What is the best direction to sleep

Best direction to sleep

Healthy needs sound . Directions: NORTH, SOUTH, EAST and WEST have major influence on the sleep and your .

Earth has a magnetic poles stretched from NORTH to SOUTH. Simultaneously, we have a magnetic compass in which HEAD is considered as NORTH and FEET are considered as SOUTH. When like poles join, force of repulsion will work. When opposite poles joins, force of attraction will work.

sleep direction

Head towards NORTH:

When you sleep doing head towards NORTH, force of repulsion contracts the . Contraction creates various troubles in the body such as:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Increase blood pressure
  • Mental trouble
  • Dreamy night

This is why, dead body is always kept keeping head in the NORTH direction.

Head towards SOUTH:

When you sleep doing head towards SOUTH, earth’s negative force and yours positive force meets together and force of attraction works and stretch the body. All we know when we stretch our body in the course of exhausting condition, we feel relax. Similarly, when two opposite forces attract each other, body is stretched and we feel relaxed. It gives:

  • Freshness,
  • Activeness,
  • Health and
  • All the benefits of sound sleep.

Head towards EAST:

During sleep keeping head towards EAST gives neutral effect.

Head towards WEST:

Not much research is there on keeping head towards WEST while sleeping.

  • According to ancient sages keeping head towards SOUTH and EAST is accepted but not NORTH.
  • It is beneficial to sleep keeping head towards SOUTH and EAST, Says Vishnu Purana.