Science and Nonduality – Scientific proof of God !!!

Science and Nonduality – Scientific proof of God !!!

Science and Nonduality – Scientific proof of God – The main difference between Science and Spirituality is that Scientists try to find the answers outside themselves while spiritualists get their answers from within themselves.


god and science

What is science

Science is the intellectual and practical activity comprising the systematic study of the composition and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.


Who is scientist

A scientist is a human being who is studying or has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences.

What is spirituality

“Spirituality is a science of spirit.”

“Spirituality is a divine science. It is a science of God and Godly affairs.”

“Spirituality is a pure science of the pure heart and the pure soul.”

“Spirituality is a science of the soul and supreme soul.”

-Mamta Rajshree


god and science


Who is spiritualist

“Spiritualist is a person who has self-realization or God-realization.”

“Spiritualist is an enlightened being who has solved the puzzle of life and death.”

“Spiritualist is a liberated soul living in a physical body.”

“Spiritualist is a person who is on a journey of transforming human to God.”

-Mamta Rajshree

Everything that we call real is derived from that cannot regard as real.

Human is derived from God and human is regarded as real while people are not ready to regard God as real.


god and science

Scientific proof of God

Human beings are Robots or idols made by God

Suppose a human or a scientist makes a number of robots and gives them life by a well-defined program and all robots work according to the efficiencies given to them by the scientist.

Robots communicate well to each other they gather knowledge from the environment, store the knowledge in their database, process and update the knowledge as and when needed and use the knowledge to make good decisions too.

Now, is it possible that the robots investigate about the scientist who made them, however, the robots are not programmed to recognize the scientist?

If in case a Scientist program some particular robots to recognize the scientist then only the robots will be capable to recognize the scientist, otherwise not.

The same case applied to human beings sculpted by God.

God made humans, gave them senses to sense and work, doesn’t allow them to recognize himself without his permission then how it is possible to get evidence of God in this physical world and do an investigation on God.

Doesn’t matter how science is advanced, how a scientist is learned, no one can observe the GOD, no one can get the evidence of God at all without the wish of God. An Indian saint Kabir said:


ग्यान प्रकासा गुरु मिला, सों जिनि बीसरिं जाइ ।
जब गोविंद कृपा करी, तब गुर मिलिया आई ।

A divine teacher is mandatory for divine realization and a divine teacher can only be attained by the wish of God. God can be viewed, heard, and realized only by faith, love, and devotion whether via meditation or by worship.


Science and Nonduality – Scientific proof of God Life is a Journey from a human to the God

Our life is a continuous journey, from birth to death and from one life to another life.

The needs change, the people change, tools and techniques change, birthplace change from one life to another life, the soul mates change, but life keeps moving.

The sequence of life and death is a non-stop train, not a station. And what scientist is doing now,  is not traveling, a scientist is making a theory, changing theory, and experimenting theory which is completely different from what spiritualist is doing.

Spiritualist is on its journey of transforming from human to God, and from duality to nonduality. Therefore, both scientists and spiritualists are incomparable.

Both are on different platforms for a different purpose. There is no comparison at all.

There is no comparison, therefore the experiences and sayings of a spiritualist cannot for experiment or test for a human being who is not on the spiritual plane.

Spiritualists can give evidence for each and every divine event for each and every realization, but they need a person who is on the same platform who has also a soul realization, only then the evidence and proof can be verified by another enlightened person.

Scientific proof of God

Science and Nonduality

Science and Nonduality – Scientific proof of God Physical Science and God

All the sciences and faculties are the elements of Divine Science. Divine Science is the source from which all are derived.

All faculties are small elements of divine science. If divine science is an ocean, they are bubbles in that ocean. Everything born in the divine, play in the divine and dissolve into the divine.

Divine Science is a supreme science. A science of all the sciences. The physical world is a temporary world.

The physical world is a reflection of the subtle world the same as the reflection of the sun is seen in the pots filled with water.

Therefore, physical science is a temporary science of the temporary physical world. Subtle world is forever a permanent world. Subtle world is the true world there is no scope of falsehood. (Hence, spirits never tell a lie.)

Nobody can speak lie in the subtle world. Spirit never speaks a lie. Spiritual Science is the science of the permanent subtle world.


Visible and Subtle

The visible world is a reflection of the subtle world. Subtle is permanent while visible is temporary.

Therefore, a temporary component can’t be compared with permanent God. The temporary element can’t verify a permanent one.


Scientific proof of God – World is God’s play

God is playing with his reflected beings. Human life is a reflection of the divine. As much you dig and investigate the divine, God will give you more space to dig to do more research.

There is no end to this investigation. God can only be attained via the wish of God through faith, love, and devotion.


god and science


Can science prove the existence of God

No, Science cannot prove the existence of God in any way not now and not in the future. There are so many reasons for this as discussed below-

  • Science can prove only physical entities that can be tested in the labs. God is the energy that cannot be tested in the lab.
  • Physical science and divine science are entirely opposite. Physical science is one of the sciences that are originating and growing under the scope of God science.
  • To know and understand any object one has to come out of the scope of that object, only then the object can be observed.
  • Physical science is working under God’s science. It can’t penetrate God and reach out of the scope of God to observe God.
  • Moreover, God programmed the human being for his play in this world. God didn’t program the human to know himself.
  • A human can understand God after self-realization or God-realization only. But after self-realization also the person cannot show God to anyone else. Because the person himself or herself becomes the divine a reflection of God. Examples are Sai Baba, Jesus, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, and many more.
  • Moreover, a human is not a separate entity from God. But God is a state as a human is a state. These two are states of the same consciousness. God is absolute consciousness and human has a very low consciousness.
Science and Nonduality
God is real
  • God is omnipresent and human is individually present. God is omniscient and humans know only himself or herself. God is omnipotent and human is individually potent.

Science and Nonduality – Scientific proof of God

The conclusion is, Science and Nonduality both are opposite. Science works under the duality, however, the spirituality belongs to nonduality. The world seems dual due to illusion. Scientific proof of God is not possible in any way not now and not in the future.

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