Organic honey benefits and side effects

Organic honey benefits and side effects

honey benefits – From ancient times honey is used for medicinal purposes. Honey has various beneficial properties in addition to the property of antibacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory (It has drying quality).

What is honey?

organic honey
Honey Bee

Honey is a very sweet substance that honey bees make for us by gathering nectar found in sweet drinks in trees and flowers etc. and enrich it by its body substances. The darker types of honey are richer in minerals than lighter.

Note: – Honey can be added in the lukewarm water, but above 42 degrees centigrade of hot liquid destroys all the important medicinal value of the honey.

So, always add honey only nicely warm water, which can be sipped easily. Secondly, never give honey to a child less than one year as it may harm such a small child.


Honey benefits

Honey is beneficial in various diseases written below:

  1. Honey to care beauty
  2. Honey to care hair
  3. Hone to cure Asthma
  4. Honey to cure Constipation
  5. Honey as an anti-aging remedy
  6. Honey to reduce fat
  7. Honey to cure intestine and kidney disorders.
  8. Honey to get sound sleep
  9. Honey jaundice
  10. Honey to cure hiccups
  11. Honey prevents cancer and tumors
  12. Honey to sharpen memory
  13. Honey prevents blood pressure


1. Organic Honey Benefits to Care Beauty: Honey & Water

Consume honey with freshwater or with lukewarm in the morning empty stomach in the morning in order to get a glow on your skin.


2. Honey Benefits for skin: Honey & Lemon

Add half teaspoon honey in lemon juice and rose water. Massage your face with the mixture to get glowing skin and removes the marks and blemishes.

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3. Organic Honey to Care Hair: Honey & Cinnamon

Add half teaspoon cinnamon (Hindi: Dalcheeni) powder in one teaspoon honey. Also, add 2 teaspoon olive (Jatoon) oil or almond (Badaam) oil in the mixture.

Apply the mixture on your hair. Leave it for half an hour and then wash your hair with fresh water using any shampoo.

It gives shines on your hair and makes them strong from the root. It is a tested tip to stop hair fall.


4. Honey Benefits in Asthma: Honey Cinnamon

Add one teaspoon honey in half teaspoon cinnamon (Dalcheeni) powder. Consume the mixture before going two to sleep daily. It removes the cough, improves the immune system, and makes a person strong.

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5.Organic Honey to Reduce fat: Honey & Lemon

Consume two teaspoon honey with one glass of lemon water in the morning empty stomach to reduce fat.

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6. Honey Benefits for Heart: Honey & Milk

Honey has antioxidants that keep the body secure from cancers and heart problems.

Consume honey daily with milk, curd, or fresh water to make your heart strong and prevent heart attacks and cancers.


7. Honey to Cure Constipation: Honey & Orange

Add one teaspoon honey in one orange juice or one tomato juice. Consume the juice in the morning empty stomach to cure constipation.

Add one teaspoon honey in half a teaspoon Trifla powder and consume the mixture in the night before going to sleep to cure constipation.

8. Honey Benefits for Anti Aging: Honey & Water

Honey is a good antioxidant, therefore, it is capable of reducing the effect of age. Consume honey with fresh water to get glowing and wrinkle-free skin.

9. Honey Benefits to Cure Impotence: Honey & Onion

Honey reduces impotence and related disorders. Consume two teaspoon honey with the juice of one onion to cure the symptoms of impotence.

Honey and Lukewarm Milk: Honey & Milk

Honey increases the medicinal value of milk when it is added to lukewarm milk particularly beneficial to increase the sperms. It increases sperm from o to 60 million.

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10. Organic Honey Benefits to Sharp Memory

Honey is beneficial to sharp the memory and make strong your nervous system as discussed in the following link.


11. Organic Honey to Care Wounds

Honey is used to cure wounds and burns of ancient times which are recently researched and recommended to apply the honey on wounds.


12. Organic Honey Benefits in UTI Infections: Honey & Cinnamon

Consume one teaspoon honey with half a teaspoon cinnamon (Dalcheeni) to cure and prevent urine infections.


13. Honey Benefits to Improve Eyesight

Honey improves eyesight and prevents cataracts. Apply honey in eyes as eyeliner (kajal).


14. Honey Benefits for a Good Sleep: Honey & Milk

Consume two spoon honey with milk to get a peaceful sleep.


15. Organic Honey Cure Jaundice: Honey & Mango

Consume two spoon honey with mango juice to cure jaundice.


16. Honey Benefits for Kidney and Intestines: Honey & Water

Consume two spoon honey with freshwater or with one glass of milk or curd as you feel like to prevent kidney, intestines, and heart from various ailments.


17. Organic Honey Benefits to Control Hiccups: Honey & Water

Put 1 teaspoon of honey, mix in lukewarm water, on the back of your tongue, and swallow it. Honey could potentially tickle the vagus nerve to make the hiccups control and stop.


18. Honey Prevents Blood Pressure

Honey is good for the person suffering from low or high blood pressure. Consuming two teaspoon honey daily keeps a person safe from the problems related to blood pressure.


Composition of Honey

Honey is composed of sugar, water, and other minerals. The detail description of all the substances found in honey is as below:

Honey is composed of sugar, water, and other minerals. The detail description of all the substances found in honey is as below:

  1. Sugar: 76%
  2. Water: 18%
  3. Minerals: 3.68% (potassium, chlorine, sulfur, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, silicon, iron, manganese, and copper.)
  4. Proteins: Proteins come in honey from the pollen parts of a tree and plants.
  5. Acids: Studies concludes that honey has a completely different type of acids, mostly apple and lemon acid.
  1. Vitamins:    It is in honey in very modest quantities, which is insufficient for the needs of the organism. It includes vitamin C and some B complex.

  2. Oils:             Oils give the characteristic aroma of honey. Oil substances are very unstable and quickly evaporated by heating, honey. So never heat the honey.


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