Guava family


Guava Scientific Name:      Psidium guajava

Botanical family:                   Myrtaceae

Other names of Guava:     Guava Maroon, Guava of Peru

Guava (Hindi: Amrood) is an amazing fruit with a big list of nutrients which have huge benefits. Guava tree is found in every place in winter and summer both. Ripped guava is sweet in taste, digestive, various diseases developed due to air and acidity.  Guava cure diseases related to heart. People having less digestive system should intake guava in minimum amount.

Always eat ripped guava only. Raw guava can be cooked and consumed during lunch or dinner. Following precautions must be followed while consuming guava:

  1. Guava should not be consumed much in quantity if not suits to the person as sometimes some people suffer from cold and cough if they consume guava in the night during winter.
  2. Guava seeds must be chewed properly before swallowing otherwise its seed can be a cause of appendicitis if seed enters in the appendices. Hence, it is better not to eat the seed, consume only rest of the seed part.
  3. There must be two hours of interval between consuming guava and drinking milk to get the benefits of both.

27 Amazing Benefits of Guava

Guava family

Medicinal Value of Guava is rich.  It has following benefits:

1.Guava Prevents Cancers

Guava protects from cancer particularly mouth, breast and prostate cancers. Consuming Guava is useful during the treatment of all these cancers.

 2. Guava Removes Cannabis Intoxication

      (Bhang ka Nasha)

Make a decoction (Hindi: Kada) of and give it to the person suffering from the intoxication of Bhang. Take approximates 10 to 15 leaves and boil them in three cups of . Let it boil till it left approximate one cup and give to the person. If this is not possible, give guava leaves directly to the person to chew them properly. It is a good remedy to remove the cannabis intoxication.

guava leaves extract
Decoction of Guava Leaves

3. Guava controls diabetes

Guava is good for the person suffering from diabetes as it control cholesterol and sugar level both .

4. Guava Cures Piles

Consume 200 grams to 300 grams guava empty stomach in the morning to cure piles and to get relief from piles.


  • During bowel movement sit by pressing the left leg to avoid piles.
  • During bowel movement press teeth properly to make your teeth strong .

5. Guava Cures Cough and Cold

Consume guava without seed and drink water after guava. Don’t take a breath via nose while drinking water after guava. It starts floating water from nose and all the cold come outside. Follow the practice two times in a day till two days. Consume 50 grams of Jaggary (Hindi: Gud) in the night before sleeping to let all the cold come outside. All this process cures the cold and cough problem.

6. Guava Cures Arthritis

Daily chew fresh, green leaves of guava to get relief from arthritis.

7. Guava Cures Fodae pock (Hindi: Fodae and funsi)

Make a paste of guava leaves and apply the paste on fodae pock to cure fodae pock.

8. Guava Strengthens Nervous System in Pragnancy

Guava is good during the pregnancy time as it strengthens the nervous system of the child.

9. Guava Strengthens Bones

Guava is a rich source of calcium. It strengthens the bones.

10. Guava Controls Cholesterol

Consume one ripped guava daily to control cholesterol.

11. Guava Cure Coughing or Tussis (Hindi: Khansi)

Guava is good to cure Tussis (Hindi: khansi) and cough problem. Its leaves, seeds and fruit all are used to cure Tussis (Hindi: khansi).

  • Roast guava in the hot ash. Consume roasted guava till two or three days to cure Tussis (Hindi: khansi).
  • Take green leaves of guava tree and boil leaves, mix some sugar and milk in the boiled water and consume it to cure Tussis (Hindi: khansi).
  • Take guava seeds, dry them and grind them properly, add honey in the seed powder and consume it to cure Tussis (Hindi: khansi).
  • Consume ripped guava to cure dried Tussis (Hindi: khansi).
  • During this time avoid consuming oily and fried food.

12. Guava Cures Constipation, Acidity & Gastric Problem:

Take ripped guava, cut it in the pieces and consume it with raw salt, ginger powder (Hindi: Shonth) and Black peeper to cure constipation. It is tasty, digestive and cures gastric, acidity and constipation

13. Guava Cures Indigestion

Consume guava with ginger powder (Hindi: sonth), raw salt and black peeper in the morning, empty stomach to cure indigestion. It can be consumed with meal also.

14. Guava Cures Mouth Sores (Mukh ke Chale)

Chew fresh, soft and green leaves of guava tree to cure mouth sores.

15. Guava Cures Gum swellings & Tooth Ache

Boil guava leaves in water and do gargles (Hindi: kulle) with lukewarm water to cure gum swellings and tooth ache

16. Guava Cures Vomiting & Loose Motions

Guava is good to cure vomiting and loose motions in small children. Make decoction of its green leaves and give two teaspoon two times in a day to small children to cure vomiting and loose motions.guava decoction

17. Guava Cures Migraine (Hindi: Suryavrat)

Consume ripped guava to cure migraine. Grind raw guava and apply the paste on the forehead to get relief from migraine.

18. Guava Cures Acidity & Chronic Acidity Both

Consume ripped guava with meal two times in a day with sweet sugar to cure acidity.

19. Guava Cures Mental Problems

Guava is good to cure mental agony, tension and excitement. Consume ripped guava in the morning with empty stomach to get mental peace and calmness.

20. Guava Cures Malaria

Consume ripped guava with meal to get relief from malaria fever.

21. Guava Leaves Cures Foul Mouth Smell

Chew guava leaves empty stomach or any other time in a daytime to cure foul smell of mouth.

22. Guava Cures Dark Circles Around the Eyes

Make a paste of guava leaves and apply the paste below your eyes to cure the darkness around the eyes.

23. Guava has Anti-ageing Properties

Consume one guava in a day. It prevents wrinkles on the  face. Make a paste of raw guava and apply the paste as a to get glowing, shiny and lovely face.

24. Guava Improves Haemoglobin

Consume two ripped guavas to cure the deficiency of haemoglobin.

25. Guava Controls Blood Pressure

Consume two ripped guavas to control .

26. Guava Strengthens Nervous System

Guava is a rich source of vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6, which strengthens nervous system. Consume ripped guava to make a strong nervous system.

27. Guava is Semen and Energy Booster (Hindi: Dhatu Vardhak) Fruit:

Mix properly ripped and sweet guava in one glass of milk and remove the seeds of guava. Add one teaspoon sweet sugar and drink this milk till 21 days to improve health and to get energy.

Guava Compound

Guava contains following important compounds beneficial to prevent various physical & mental disorders:

1.Lycopene (Lycopene is huge amount in pink guava variety.)

  • Protects your skin from UV rays damage
  • Protects from prostate cancer

2. Beta-carotene

  • Protects from lungs and oral cavity cancer.
  • It is good for eyes health and protect from free radicals damage

3. Lutein

  • It protects from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts too

4. Vitamin C

  • Straightens immunity system
  • It gives cardiovascular health

5. Cryptoxanthin

  • It protects from degenerative diseases

Guava contains the following acids and other components:

Gallic acid, catechin, epicatechin, ellagic acid, rutin and quercetin.

Pentacyclic triterpene, guajanoico acid and B-sitosterol, uvaol, olenólico acid and ursolic acid.

Guava leaves:   Guava leaves also have big list of medicinal properties listed below:

Guava Leaves oil contain an oil rich in following components:

caryophyllene, nerolidiol, beta bisabolene, aromandreno, p-selinene.

Leaves also are a rich source of flavonoids, beta sitosterol, titerpenoides, leucocyanidins and tannins.