Self actualization quotes

How did people come to know about God?

How did people come to know about God and his existence? Are we just following our ancestors, who are leading our generation?

Following of Ancestors

“Soul realization comes only through the grace of GOD.”

Indeed, leading ancestors, have a role to speak and spread the existence of GOD,  but how many of us are following the sayings of ancestors in the context of GOD existence. Literature and Vedas speak the story of GOD, but how many people are able to hear and faith in the story of GOD.  All we are drowned in the ocean of doubts due to the (“Maya”). And nobody wishes to come out of the ocean. Knowing the existence of GOD is purely learning or a . It can’t be understood by teachings and sayings. Soul, a departed counterpart of GOD is you, but you are unknown from your potential and true identity. You can understand it only by the grace of almighty GOD.

self actualization quotes

How did people come to know about GOD & God’s existence?


All the people over here in this universe are living in the different levels of consciousness or the state of self-actualization, its awareness and awakening. This is the biggest reason why we all are different in the state of mood, choices of food, wearing, passion, attitude, nature, taste, behavior, traits, merits, demerits and many more, and in fact, this is the beauty of the nature and the life too.

 What is Self-actualization ?

“Self actualization is the oxygen for the soul.”

self actualization quotes

Self-actualization is similar to the words and concepts such as self-discovery, self-reflection, self-realization and self-exploration.

Self actualization is the understanding, realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially it is considered as a drive or need present in every living being acquired by the birth due to the experiences of (soul growth) as well as present life too.

Due to different levels of all people are driven by different types of needs and aspirations.

There are 5 levels of self exploration as given by famous psychologist Maslow.

self actualization quotes

Level 1: People present on the level 1 are driven by Physiological needs, such as needs for food, sleep and sex etc.

Level 2: People driven by the need for safety, security and protection etc.

Level  3: People driven by the need of belongingness and love.

Level  4: People driven by the needs for self-esteem, self-respect and healthy positive feelings derived from admiration.

Level  5: People driven by the “being” needs concerning creative self-growth, engendered from fulfillment of potential and meaning in life.

At level 5 again people are on different levels of self realization or self understanding, but all these people are curious about the self, life, meaning of life, soul and GOD. This is the level where GOD desire is aroused and this is called “Brahma Iccha”.

“To realize the state of self-actualization, do the good things for others”

self actualization quotes

If once you decided to find the GOD, you will find him, no doubt. But it needs firm determination and unshaken love to GOD. This is not new, so many saint found the GOD as Saints kabeer, Tulsi, Soordas, mother Meera, Sai Baba, Jesus, Ram Krishan Paramhnsa and many more. Our Vedas and scriptures are filled with these saints. It doesn’t matter people have faith in them and in their sayings or not. In fact, truth is not a slave of anyone’s belief. Once, a person somehow by the grace of GOD if able to realize his/her soul, he/she can also realize the source of soul or GOD too. After soul and GOD realization one is always remain accompanied with the GOD and releases remaining energies left in the energy chakras and in the end dissolve in the GOD. This is the crux of the whole soul journey. This is the only way how people come to know about God and their existence

Life lessons

God teaches us about its existence via various life lessons of pains and pleasures. Adversities are the best teachers. Prosperity takes away you from the GOD and troubles, diseases, and incapability bring you close to the GOD and force to do prayers. If in case, somehow your prayer is responded by the almighty GOD you see miracles and give this credit to your potential, which again develop your ego and again take away you far from the GOD. But sometimes GOD responds in front of you clearly as we talk together, only then you become aware by the GOD and GOD’s existence, but this is very rare and such soul remains close to GOD and in the end dissolve in the GOD.

“You are not a drop in an ocean, but you are an ocean in a drop”

self actualization quotes

Stay blessed

With love, light and peace

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