What is Self Realization

What is Self Realization

Self realization is the knowledge of self or soul and this knowledge opens the door to know the Almighty God. The fact which is actualized after self realization is that you are not a body, but you are an immortal essence of God in the body.

You will not die; this is the body that dies. The feeling of immortality is really a feeling of pleasure and bliss undoubtedly.

Self realization gives God-realization that results in so many gifts to you and teaches the lessons written below:

  • Self-realization purifies the soul.
  • It transformed the soul entirely and make the soul love to all equally as God is reflecting in all equally.
  • God is nature and nature is God.
  • It breaks the cycle of life and death and liberates the soul.
  • Self-realization detached the realized soul from all the attachments whether that is money, fame, luxuries and all other such thoughts.
  • The self-realized person feels pleasure only in the company of divine souls and God.
  • Self-realized person detached from the sin, such souls can’t do sin.
  • The self-realized soul becomes indifferent from virtues too; as such souls know that this is the last birth he/she will not come again in the world, but even then these souls can’t do wrongs. Self-realized souls become indifferent from all the things.
  • To follow the good to be self-realized is a journey and Self-realization is a destination. Nothing left to do more after Self-realization except to pass the remaining time.
  • There is a degree of self-realization. Some self-realized souls completely dissolved in the love and passion of God as in the case of Mother Meera.
  • Some such souls achieve renunciation as Saibaba and Jesus. A few self-realized souls become preacher and teacher of humanity such as Gautam Budha and much more. Some self-realized souls pass their life silently without any name or label.
  • Self-realization makes fearless to a person


Self realization Quotes or Spiritual Quotes

What is Self Realization
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Before understanding self realization it is must to know the meaning of spirituality. The definition of spirituality is as below-


Spirituality Definition

“Spirituality is a science of spirit.”

“Spirituality is a divine science. It is a science of God and Godly affairs.”

Spirituality is a science of the soul and supreme soul.

-Dr. Mamta Rajshree

Self realization Quotes or Spiritual Quotes

What is Self Realization
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Self Realization Techniques

There are two techniques to realize God or Self:

  1. True Devotion
  2. Meditation

True devotion, love, and unshaken faith for almighty God are essential ingredients to achieve God-realization.

Love, devotion, and faith of the highest degree that force you to do self-surrender before God is the key to achieve God.

Otherwise, there is no way to attain God-realization. When one achieves self-realization instantly one achieves God-realization too.


Spirituality is a Science

Spirituality is a science of the subtle world, that can’t be seen by our two eyes, that can’t be learned by books, that can’t be realized by an impure heart, that can’t be understood by the person indulge in worldly affairs and luxuries.

It is only the God who can bless you and enlighten you to be acquainted with this divine science. As written by a famous Hindi poet Saint Kabeer:

ग्यान प्रकासा गुरु मिला, सों जिनि बीसरिं जाइ ।
जब गोविंद कृपा करी, तब गुर मिलिया आई ।।

Without a divine guru, no one can achieve God or God-realization (Self-realization). Divine guru can be obtained only by the grace of God.

Sometimes, for a very blessed soul, God himself becomes a guru and teaches the disciple as in the case of Mother Meera.

Lord Krishna himself became the Guru for mother Meera and enlightened the mother Meera.

Spirit and Spirituality

Spirit or GOD

There are two parallel worlds, one is the physical world and another is a subtle world. The physical world is full of physical entities as human beings, nature, and other objects.

The subtle world is full of subtle entities as spirits, ghosts, and good and evil spirits. In fact, the entire physical world is a direct reflection of the subtle word. Both are one only, but the views are two.

One view can be seen by physical eyes and another by the spiritual eye. As a whole, this is cosmic energy or God only the difference is of its manifestations in two different worlds via different entities.


All we are Spiritual Beings

Self realization Quotes or Spiritual Quotes

What is Self Realization
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How to be Spiritual?

Soul, an immortal essence in us changes its clothes, again and again, to come in the world to learn and grow. The whole world is a school.

A human being is here to learn the lessons. The entire soul life from the first incarnation to the last birth is a complete volume or a book.

Pains, pleasures, richness, poverty, busyness, idleness, employment, unemployment, hunger, thirst, praise, criticism, children, childlessness, marriage, widowhood, and many more are the chapters of the life book nothing else, which are given you to read, learn and understand the life and get the enlightenment.

But due to attachment and illusion, we feel pain and pleasure. In fact, these are just lessons. Best lessons are pains, sorrows, and diseases for the growth of a soul. Pains close us to the truth and God.

Self realization Quotes or Spiritual Quotes

What is Self Realization
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So, to be enlightened detach yourself from pain & pleasure and joy & sufferings.

Don’t indulge in the wrongdoings of your friends and family. No one is yours. You came alone; alone you will go from the world. Before God all, we are alone with our Karmas.

The real treasures which will go with you when you leave the world are your good actions and good words.


Real Treasure of your life

How does one become Self-realized?


What is Self Realization
godly quotes

Collect and store only good in your divine repository (Hindi: “Karmashya”). Divine repository remains stored in your energy chakras and goes with you when you leave the world and come again with you when you come again in the world.

Few examples of real treasure are as follows:

  1. Donate clothes to those who are suffering due to the lack of clothes.
  2. Make happy to those who are in sorrow.
  3. Give money to the needy one.
  4. Motivate others to do well.
  5. Make houses for the shelterless people.
  6. Be kind to poor animals and pets.
  7. Don’t hurt anyone from your words and actions.
  8. Be humble for younger.
  9. Be respectful and kind to elders and parents.
  10. Be honest about your actions.
  11. Never proud of your money, power, and luxuries as nothing is forever these are just illusions.

Nobody does anything for anyone. Before GOD, all are alone. Everyone either paying off his/her past debts or he/she will repay them in the next life.

The whole system is automatic. Only the need is to do your best and leave the rest to GOD.


What is Self Realization
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Where is God?


God is in you. Remove all that is ungodly in you and what is left that is God. What we can see and what we can imagine everything is God. God is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.

Human is an image of God. Due to ignorance human search God in the outside world, however, God is energy present in the human being in the form of a soul. Once you realize your soul or self you will instantly realize God.

All the answers reside in you, ask the question, wait for an answer, and listen to the voice of God coming from your soul to be self-realized. Not only listen but faith and follow the voice to get the enlightenment.


Self realization Quotes or Spiritual Quotes


How to attain Self Realization?

Self realization is possible in the human form of life, but not in another form of life. Self-realization is only possible via total abandonment. Complete self-surrender before God is a key to attaining Self-realization.

Self realization is a beautiful journey to get peace and bliss. What you do in the present life, will remain with you in the next life too and you can start your journey in the next life from the point where you left it in the past life.


What is Self Realization

Spiritual Quotes

Self-realization Journey

There is no gradual process of Self-realization. No steps can be defined for self-realization. Self-realization is extempore and sudden. Suddenly one realizes that he or she is not a body but a soul, an immortal entity.

Once it happens it is irreversible. Self-realization results in God-realization, and once you see God, God remains always before you and in you.

Secondly, very important if you love God, God also loves you.


What is Self Realization

If you think God is a father, God loves you as a father as in the case of child Hiranaykashyap. If you love God as a friend, God becomes a friend as in the case of Narsi Mehta.

If you love God as a mother, God loves you as your mother as in the example of Shri Ram Krishna Paramhans.

If you love God as beloved, God loves you as you’re beloved as in the example of Mother Meera.

If you love God as your consort, God responds to you as your consort, and so on. If you love to God, God not only loves to you but always remain with you, talk with you, responds to you in your routine life, and heals to you.

This is the reason why Meera loved Lord Shri Krishna so passionately.

This is also true that if one thinks God as nothingness or “Shunya”, God remains for that soul as nothingness too, as written by a great devotee of Shri Ram, an Indian poet Goswami Tulsidas:


“Jaki rahi bhavana jaisi, prabhu murat  dekhi tin taisi.”

“A person’s attitude determines how he perceives the object.”


Suppose there is a temple in a forest and a thief goes there, then the thief will think that it is a good place to bury his stolen goods.

But if a devotee or saint goes there he will think that this place is very far from illusory objects and therefore, he can recite the Holy Name of God and meditate there peacefully without worldly obstacles.


Self realization Quotes or Spiritual Quotes

What is Self Realization

Charm strikes the world, but merits strike the GOD. So, keep going. Everything will come to you at the perfect time.


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