Herb Home Remedies for 17 Diseases

Home Remedies for 17 Diseases 

Nature is itself the best medicine for all of us. We all have natural healing force that supports us in, getting well soon. Intake your food as medicine and consume as medicine in order to stay healthy always.  Easily available following herbs are present in all the kitchens. Consume them in the given proportion to stay away from 17 diseases.

Collect following herbs in the given quantity:

  1. Fenugreek (Hindi: Maithy) – 300 Gram
  2. Nigella Sativa (Hindi:) – 120 Gram
  3. Black Cumin (Hindi: kali jeeri) – 80 Gram
maithy HERB
Ajwain HERB

kali jeeri herb

Grind all the herbs properly and make powder. Mix all of them and consume one teaspoon twice a day with fresh water. Consume it in the morning and night before going to bed.

The home remedy is beneficial in following 17 commonly found physical diseases –

  1. Improve immunity

It improves and prevents you to fall ill repeatedly.

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  1. Arthritis

The herbal powder control and related bone diseases. It gives you relief from arthritis pain.

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  1. Constipation

Constipation is the single cause of all the disorders. The herbs stay away from and keep you safe from various diseases.

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  1. A cough and cold

These herbs have a warm effect and therefore, keep a body warm and avoid the repeated triggers of a .

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  1. Bone strength

Herbs strengthen the bones and keep you safe from the illnesses which grow due to bone weakness.

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  1. Anemic problem

Anemia is the cause of various diseases and it dulls the overall body. Herbs remove anemia and stay away from the diseases develop due to anemia. To read more click the link below –

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  1. Hair fall and hair problems

Hair fall occurs due to various diseases like constipation, stress, long-lasting depression, anemia, etc. The herbs given here are the cure of hair fall from the root and give you beautiful hairs.

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  1. Improve eyesight

There are various reasons for eye problems such as age factor, careless lifestyle, etc. The herbs are useful in improving your eyesight.

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  1. Heart problem

The herbs mentioned here keep your heart healthy and strong.

  1. Ear problems

The herbs improve the troubles related to ears and control the diseases occurred due to weak ears.

  1. Improve overall beauty of woman

The herbs prevent common diseases occurred due to unhealthy eating habits and undisciplined lifestyle. It controls general weakness and gives you healthy and smart life

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  1. Blood Purify

The herbs purify the blood and control various disorder occurred due to blood-related problems.

  1. Remove side effects of allopathic medicines

Sometimes due to wrong diagnosis medicines create side effect that is difficult to prevent. The herbs given here are good in removing side effects of allopathic medicines.

  1. Teeth disorders

There are various diseases related to gums and teeth. The herbs are effective in controlling problems related to teeth.

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  1. Diabetes

The herbs result well in diabetes also. It controls cholesterol and stays away  from diabetes.

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  1. Cholesterol

The herbs maintain the cholesterol and remove all the problems result due to cholesterol disorder.

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  1. Improve memory lapses

Due to age and long-lasting problems, memory lapses are common nowadays. The herbs improve the memory.

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The home remedy given here is collected from the Ayurveda and given here for the purpose of information only. If you are already suffering from some health issues contact to your doctor before using the herbs given here.

So, stay healthy and fit always in all ways

With love, light, and peace