation

    The diseases and sufferings come in our life, are all the reactions of our past lives bad actions.

  2. No doubt, every action has a particular reaction that doesn’t matter in the same lifetime or in some future lifetime.
  3. No action goes unrewarded. Evil deeds do not go without giving their bitter effects upon the doer. Various diseases and pitiable conditions are faced by the human being due to some careless sins.For instance, a person who poisons to other people with fiery or wrong foods, like mix chuna or lime powder in rice and serves in restaurants and hotels in high rates saying this is pure rice or a person who adds water in milk and serves the milk at high price saying this pure milk, suffers from gastritis and constipation related diseases.
  4. Constipation and Astrology

    People born under different signs (like Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, etc.) are prone to different health problems.

  5. For instance, Aries is the first sign in the zodiac.
  6. A person born under this sign suffers from health troubles like indigestion, stress, anxiety, depression, headache, migraine, high sugar level, and skin diseases.
  7. Similarly, the sign Virgo governs intestines, hands, legs.
  8. A person born under Virgo suffers from arthritis and constipation etc.
  9. A person born under Capricorn suffers from acidity and bone problems.
  10. Each and every sign is associated with particular health trouble.Research says a particular cell salt is associated with a specific sign, which can be used to remain healthy and fit. This cell salt works as a tonic for the person.


Constipation During Pregnancy

During the pregnancy avoid taking the food items which create constipation like a burger, pizza, and other junk food items.

Constipation in Babies, Constipation in infants and Constipation in Children

Apply hing with lukewarm water on the naval point in the babies, infants, and small children to remove constipation.

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