The holy lands

Science behind the temple

What is the value of Pilgrimages & Holy lands?

Vibration of a place is always influenced by the architecture of the pilgrims and sounds, thoughts, activities, dialogues, feelings of people living there, music played, chanted of mantras and other activities or celebrations done in the pilgrimage.

Every thought and activity radiates and left the recordings in the form of the glimpse called sky records (“Akashic records”). The glimpse of sky records can be recollected after thousands of years by the people who are in tune with them.  Sky records can be seen in the form of images and also can be heard in the form of sound and dialogues. Sometimes, sky records are seen in dreams during sleeping or waking states (day dreaming). These sky records energize not only the surrounding but also the living beings those who come in the contact with them. People living on higher vibrations are capable of realizing such records.

Some important reasons related to the magnetism of the holy places are discussed below:

  1. Present Spirits

God (spirit), the object of our , also becomes the inspiration of that worship. God has imparted his own spirit into our soul to energize our worship. This is why we feel different during the period of the worship and at the place of the worship. Keep in mind if God is in faith, God is in idol too.

The holy lands

The whole universe is a manifestation of energies including positive (spirits) and negative energies (evils).

[Positive and negative energies are relative hence, they depend upon from which we have tuned with. If one is tuned with the ‘x’ energy and feels good in the presence of the ‘x’, energy then in another case ‘x’ energy might have a negative impact on someone else. ]

As we present in the universe in the physical world same positive energy (holy spirits) and negative energy (evil spirits) also present in the subtle world of the universe. Positive energy (Holy spirits) impacts soothing effect while negative energy impacts irritating effect. This is why a visit to a crimination place have an entirely different impact as compared to visiting a holy land.

2. Sky Records (“Akashic Records”)

Sky records are the recordings of the sights, sounds, memories, and thoughts etc. All the sights and sounds remain present in the surroundings where they took place once in any previous time. In fact, as the recordings of our past actions remain deposited in our energy centers or divine repository same the recordings of the sights and sounds remain present in the energy  centers or divine repository of the universe and these records are seen and heard by the divine personalities and realized by the people visit the place.

The holy lands

Real instance 1 : Once, in a family, some quarrel occurred between husband and wife during the afternoon time. The Same day one saint came in the house and narrated the whole dialogues occurred during the quarrel between the couple in the afternoon time.

Real instance 2  : A long time ago there was a saint (Rishi) in Kotashwar Nath Ji. The saint (Rishi) passed his so many lives in the Kotashwar Nath Ji with his beloved wife. The same rishi and his wife again took birth after thousands of year in the different place which was very far from the Kotashwar Nath Ji. But whenever the saint visited the area near to Kotashwar Nath Ji, saint recalled so many past memories linked to his wife before thousands of year ago.

3. Aura

Every object whether human, animal or other objects have an aura. Idols and images present in the religious places have a powerful aura and impacts on the people visit there in accordance with their feelings, respect love towards the objects present there.

4. Vibrations

Positive feelings, thoughts, dialogue radiates positive and soothing vibrations which also left its impact on the places where they took place. Moreover, people present on the holy places radiate its energy and influence the visitors present over there.

In fact, the whole universe is a manifestation of energy. Similarly human is also a flux of energy or sensations. The energy associated with the deity has great influence on the surrounding of the holy land. If the visitors are tuned with the same energy which is present in the deity and so in the surrounding of the holy deity too, the aura of the person and the deity become one and the person or the devotee dwelled in the feeling of pleasure and bliss.

5. Energy of a place

Cosmic energy or God is a macrocosm and human is a microcosm. Microcosm has 7 energy centers same Macrocosm universe has 7 energy centers (chakra). All the glimpse of the actions done in any remains stored in the energy center of a human being which revealed on the memory, thought and actions time to time. In very rare cases energy centers of devotees or yogis remain aligned with the energy centers of . These types of yogis and devotees become capable of reading the recordings of the events occurred in any past time on a particular land. Such devotees are called “Tricaldarshi” (One who is able to see the past, present, and future like Sai Baba).

If you go to a place where your loved one has lived, the vibration there will quicken to your realization.  The same is the value of pilgrimages and holy places. When we visit a holy land we feel great inspiration and realization. Jesus incarnated in that troubled land in a time of great difficulties to show that his magnetism could override every evil. His divine vibrations are still there, as strong as when he was physically present. Those who are in tune when they go there will feel that presence [Sri Paramhansa Yogananda, 2003].

“Anything you do that brings pleasure to God is an act of worship.”

The holy lands

So, not only do worship but do with an unshaken love and devotion.

Stay blessed

With love, light and peace