Life in Vedas
Life in Vedas

Vedas teach the how to live and attain the objective of the human’s . Vedas give the answer of queries related to the past, present and future life. It answers the following questions:

Who are humans? What are life and death? What is bliss? What is blissful life? Who is GOD? What humans should do to live a happy life? Who made the Humans?  What is salvation? What is the need of salvation? What happens if Humans do not follow the right path prescribed by the Vedas? What are other living beings? What are trees? What is the secret of prayers? What is healthy life? What is energy? How Vedas cure us?

www.lifeinvedas.com enlightens all above information. The main source of site is various Vedas Puranas and Scriptures. In addition to this, the site lights on the , health, , yogic practices etc.