21+ Tips to become Wealthy, Rich and Prosperous

Tips to become Wealthy

Tips to become Wealthy – Everyone wants Tips to become Wealthy, rich and prosperous. Vedas says a lot on the ways that helps to become rich and healthy using very small tips.

The highest knowledge is the knowledge of the Vedas. Such intellectuals receive bliss in this world and in the end get the salvation.

The text describes positive life tips collected from Manusmriti to get self-healing and positive vibrations throughout the life to stay rich, happy and prosperous.

Tips to become Wealthy

Respect Food – Tips to become Wealthy

Always respect and worship the food given to you.

Consume food respectfully.

Food that is always worshiped gives strength and rejoices otherwise, which is not worshiped and not respected is injurious for the health.

Paying thanks to God before taking the food makes a person rich and happy.

Don’t Give Leaves to Others – Tips to become Wealthy

Never give your leaves after a meal to anyone. Always clean your mouth after taking food. Don’t go anywhere without cleaning your mouth.


Don’t Consume Much Food

Excessive eating is always prejudicial. Food, more than the need of the body, is against the law of religion, bliss, and longevity.

Don’t Hurt Others – Tips to become Wealthy

Never injure other from the heart and deed. A person who does insult will trash automatically. Never insult your guests, neighbors, friends and relatives.


Respect Guests – Tips to become Wealthy

Always respect your guests with love, food and other needful. Such people get the grace and blessings from God and become prosperous.


Never disregard Brahman – Tips to become Wealthy

Never weep or shed tears, angry, tell a lie and depressed on the day of “Shradakarma” of mother and father. Also, never disregard the Brahman while giving the food.


Do Shradakarma Respectfully

If a person weeps while giving food, the “Shradafal” goes to Ghosts (“Pretas”), if a person angry, “Shradafal” goes to enemies and if a person tells a lie, the “Shradafal” goes to dogs and if a person splash the food, the “Shradafal” goes to devils.


Don’t invite Others to View Rainbow – Tips to become Wealthy

 Never invite any other person to view the rainbow in case you see the rainbow in the sky.


Positive life tips


Honor Woman – Tips to become Wealthy

  • The place where women are honored and praised is a place of bliss. Where women are not honored, no sacred rite yields any reward.
  • The place where women are honored is a place of bliss. Where women are not honored, no sacred rite yields any reward.
  • The family, where women are in grief, soon perishes, but the family where women are happy ever prosperous and rich.
  • The family where women are not honored and gifted by cloths and jewelry soon perishes from the curse of women.
  • Always, women must be praised and gifted on the occasions of festivals.
  • The family where women are not honored and gifted by cloths and jewelry soon perishes from the curse of women.


Positive life tips

Take Bath Daily – Tips to become Wealthy

Daily take bath from head to feet. Begin bath from the head and then another part of the body.


Don’t Scratch Head – Tips to become Wealthy

Don’t scratch your head with both the hands.


Don’t Urine on These Places – Tips to become Wealthy

One should not urine on a road, ashes, ploughed land, ant hills, mountain, water, and an old temple.

 One should not urine on a road, ashes, ploughed land, ant hills, mountain, water, and in an old temple.


Never do Illegal Sex – Tips to become Wealthy

Sex with a lady who is not your wife is the biggest sin in the world.

One can get prosperity from unrighteousness, one can get great fortunes as well, but in the end, such person perishes completely from the root


Respect Vedas – Tips to become Wealthy

Never disregards the snake, Brahman, Yagya, and Vedas.

One should not disregard oneself, it is considered as a sin, always efforts for the betterment.


Donate as much as you can – Tips to become Wealthy

Never deny donating if anyone comes and demands.

Whatever you can donate more or less give. Sometimes, a donation given to a right person may remove all the sins of your past and present.

  • A giver of water gets satisfaction, a giver of food gets imperishable bliss, a giver of sesame gets offspring and a giver of lamp gets eyesight
  • A giver of land obtains land, a giver of gold gets long life, a giver of a house gets mansions, a giver of silver gets beauty, a giver of cloths gets a place on moon (Chandraloka), a giver of a horse gets a place in the world of Asvins, a giver of a draught-ox gets good fortune and a giver of cow gets the world of the sun (Suryaloka)
  • A giver of a carriage or a bed gets a wife, a giver of protection gets supreme domination, a giver of grains gets eternal bliss, a giver of Vedas suppresses all other forms of gifts water, food, cows, land, clothes, sesame, and gold and clarified butter, this the highest level of giving.
  •  Whatever gift you give, the same will be given to you in some of your future life.


Do Good Karma Tips to become Wealthy

  • Persons reborn with all the fruits of his/her past lives actions tied to the soul and hence, face all pains and pleasures in the current life.
  • A person receives his/her good or evil mental act in his/her mind, verbal act in his/her speech and body act in his/her physical body.
  • Person reborn as the trees or plants due to sin performed through the body, as animals or birds due to sin performed by words and as “Chandals” due to the sin performed by the mind.
  • God pervades in all created beings in five forms and constantly makes them by means of birth, growth, and decay. God revolves them like a wheel.


Respect The Following to Be Wealthy – Tips to become Wealthy

Indra, Agni, Sun, Moon, Space, Earth, Sky, etc. all are the manifestation of the super soul. One who perceives all these in his/her self and other persons receive Super SOUL or GOD.

Respecting Old People Make You Rich – Tips to become Wealthy

There is no cure for old age, hence, always respect and help the old people, as you will receive the same what you give today.


Follow this while consuming food – Tips to become Wealthy

Take food as directed in the figure given below:

Face towards NORTH while eating, gives true knowledge.

Face towards EAST while eating, gives longevity.

Face towards WEST while eating, gives Wealth.

Face towards SOUTH while eating, gives fame.




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