Is Leucorrhoea normal

Leucorrhoea: White CVaginal Discharge

White Vaginal Discharge Means Leucorrhea

Leucorrhoea is a whitish or yellowish discharge of mucus from the vagina. Generally, this type of discharge is a normal occurrence, but when it become frequents in much quantity then it is serious and need more attention. Green and brown discharge or white discharge with some itching is required to pay serious attention. Here homemade remedies are suggested, collected from Vedas, for the white watery discharge.

Types of White Vaginal Discharge

  1. White Watery Discharge
  2. White Thick Discharge
  3. White Cloudy Discharge
  4. Green Discharge
  5. Brown or Red Discharge

Note: All these can be with or without foul odor and itching.

Leucorrhea Causes

The reasons behind the discharge can be hormonal changes, pre-period after period symptoms or this is due to before or after pregnancy. Most of the time this is normal but sometimes may be the indication of virginal or other infections which needs proper attention and checkup by experts.

Leucorrhea Ayurveda Treatment

1. White Vaginal Discharge Treatment Rosewood (Hindi: Shisham or sheesham) Leaves

Take 10-12 shisham leaves, grind them and make squesh. Consume the shisham drink to cure leucorrhea. If fresh leaves are not available, get dry leaves and make powder. Add one teaspoon powder in a glass of water and drink to cure leucorrhea. Sheesham drink not only cures leucorrhea but also cures all the disorders related to vagina.


is leukorrhea normalRosewood (Shisham)


2. with Aloe Vera Juice

Drink aloe Vera juice 4 teaspoon in a day to prevent and cure leucorrhea.

is leukorrhea normal

4. Leucorrhea Treatment Banana

Banana is a wonderful remedy to cure leucorrhea. It can be consumed in various ways to cure leucorrhea.

i. Consume ripe banana in the morning empty stomach. Also, add 2 spoon in a glass of milk and drink to cure Leucorrhea.

ii. Collect fresh and soft banana leaves, grind them and make a paste. Add the paste in a glass of milk and boil the milk. Drink the milk to cure leucorrhea.

iii. Consume ripe banana twice a day with one teaspoon cow butter.

4. Leucorrhea Treatment with leaves

Get milk secreted from the banyan leaves and consume the milk with sweet sugar. Also drink one glass of cow milk after the banyan leaves milk to cure leucorrhea.


is leukorrhea normalBanyan Tree


5. Leucorrhea Treatment with Tinospora cordifolia (Hindi: Giloy) & Asparagus racemosus (Hindi: Shatawari)

Collect leaves of giloy and shtawari , Grind and make powder. Boil one teaspoon powder and make a decoction. Consume the decoction twice a day to cure leucorrhea.

is leukorrhea normalGiloy to Cure Jaundice

leucorrhoea treatment in ayurvedaChestnut (Singhara)


6. Leucorrhea Treatment with chestnut  (Hindi: Singare)

Get 4 dry chestnut ( singare) and dip them into water. Grind them in the morning, add sweet sugar and consume the paste with one glass of cow milk to cure leucorrhea.

7. White Vaginal Discharge Treatment Gooseberry (Hindi: Avla)

Consume one teaspoon gooseberry juice with one teaspoon honey to cure leucorrhea.

8. White Vaginal Discharge Treatment (Hindi: Tulsi )

Get holy  basil juice, one teaspoon and consume it with one glass of cow milk to cure leucorrhea.

leucorrhoea treatment in ayurveda
Holy Basil

Consume one teaspoon holy basil juice and one teaspoon honey to cure leucorrhea.

9.Leucorrhea Treatment with Radish (Hindi: Mooli)

Consume radish in lunch and dinner to cure leucorrhea.

10. Leucorrhea Treatment with Goosebery & Liquorice (Hindi: Mulethi)

Grind dry gooseberry and mulathi, make powder and consume one teaspoon powder twice a day with honey. Also drink one glass of milk after the herbs to cure leucorrhea.

11. White Vaginal Discharge Treatment Raisins (Hindi: Kishmish) & Roasted Gram(Chena)

Get one teaspoon raisins (kishmish) and one teaspoon roasted gram (Kale chane). Consume them daily to cure leucorrhea.

12. White Vaginal Discharge Treatment Lotus seed (Hindi: Makhana)

Consume 10 to 12 lotus seeds (Hindi: makhana) five times in a day to cure leucorrhea.

is leukorrhea normal
Lotus Seed (Makhana)

A lady age 30 was suffering from severe white leucorrhea from last 6 months. She consumed lotus seeds (makanas) daily 5 to 6 times. After a month she completely cured from leucorrhea.

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