Hard work beats talent

Destiny and Hard Work

Luck & Work (Karma & Destiny)

There is constant confusion in between the karma and destiny. The main reason behind the confusion is to view both the ‘luck’ and ‘work’ (destiny and hard work) differently while both are one only. Work (Karma) or action is not different from the luck or destiny. They are same as the head and the tail of a coin. Head and tail are the two sides of a coin, but the coin is one, only views are different. Same is the case with karma and destiny. Ultimately, work (karma) results from the luck or destiny. Destiny only occurs as a result of work (karma). If you work hard you will get good marks. Getting good marks is the result of . But the meaning of work or action is different from the thought what commonly people believe.

What is Work or Action?

Difference between bhagya and karma (destiny and hard work)

The main reason for the confusion is that we don’t believe in the existence of a soul. We are not capable of seeing the done by the soul. We view only the actions done by the human. Being a human is only a single experience of a soul life. The soul has a constant infinite life cycle. Karma or actions mean the actions done by the soul, not by the human. The fruits of the actions remain deposited in the energy centers of a of a soul.

Subtle Body

The subtle body of a soul remains with the soul in all its lives, whether the life in the physical world or in the subtle world. The soul has two bodies one is a and another is a subtle body. During and after the death, the soul leaves only its physical body, made up of clay or the five elements, and carries the subtle body made up of actions or work (karmas) whether good or bad. The soul takes another physical body to discharge its energies deposited in the subtle body. Actions done in any previous life can give its fruit in any future life.

Life and Death Cycle

Infect, the reason of birth after birth is only to discharge the energies deposited in the energy centers due to good or bad actions (karmas) only.

One Reason behind the Cycle of Life and Death

What is destiny mean

Destiny is the results of work or actions done in all past lives and also in the present life too. Past, present and future all are connected tightly. actions become the destiny of the present life. Destiny plays its role no doubt, but even then you have a complete scope to do the actions to make coming life better. The is the law of nature. As soon as the energies due to the past life actions releases, the energy resulted from your current life will start to play its role. If currently, you are doing better, the better life you will enjoy in the present life or in any future life. This is the learning what time wish to teach a soul.

“Do the best only and the best will come to you” so don’t do only, but do the best.

Destiny gives you pleasant or unpleasant life as the case may be, but to get a better future life do only what is best for others. Don’t think what others are giving you as the result of your best work. If others are ungrateful, don’t consider you, forget it. Ultimately, in the future time, your destiny will be the result of your current good actions.

Story of three men

Three men came to a king to get some work. The king gave them empty bags and asked them to bring some fruits. All three men go to the market to bring some fruits. The first, man tried to get the best fruits from the market and filled the bag. Second, man thinks that king is so busy he will not see the bag and hence, he filled the bag with the cheap and dirty fruits. The third man thinks that the king will see the bag from the outer side only so, he filled the bag with waste leaves and papers and other garbage. All three come back to the king. King ordered his minister to send them all to jail for a month and they will only eat what they bring with them in the bag.

In the prison, the first man enjoyed the best fruits and passed his days happily. The second man has to eat only cheap and dirty fruits. The third man died due to the diseases and hunger as he found nothing to eat well there.

Morale of the Story

hard work beats talent

The same situation is with us. We received only that what we did. If we did best we receive best, if we did well we receive good and if we did worst we receive only worst. Hence, treat others how you wish to be treated by others.

hard work beats talent

“The world is echo, everything comes back”