31+ tips to make your life positive & happy

How to be happy and Positive?

Stay positive and happy. Every situation in is temporary. Therefore, when life is good, enjoy it fully and when life is not so good, remember that it will not last forever, a good time will come definitely. Happiness and positivity related to your physical, mental and spiritual health. Follow some tips collected from Vedas and Scriptures in order to and happy throughout the life.

  1. Wake up before the Sunrise to stay positive and happy

ब्रह्ममुहूर्ते या निद्रा सा पुण्यक्षयकारिणी”। – Says Veda
(Hindi:- ब्रह्ममुहूर्त की निद्रा पुण्य का नाश करने वाली होती है।)

The time before the sunrise is called God time or “Brahmmuhrata”. This time especially dedicated to prayers or worship. Sleeping during early morning trashes the luck. So, never sleep in the morning hours. Do worship or morning walk to attain positivity in life. If you are a student this is the best time for study and solve complex puzzles and questions.

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  1. Consume water stored in a copper jug to stay positive and happy

Consume water kept in a copper jug in order to stay away stomach disorders. During the winter weather consume warm water and in the summer season consume fresh water of copper jug.

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  1. Consume enough water to stay positive and happy

is one of the healing energies of cosmos.

Water is the enemy of diseases.

It has great potential to cure all the diseases.”

– Says Veda

Water is itself a therapy to stay healthy mentally and physically. Consume 7 to 8 glasses of water warm or cold according to your body in a day to stay away from so many diseases. Water cures cold, cough, sinusitis, constipation, arthritis, throat ache, lung ailments, liver problems, skin diseases, hair troubles, stress, anxiety, , back pain, migraine, diabetes and many more

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  1. Walk every day for 15 to 20 minutes to stay positive and  happy

Morning walk itself is a medicine of so many diseases. Practice walking barefoot on green grass to make your mind and body healthy.

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  1. Sit silence 10 minutes each day to stay positive and happy

Sit silence at least for 10 minutes in a day to empower you. Silence empowers you physically, mentally and spiritually. Silence releases your stress and revitalizes your inner power. Silence increases your willpower and grows you spiritually.

  1. Practice Meditation to stay positive and happy

Meditation (Hindi – Dhyan) is a process that brings you closer to God and grows you spiritually. In fact, it is an attempt to bring micro-cosmos closer to macro-cosmos or God. Practice meditation daily to release stress and stay a positive whole day.

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  1. Daily worship to stay positive and happy

Worship daily in order to stay positive whole day. Worship, meditation, silence, etc., are soul cleansing tools that remove the veil of dust present on your real you in order to shine you. Worship releases your stress, increases your confidence and willpower.

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  1. Stay organized always in all the ways to stay positive

Keep your lifestyle organized. Make a schedule that best suited you, and follow the schedule. Be organized and punctual in all the ways whether that is your cloth, food, study or anything else. It saves your time and releases your stress related to everything.

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  1. Live with Energy, Enthusiasm,  and  Empathy to stay positive

3 Es revitalize your inner strength and make you positive for your family and friends.

  1. Play games to stay positive and happy

Play games of your choice in order to stay healthy mentally and physically. Playing games relax your mind and make you stress-free. It increases positivity in life and makes you happy.

  1. Read good books to stay positive and happy

The good book is not less than a best friend. Always read good literature to stay positive in life.

  1. Spend time with old people and children to stay positive

Always concern your children and respect your parents. Respecting elders improves the luck. Always respect your parents and elders to imbibe positivity in your life and family. What you are giving to your parents the same you will receive from your children, says the . Moreover, respecting and caring parents automatically bless you with longevity and prosperity.

  1. Consume fresh food to stay positive and happy

Stale food disturbs mental and physical health. Always consume fresh vegetables and fresh food.

  1. Do the task that heals your soul & makes you happy

Never do the task that satisfies your ego but do the task that heals your mind and pleases your soul in order to stay positive throughout the life. If you remain busy to satisfy your ego you will be trashed soon while if you heal your soul you will be blessed and reach the height of divine bliss which carries forward with your when you leave the world.

  1. Stay away Gossip to stay happy and Positive

Never indulge in gossip as it spoils the minds of the people involve and pollute the surrounding and results negativity.

  1. Forget issues of past that may disturb present

Past has gone and can’t be recovered. In order to stay positive forget the bitter issues of past that not only disturb you but also disturb your surrounding and enhance negativity.

  1. Don’t remind your partner mistakes did in the past

Avoid the practice to remind your partner and relatives about their past mistakes in order to improve your present and stay positive.

  1. Stay away negative thoughts to stay positive

Thoughts may become your actions anytime. Therefore, guard your negative thoughts in order to stay positive and happy.

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  1. Learn from your life to stay positive and happy

Life is a School and you are here to learn. Pain and suffering s are the part of your curriculum to make you learned and mature. If you ready to learn time is ready to teach.

  1. Laugh and smile more and stay happy

Practice to smile and laugh more with your friends and relatives in order to spread positivity and stay happy

  1. Don’t hate others

Never hate people in order to stay happy and positive in life.

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  1. Don’t take life so seriously

Life is a play of supreme god. Play your best role.  God made this world to make you happy. So, be happy and let others happy too.

  1. Don’t try to win each and every argument

Don’t arguments too much as it spoils the relations. Sometimes it is better to lose the argument in order to win the relations and make the surrounding positive.

  1. Don’t compare your life to others

Everyone is important here. The moon shines in the nights and the sun in the days. Everyone gets a chance to shine in his or her style, therefore, never compare your life to others.

  1. Forgive everyone to stay positive and happy

Forgiveness has the highest healing power. It heals your mind, body, and soul. Therefore, forgive everyone for everything to stay positive and happy. Forgiveness heals not only the present life but your future lives too. So, practice foreignness in all circumstance. Nothing is permanent here in this temporary life. Even a human is also a temporary composition of five sheaths.

  1. What other people think of you is none of your business

Don’t take stress too much about thinking what other people think of you. What others think is their job, not yours. You will get the fruits of your thoughts only. Therefore, think positive and stay happy.

  1. God heals everything

Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal. Keep faith in God and work hard you will win the situation. Stay positive and be happy. Life is a woven composition of joy and woe. Nothing is permanent here whether that is joy or woe.

  1. Whatever Good or Bad a situation is, it will change

Storms don’t last forever. Keep patience and be positive. Time will change as nothing is permanent in this temporary world.

  1. Set goals and follow them

Always set your goals and effort in the right direction in order to get what you wish.

  1. Be fair to all in all

Be fair to all in all the things in order to stay happy and positive.

  1. Sleep for 7 hours each day

This is essential to get a sound sleep in order to stay happy and positive in life.

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